Linda Green LPS / DOCX | Homebuyers Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Wonder if all of these homeowners that PAID OFF their notes have a PROBLEM with their SATISFACTIONS. I bet each and every one of these can be challenged as not paid since they appear to be, well, from a variety of LINDA GREEN’S…

And if you think what you are about to see is bad, it is even worse when Linda Green comes back and REVERSES her satisfactions as she did here…



Can’t Get No Satisfaction

A bunch o Linda Greens…

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  1. maia says:

    I don’t have Linda Green, but I do have a robo-signed release of mortgage that has no notary on it–I have realized that most (if not all) releases of mortgages and satisfactions of mortgages are probably robo-signed with notary fraud.

  2. jMiller says:

    Lee County Florida!!!

  3. jMiller says:

    Linda Green was also in the now defunk Colonial Bank, also many of her signatures in Lee County Clerk (appraisers).

  4. Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty - Foe of Tyranny says:

    The only person I know of whose name appears on these forged and fabricated documents more frequently than Linda Green is that of Ronald Meharg. Mr. Meharg has prepared these baldly fabricated documents for numerous of the robo-signers and robo-forgers.

    Forgery standards and statutes do vary from one jurisdiction to the next. I wonder in how many jurisdictions Mr. Meharg could be prosecuted for, and convicted of, forgery?

  5. Katheryn says:

    Investors from all over are already buying up the foreclosed properties dirt cheap. They will form corporations and will hold them as a “long” term investments. They will get more income on them by renting them out and they are well aware that there will be millions of people needing to rent, thereby making more money then the buyers of the securities. They will get the property tax and interest deductions as well as the depreciation and other means of lowering their tax obligations. (a tax shelter for lack of a better term). This way the gov does not have to take away the deduction as only a few will be able to use it and the rest of us will whom formally used the deduction to reduce our taxable income will no long have that deduction, therefore, we will all be getting a nice large tax increase without the gov changing anything. They have to get the tax revenue deficiencies from someone, so, again we get screwed. This is part of the reason why you see O’bama try to stay out of this and let it continue.

    • l vent says:

      I heard that the Chinese were coming over here on fraudclosure tours last summer and buying up these fraudclosures. What a DISGRACE! Talk about a national security issue. Does any other nation allow that? These diabolical foreign bastards are making a complete laughing stock of America. They are taking our country over without ever having to fire a shot. I am convinced that this was all a DIABOLICAL PLAN that has been many decades in the making to OVERTHROW our U.S. Constitution and our ENTIRE GOVERNMENT. THE NEW WORLD ORDER WANTS NO SOVEREIGN NATIONS. THEY HATE AMERICA, THEY ARE HATERS OF EVERYONE BUT THEY ESP. HATE OUR FREEDOM. These maniacal elitist NEW WORLD ORDER bastards could never have accomplished this without treasonists working from inside of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,. WE THE PEOPLE MUST WORK TOGETHER to make sure all of the TREASONIST Demorats and the Republicons are thrown out. BOTH PARTIES ARE WORKING FOR OUR FOREIGN ENEMIES, AMERICA’S Sovereignty under the U.S. CONSTITUTION and the U.S. BILL OF RIGHTS WILL PREVAIL..CONgress IS a den of vipers. Our entire Governmental structure has become soo CORRUPT that I firmly believe there is a NATIONAL SECURITY RISK here in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The moslem terrorists are the least of our worries, it is more like the TREASONIST TERRORISTS THAT ARE WORKING FROM WITHIN AMERICA who are posing as AMERICANS, THEY ARE IMPOSTERS, THEY ARE TREASONISTS.. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are now begining to realize this is true and many are saying OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!! DEATH TO THE TYRANNY!!

  6. steve b says:

    it is very interesting how many different docs linda geen has signed and the numerous companies she works for and no signature is the same. i wonder if the notary ever asked for ID to show who she is notarizing for. someone should be prosecuted.

  7. indio007 says:

    What’s really striking about the documents is that all the signatures change on the document . It’s like they are all in one hand . A single author for each.

