Bank of America, Taylor Bean & Whitaker | Mortgage Fraud Creates Headache For Wagoner Couple

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Mortgage Fraud Creates Headache For Wagoner Couple

WAGONER, Oklahoma — Fallout from a fraud in the mortgage business creates a headache for a couple in Wagoner. Their mortgage lender went bankrupt because of fraud – in fact a top executive was convicted just Tuesday.

But the chaos the fraud created has led to a lawsuit here in Green Country.

It might seem like the mortgage mess is far away with huge companies – but it’s way too close to home for a lady in Wagoner who just wants credit for making every payment, on time, but instead – she’s being threatened with foreclosure.

Janna Metzger is a paramedic in Wagoner, but she spends a lot of time playing banker – because of a mortgage company that claims she owes them money she says she’s paid.

“One payment and I get letters of possible foreclosure,” homeowner Janna Metzger said.

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Metzger, Plaintiffs, V BAC Home Loan Servicing, L.P., Defendant

11 Responses to “Bank of America, Taylor Bean & Whitaker | Mortgage Fraud Creates Headache For Wagoner Couple”
  1. ray barber says:

    i too living on street by boa and started with taylor bean whitaker if ano one knows how i can get help contact cell number 320-237-2266 thank you

  2. Lesli says:

    I paid a company to modify my home loan which was with TBW. We tried with TBW to Modify and we had no response,on hold forever on the phone and no responses via e-mail or faxes. The company i paid for the modification was a scam and long story short my home was foreclosed on. I never received any mail from B of A who assumed my loan from TBW when they closed. This has been a nightmare. Everywhere we turn to for help we get the same answer. So sorry we can’t help you and you can’t do anything about it?! Surely we have some rights?

  3. Mel says:

    Another thing to check out regarding any endorsement signature on the note is when that person was employed by TB&W. Then compare those dates to the fraudulent mortgage assignment where is says sold the mortgage and note on a certain date. You want to subpoena all these people.

  4. Readdocs says:

    How do you discover who the investor is, if it’s not disclosed on MERS?

    • lvent says:

      Readdocs, Finding the investor in the money flow is a lost cause. I found out they put these money flows in a FOREIGN Global Trust. That is why they destroyed the notes. The investors never owned the mortgage or the note in reality. The investors took a gamble and invested in the money flow. When we stopped paying the mortgage because we were set up to fail, the investors lost their risky gamble. The pretender lenders never secured the collateral lien at origination. Then, they bifurcated the note and the mortgage and sold unsecured notes without mortgages A/K/A SECURITIES FRAUD.

  5. D Reed says:

    I received several cancelled deeds to my home I than thought that some thing was wrong. I started calling people asking questions and no one could tell me anything. So I went to the court house and to an attorny. At the court house my paper work still had TBW,but the paper that I received said someone else owned the note and the deed. I’m in atlanta, I think if we all get together we can make something happen. TBW had there hand in so many thing . I got a check from BOA but to my understanding I never had any dealling with BOA. This made me wonder what is going on. I am now still trying to get to the bottom of this all.

  6. Hydesdocs says:

    Our mortgage was with TB&W also, they recieved our August mortgage payment one day before being
    closed down. We were also gobbled up by B0A. I document, document, document…and pay them with
    bank cheques which can be traced by us or our bank. How we came to be with tbw is another story, as we
    did not choose them, the broker we were signed up with chose them. Now I am contemplating whether to
    hire before or after we ask for a copy of our file that is supposed to be with boa in Dallas Texas. I am
    aware of the fact all of our mortgage may not be with boa, as it was probably bundled and invested back
    in 2008. We did recieve a letter from the original broker, who in the letter stated at looking at our file he
    thought he could get us a better deal through refinancing. So makes me wonder did he retain the original
    wet ink paperwork, or shred it after digitally sending copies to tbw and to MERS.
    What I need is the procedure used at/by the title company right after the signing as to where that wet ink
    paperwork goes from the signing to when it is supposed to arrive at the mortgage company.
    We are having minor problems with boa, nothing that would call for preemptive strike legal help, yet. I
    think we should find a good lawyer in Texas we can consult about what are our rights, and what we can do
    to protect ourselves if there is a meltdown.

    • Marcie says:

      We also had a note with Taylor Bean & Whitaker but were never credited for our last payment or escrow payments. We filed a claim in the TBW bankruptcy court but we don’t expect to see that money again. We had been trying since 2008 to get a modification but were met with hostility. We were foreclosed on by Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC as Servicer for CSFB. When we filed a federal lawsuit CSFB says we’re not foreclosing. Then the lawyer for Ocwen did a Quitclaim Deed transferring the property to Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC. Next Freddie Mac starts to evict us. And the Quitclaim Deed and the Special Warranty Deed both appear to have fraudulent signatures. Kyle Gardner is the signature for Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC with VP scratched out and his stamped name and the transfer on both the Quitclaim Deed is for the consideration of $10.
      While all this is going on I am gathering documents and discover that we have two active loans in MERS. One we have documented proof that the loan was paid off. The investor is Frannie Mae and the servicer is BAC, is anyone surprised? In other words it appears that Fannie and Freddie are double dipping and our loans both the fake current one with TBW and a past paid off loan were/are being sold multiple times.
      It’s a mess I tell you. If you have a TBW loan you should check MERS by your property address and notify authorities if you have multiple loans that are active and only one should be active.
      Oh and the “Note” they are using to foreclose on us is endorsed without recourse by Taylor Bean & Whitaker. And to top it off the attorneys for the bankrupt Taylor Bean & Whitaker say “The debtor has transferred servicing of the referenced loan and, therefore, has no further interest in the loan or property at issue”.
      What I don’t understand is if TBW endorsed the “Note” without recourse and they are in bankruptcy, how did Ocwen legally obtain the “Note” and why are there no assignments on the “Note” to Ocwen?

  7. THE REAL MAGGIE says:


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