Lender Processing Services, (LPS) Ben-Ezra Katz Class Action | In re: SUSAN MARIE HARRIS A/K/A SUSAN MARIE RHODES, Debtor

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In re:
CASE: 08-30376 LMK





Adversary Proceeding Number:

Ben-Ezra & Katz P.A.,



This case is brought as a class action complaint to address the wrong doing of the Defendants.

As alleged in further detail herein, all the Defendants acted in concert and conspired to unlawfully  and secretly violate and avoid the bankruptcy rules, the bankruptcy code, and the federal and the state common law in their roles as attorneys and vendors to creditors to the detriment of Plaintiff.  Each of the Defendants  reached an agreement to illegally split attorneys’ fees (“Illegal Agreement”), acted in concert and conspired in furtherance of the Illegal Agreement, enjoyed a significant benefit from the Illegal Agreement, which caused harm to the Plaintiff, and the Court. The Plaintiff’s class representative and  the Class members consist of those persons other than the Court who have been harmed by the conduct set out herein.  Each of the Defendants was a necessary party to the conspiracy.

The Plaintiff’s class representative and the Class members consist of those persons other than the Court who have been harmed by the conduct set out herein.

Harris seeks to represent a class of persons consisting of those natural persons who were debtors in a bankruptcy proceeding where the Defendants engaged in the unlawful conduct complained of herein causing injury to the class as more fully set out below.

  There are two categories of Defendants. The first is comprised of LPS and LPS Default who are “vendors” or “subservicers” to the vast majority of national mortgage servicers and who have agreements with those mortgage servicers, referred to as  a “Default Services Agreement” to manage all bankruptcy and default related loans for those servicers.

The second category is the law  firm Ben-Ezra & Katz P.A. (hereinafter “Ben-Ezra”).  Ben-Ezra has a contract with LPS Default called a “Network Agreement” which provides for the express exchange of consideration from Ben-Ezra to the remaining Defendants in the form of the payment of referral fees to LPS for the referral of bankruptcy related matters and other default related matters.  The Network Agreement and the Default Services Agreement enables the Defendants to perpetrate its Illegal Agreement through their conspiracy.

Full complaint below…





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  1. THE REAL MAGGIE says:

    You were so correct when u worded it the fake virtual world they created for themselves! you know i think its great to work if you enjoy it even if you are wealthy! but some of these crooks with these fake businesses that get up at 539 am get home at 6 and 7 at nite cant tell me they are rolling in the dough!

  2. John Anderson says:

    I have been dealing with these lying motherf**kers since Oct 08 “.Ben-Ezra & Katz P.A.” Every pleading comes from a different attorney as they think that if each one just tells one lie, and has only limited knowledgeof the whole fraud that they won’t be diciplined or lose their license to steal.
    I would advise them to change employers and seek advice
    As for Ben and partner Katz, I hope this leaves them broke and disbared.

    • THE REAL MAGGIE says:

      Me too!

      • marilyn lane says:

        to the real Maggie whoever you are –

        since you volunteered to take care of my trojan horse I have another request
        IF I end up in the river, call the NY DA
        and tell him to go to the bank and theTitle companies.!!!

      • THE REAL MAGGIE says:


      • marilyn lane says:

        A problem for the real maggie

        I am far from a computer tech but I think there is another computer that is sitting somewhere else linked to mine.

        Several times when I am trying to post , the page would go white and a message like “you put in two commas was typed in.” How is that gremlin getting into my computer?

        I have a new laptop after my desktop started to did strange things. These things should not happen.

    • marilyn lane says:

      more on William P Foley former chairman of LPS Docx
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      News Center
      William P. Foley II Becomes Chairman of the Board at FIS
      February 8, 2011 7:15 AM ET
      FISTM FIS, a leading provider of banking and payments technology, today announced a change in position for William P. Foley II from executive chairman to chairman of the board, which is a non-executive position. Foley, who has served as executive chairman of FIS since February 2006, requested the transition to non-executive chairman in order to devote more time to additional business opportunities and commitments. The change is effective immediately.

      “The FIS leadership team has done an excellent job driving the Metavante integration project, while delivering on our commitments to our clients and our shareholders,” stated Foley. “I am confident that the team will continue to successfully advance the FIS strategy, and I look forward to serving the company in a more traditional chairman’s role.”

      About FIS

      FIS FIS is one of the world’s largest global providers dedicated to banking and payments technologies. With a long history deeply rooted in the financial services sector, FIS serves more than 14,000 institutions in over 100 countries. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla., FIS employs more than 30,000 people worldwide and holds leadership positions in payment processing and banking solutions, providing software, services and outsourcing of the technology that drives financial institutions. FIS is a member of Standard & Poor’s 500® Index and consistently holds a leading ranking in the annual FinTech 100 list. For more information about FIS, visit http://www.fisglobal.com.


    • marilyn lane says:

      On Feb.. 8 2011 why did William P Foley decide he didn’t want to be Executive Chairman of FIS but wanted to be Chairman of the Board which is non executive?

