Video | Lee County Rocket Docket Symposium – March 25, 2011

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Lee County Florida Foreclosure Symposium held March 25, 2011. This Rocket Docket propaganda event was barely publicized. 90 percent fillibuster; 10 percent public input/questioning. Malcolm Doney President of the Mortgage Justice Group stole the show with his comments.


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  1. Officer of the Law says:

    Call the Florida Bar????

    Is the Florida Bar supposed to prosecute people who commit fraud? No, prosecutors are supposed to prosecute those who commit fraud, but the prosecutors, like the judges in Lee County, Florida and in far too many courts, are on the banksters’ payroll.

    Of course, the Florida Bar is supposed to take action when attorneys submit fraudulent documents in legal proceedings, but has the Bar taken action to disbar any bank attorney who has submitted fraudulent documents to steal homes? No, the Florida Bar, like the prosecutors, the regulators and far too many judges, is on the banksters’ payroll.

    Unless you want to continue to watch the banksters steal everything, you better wake up and take action to restore a government that is accountable to the people.

  2. CoCo says:

    I know that Judge Thompson is a retired judge. I have been in his court 4 times. The first time I was there, his opening remarks went something like this-I am a retired judge. They have called me back out of retirement to handle the huge amount of foreclosures that are flooding our system. When you come before me I will need to know a LEGAL reason that the banks should not take your home. Then he asked this self satisfied leach representing the bank how many cases he had for the day. The leach replied that he had 330.
    i saw person after person come up and try to explain that they had paid HAMP and had not been approved, that the bank would not answer their calls, that the banks would not accept the short sale, etc. Judge Thompson said those are not legal reasons. The gavel came down and the homes were lost to the banks.
    There was one group that broke my heart. A man in his 80s who had paid on his his home for 18 yrs and had lost his job was before Judge Thompson-his son at his side. The old man stated that his son had been paying his mortgage for him but had also lost his job and could help no more. Judge Thompson said something to the effect that well, you shouldn’t sign for something that you can’t pay for. The courtroom gasped. The gavel came down and the two stood there clinging to each other.
    I was in his courtroom on 3 more occasions. Hundreds of cases in one day and almost no one was given an extension or a trial date-not even if they had an attorney. Now, that the public is aware that fraud has been committed upon the court, they realize that they can fight back. I fear that many don’t know how and probably don’t have the money to hire an attorney.My best advice is to google MERRIGAN VS. BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON, a foreclosure case in Lee county, Florida On page 12 you will see where the ACLU accuses judges of being in CAHOOTS with the banks. Employees of these banks are now starting to talk. I don’t know if they suddenly grew a conscience or if they are afraid of a backlash from their crooked deeds, but I expect that it won’t be long until some earth shaking wrongdoing is uncovered. As one of the ladies said in the video, if you and I did what these lawyers and judges have done, we would be in FEDERAL PRISON. At least, with the publicity that Lee county is getting with the foreclosure mess(all of it negative), we might see a real slow down of illegal foreclosures. These judges could say that they didn’t know what was going on, but, if they go forward with all of the new discovery, they would put themselves at risk. From what I understand from MERRIGAN VS BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON, there are emails from judges actually asking for enough foreclosure cases to fill the ROCKET DOCKET for the day. ROCKET DOCKET was someone’s idea of a cute saying that overshadowed the slaughter of thousands in Lee county. I think Lee county is not so full of sheep anymore. i am starting to see a lot of RAMS WITH VERY BIG HORNS if you catch my drift.

  3. Whip says:

    If these Judges are ELECTABLE, the vote their incompetent ASSES OUT OF OFFICE! Better yet, look-up their mortgages in public records and see WHO OWNS THEIR LOAN!

    61 Minutes needs to go the LEE COUNTY, and Investigate these jerks!

    Why not show up at their Houses, and Protest!

