BRAVO | George Babcock and Capt. David Lapatin, of the Providence Police Stop Illegal Foreclosure Eviction Brought by Harmon Law

“Basically, it was an eviction notice sent to the owner of the house but not in the name of the tenant,” said Lapatin. “It’s pretty clear. You have to get them out separately.”


I think we all should personally thank these men for their actions.

Anyone who has been following this blog has heard of Mr Babcock the Fight Club Lawyer. To send him a personal thank you, head over to his website here to get his number or send him a message via his contact form.

As for Capt. David Lapatin, I guess you can send an email to him at E-Mail: that I got off of his departments website, thanking him for his actions. If it was not for these two men, this woman and her children would have been illegally tossed in the street.

The scary thing is that this type of thing happens more often than you can imagine. That is why we have to recognize the people that stand up to protect the innocent…

From the report…

Bob Kerr: A cruel attempt to put a family on the street

You can’t do it this way. You can’t just show up at a family’s door and tell them to get out with no notice. It’s thuggery.

But it almost happened. If not for some fast moving lawyers who know the territory and a compassionate cop, Angela Martinez and her three children and granddaughter would have been out on Lenox Avenue in Providence Tuesday morning.

“I get up early,” says Martinez. “I was getting my son ready for school, and I saw a big truck out front. There was a guy on the porch with a paper in his hand.”

She sits in her living room near the packing boxes that a moving crew had brought in and begun to fill with the family’s belongings. Her daughter, Stephanie Rodriguez, sits nearby with her 12-day-old daughter, Audrey. They have some time now to find a new place to live. They have time because the low-down, cutthroat side of the foreclosure and eviction business was brought to a halt at their door.

“You see someone with an autistic child, the daughter with a little baby, you do whatever you can do to help them,” said Capt. David Lapatin, of the Providence police.

Lapatin arrived at 31 Lenox Ave. Tuesday morning to find a constable, a moving crew and police officers overseeing an eviction that he quickly figured out should not be happening.

“Basically, it was an eviction notice sent to the owner of the house but not in the name of the tenant,” said Lapatin. “It’s pretty clear. You have to get them out separately.”

He told the movers, who looked as if they really didn’t want to be there, to stop what they were doing. He told the constable and the police the eviction was off.

You can check out the rest here…

Thank you Mr Babcock and Capt. Lapatin.

We need thousands more just like you in these types of situations…


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  1. Officer of the Law says:

    It is always refreshing to hear that some members of law enforcement actually care about enforcing the law instead of just following orders. Great work, Captain Lapatin!

    Unfortunately, none of the prosecutors care about enforcing the law because they take bribes to look the other way while the banksters rob and steal.

  2. one sound says:

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  3. Jason Werner says:

    I still do not give the captain that much credit for stopping the eviction. He must also work to get back what was stolen from the Martinez’ and the owner, whereas they were defrauded by the bank. And what about all the others that were defrauded in his district? I’m sure one of my employers stole much from borrowers and investors in that district; it must all be recovered until I give that thug captain a “bravo.”

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  5. chunga85 says:

    Thanks Michael. I’ve posted (perhaps to the extent of abuse) the following cases. They are “must reads” and have yet to be stopped in ANY court.

    Diana vs. WAMU

    Moll vs. MERS, et al

  6. l vent says:

    These men did a great job for these people. The politicians are who must be thrown out. They are completely corrupted and are no more than a bunch of tools. They are all useless to the American people and are no more than useful idiots for the New World Order. The politicians, the judges, they are all a complete disgrace. Fraudclosures are about no more and no less than pure greed.

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