      FIS Our Company
      Our CompanyFIS is a leading global provider of technology and services to the financial services industry, serving more than 14,000 clients in over 100 countries. But, to get an understanding of FIS today, one needs to look back at the company’s history and see how FIS evolved into a world-renowned financial services technology leader.
      The company was founded in 1968 as Systematics™ and, through its core processing system of the same name, quickly became a globally recognized provider of technology solutions for financial institutions. Over the next two decades, Systematics, the company, continued to expand its service offerings with older technology solutions for financial institutions of all sizes, including credit unions, community banks and more.
      In the early 1990s, ALLTEL Information Services acquired Systematics and Computer Power, Inc. (CPI), a leading mortgage servicing provider and developer of the industry-leading Mortgage Servicing Package (MSP). By 1998, MSP was processing more than 20 million mortgage loans annually and ALLTEL Information Services was recognized as a leader in financial services technology, serving financial institutions of all sizes and shapes with core processing, channel solutions, mortgage processing, item processing, cash management and more.
      In 2003, Santa Barbara, Calif.-based title insurance giant Fidelity National Financial® bought the financial services division of ALLTEL Information Services and renamed it Fidelity Information Services. Over the course of the next 18 months, Fidelity Information Services acquired several other financial services technology firms:
      •Hamilton & Sullivan
      •WebTone Technologies
      •Aurum Technologies
      •Sanchez Computer Associates
      In 2004 FIS acquired a majority stakeholder in Kordoba GmbH & Co., an organization with more than 20 years of experience of specializing in the Germanic core banking market. Kordoba is an information technology solutions provider for the financial services industry, with a focus on services and solutions for the banking market. It provides both outsourced and in-house core banking solutions to Germanic savings and commercial banks, including core transaction processing, ATM network solutions, accounting and reporting solutions and a securities processing system.
      Having firmly established itself as a dominant player in the financial services technology space and having earned its place on the Fortune 500 listing, FIS then sought to further broaden its array of offerings and, in 2006, merged with St. Petersburg, Fla.-based Certegy®, creating one of the largest financial institution technology processing and services companies in the world – FIS.
      Today, FIS’ breadth of services includes the array of Certegy offerings:
      •Loyalty programs
      •Stored-value cards and processing
      •Check authorization and warranty services
      •Payment card transaction services
      •Check-cashing services
      •Electronic bill payment services
      In 2007, FIS acquired eFunds®, a Scottsdale, Ariz.-based provider of risk management, electronic funds transfer (EFT) services, prepaid card processing, and global outsourcing solutions to more than 10,000 financial services companies in over 80 countries. As a result, FIS now leverages the company’s check truncation and credit risk assessment services, as well as:
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      •Debit processing, settlement and fulfillment
      •Automated Clearing House (ACH) processing
      •Electronic check processing and conversion
      •Electronic funds transfer (EFT)
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      •Card issuance services
      •Fraud and risk management services
      •Debit, check and credit card fraud detection services
      In 2009, FIS acquired Metavante, a Milwaukee, Wis.-based provider of banking and payments technologies to approximately 8,000 financial services firms and businesses worldwide. The strategic transaction to combine the two companies closed on Oct. 1, 2009, positioning FIS as the largest technology provider to the global financial industry.
      Through the transaction, FIS enhances its ability to:
      •Deliver products and services that keep clients competitive in their markets
      •Execute on a client cross-sales business model, leveraging a broad range of products and services and strong client relationships
      •Grow globally
      •Serve individual market segments, including community banking, mid-tier and large financial institutions and international banking
      In combining the two companies, FIS and Metavante have come together to provide a vast breadth and depth of products, an unrivaled market offering and a strong international presence to bring clients unprecedented levels of expertise and service.
      This combination of organic and external growth has positioned FIS among the world’s leading technology providers for the financial services industry. Through the visionary leadership of its management and its philosophy of providing premier service to its clients, FIS remains on a short list of providers capable of offering the breadth and depth of its solutions to so many financial institutions and retailers throughout the world

    • Guy_Fawkes says:

      Isn’t the Florida Bar now headed by a foreclosure mill attorney??

      Hasn’t the state of Florida become the joke that is America??

  3. THE REAL MAGGIE says:

    bring dat trjan Horse over ill fix it 4 ya!

  4. marilyn lane says:

    Susan Marie Harris sure has it right. Without LPS DOCX and any of the affilitrates of Fidelity National Title the massive mortgage and note fraud would never had be able to happen.

    But you are missing one vital defendant William P Foley who was up until March 2009 Chairman of LPS Docx and resigned when the part LPS Docx played in this massive fraud was getting known to the whole country.

    William P Foley is the man that gave the marching orders to one of his attorneys Thomas Malone to be the bagman to pay off Judge Alice Schlesinger of New York Supreme Court so that the Court could illegally rule for Forged Deeds that Fidelity Nationall Title knowingly insured.

    Not only should William P Foley be indicted for racketeering but for Treason for waring and destroying our Property Rights under our Constitution.

    Incidently I haven’t been able to read the whole complaint yet because a Trojan Horse keeps invading my computer on that page.

  5. Maggie May says:

    Hey mr 4clofraud u did a lot of meditating pondering thinking last nite?

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