  8. Flex says:

    Now that most of us know who Linda Green is in the banking industry for the last two decades, have anyone check their records in the county clerk where your property is located? Better yet, if you find out that the lender who supposably lent you money on credit, does not appear in the recording and the servicer who you had been paying the mortgage for all these years is not in the records either, the question is, what are you going to do about it?
    America, Why are you so passive? Why do you take so much punishment from all these cold bloody murders?
    What are you afraid of? If fighting for your home and your freedom is not worthy, then why are you living in America? We had been taking this abuse from the banks for over hundred years. If you go back in history about 1900 to 2011 and we had not done a darn thing about it. No wonder the banks, the corporations, the big pharma, and the government get away with corruption in the highest degree in human history.
    We had never seen corruption of this caliper in any country in the history of the world. We are talking about hundreds of Trillion dollars. Are you all aware that the government does not want to regulate any industry with the sole believe of free enterprise so called Capitalism. For example, Did you know that everyday Trillions of dollars change hands in the Trade Market due to Derivatives? This is the biggest Ponzi Scheme ever created in the history of the world to make people believe that prices goes over the sky due to supply and demand.
    How do you like paying almost $5.00 per gallon of gasoline? Do you think the Oil companies are complaining for making billions of dollars every quarter in profits? Well, the same thing happens for every product you consume from rice, milk, coffee, water, or anything you can imagine.
    If it is consumable, they will trade it as a derivative so you pay higher prices. If you think what we are dealing with Fraudclosure is bad, just wait until you find out the next Ponzi Scheme that are in the works right now. If the Feds decide to raise the interest rate even just 1%, millions of people will lose their homes because they will not be able to afford the payments. There must be another 3 to 5 million homeowners whose mortgage will adjust in the next 6 months this year. The banks already have a shadow inventory of more than 6 million homes and if they continue foreclosing millions more, they will have not choice but to release those homes into the market, causing a flood in the market and prices will go below the floor. If you think the worse is over, you better think again. By 2012 there will be more than 12 million homes gone in foreclosure. If Foreclosure is not stopped once and for all, more than 25 million people will be homeless by 2015.
    Do you think the experts professors in the best universities, the best economics, and the President doesn’t know this? They all know what is coming, but no one is doing a thing about it. Do you want to know why? Because we the people don’t care and we don’t do a darn thing about it either. We still think this is not my problem. We think the government will do something about it some day. The day will never come.
    Remember, the one who puts presidents in the White House is not you and me, are the Big Corporations, the Big Pharma, and the too Big to Fail Banksters. If you don’t believe me, take a look at Obama’s Cabinet.
    They are alll Ex-Goldman Sacks and other big CEO’s from GE, and others. The whole charade is a big joke.
    If we want to save our country, we must first get all the crooks out of the White House, the Federal Government, and all the politicians that we already know who they are for the last two or three years.
    If their term has come up, it is time to get them out. Why re-elect a dead beat who does not do anything for us.
    They are as corrupted as can be. They do not care for us. They only care about their pension plan and the millions they get from lobbyists and retired by keep working for the lobbyists by keep writing laws and passing them in their favors. Have you seen a Rep from the U.S. Government retiring poor?
    It is time to raise the flag, the fits, and the arms and join the majority and protest for our rights and freedom to our liberty and justice for all and for our constitution.
    God Bless You! and God Bless America!

    • pamelag says:

      i agree we need to do something. how about somehow we show up for court call, many people in the courtroom that ‘get it’ to ‘witness’ the judge’s abuse. or at the auctions many people. we are each an army of one as they say.. God Bless America God Bless Us All

  9. l vent says:

    Sent this link to the mainstream press, the 50 state AG’s., Sheila Baird, the Obama Adm., Geithner, Eric Holder, The Governors of the States, Congress, the SEC, the CIA, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force and the Marines. This looks like a clear Declaration of War on America. If this foreign owned multinational terrorist network is not a threat to our national security, for the love of God, what is?

  10. Fury says:

    linda green was not chuckling.
    what story could she tell the Feds?

  11. THE REAL MAGGIE says:


  12. Fury says:

    good lord!
    no wonder Linda green doesn’t want to speak on camera.
    her name has wrecked the title on countless homes!

    i didn’t see chuckling on 60 minutes. i saw her walking with her head to the ground.

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