  4. The whole thing is sick and disgusted. Can these Judges be impeach by the people or be force to resign? If justice is not done then the people has to seek Justice by any means

  5. BobSublime says:

    I just can’t watch a dog-and-pony-show. I get too angry.
    However, I hereby suggest that we start keeping track of the Florida judges who abuse the Florida law and foreclosure defendants. Let’s track their activities and decisions in the courtroom and accumulate a dossier that will be handy during the next election – or before. We might just be able to impeach the judges who won’t allow rightful testimony or discovery. Also, a forensic investigation should be done on all judges, showing who has a (MERS) mortgage or what investments a judge might be protecting. (Thanks to Dave Krieger for that idea at
    Can someone help or pick it up and run with it? I could keep a database if others could investigate and update information.
    If we did this it might cut down on these Florida Kangaroo Courts, to the benefit of foreclosure defendants and quiet plaintiffs.

    Best Regards,


  6. Meg says:

    Oh, and by the way…while I appreciate the local news stations such as NBC-2 that cover these foreclosure stories, it really makes my stomach turn when they end these clips with a “If you are behind on your mortgage payment, the best thing to do is call the bank, they want to work with you.”

    Please, pull your head out of the sand…

  7. Meg says:

    What a showboating spectacle this was. Only after recent media attention regarding Lee County’s 20th judicial court and their blatant disregard for Florida Rules of Civil Procedure was this show put on. It was all over the papers and news that they were having this, yet a short 10 second news clip that night of what actually went down. Please….

  8. debi J says:

    The Judges aren’t on God’s radar, they’re on the radar of the devil himself. They are corrupt and blind and clueless to the civil procedures they swear under oath to uphold. The only logic here seems to be to get the judges disqualified or bring actual civil suits against them. Solely or collectively. This must stop or our justice system will crumble just like the towers did on 9/11. Our government did that by the way to divert attention from the mortgage fraud the FBI had brought forward. These corrupted and ignorant judges will get theirs hopefully sooner than later – the devil plays tricks. God can’t save people who can’t save themselves. If you sleep with the devil and you allow the people to suffer at great lengths for the sole purpose of power, ignorance or their own personal agendas or investments, than you become the devil. The judges need to be met head on. Hopefully the ACLU’s suit will make some difference. Hang in there people, do not give up. Your civil rights have been infringed on and at worst, taken from you. The loans that were given were fraud from the inception. Greed was running full speed. Eventually we will have a judge or two that actually understand the law. Real estate laws have been around for hundreds of years. Since when does a judge get to make his own rules? They need to be removed from the bench – if enough lawyers bring suit, they will move them out of foreclosure at least. Ask judge Sasser – some attorneys know what and how to do it. Get them disqualified. You may have to face a small contempt fine or something, but wouldn’t it be worth it? Where’s the media? They need to be a permanent fixture in there- the rest of america deserves to see what’s really happening. The judges are probably all members of the klan and their mentality there aren’t very high so hopefully someone bright will come in soon with some authority and some balls. Debi 561-389-9339

  9. MARIO KENNY says:

    This will not turn out very well, eventually the people will get really mad

  10. Lit Gant says:

    No doubt about it, the foxes sat like posing for their next election flyer picture. This was indeed a dog and pony show. The so-called symposium would better be described as a sinposium. Is it not a sin to take thy neighbor’s wife, his children, his house, his property, his cattle, his goods, and anything that is thy neighbor’s? Why of course I know the antisemite judges would say “we are not under no Jew’s laws.” They might dare say: “we do not care about the Ten Commandments” they have no worth within our judicial system.” And so they took off their white KKK robes and put on black ones with the seal of their Circuit or the seal of the State of Florida. Now, they can sit like little gods and order their private police in the court room to remove all offenders who might ask for justice. And here we have judges who care not for justice, the rule of law, or even the Rules of Civil Procedure. They can sit up there are fart the day away thinking they are smelling like a rose as they robo-sign foreclosures. Well, Lee County courts are like they are because of their Chief Judge and his criminal conduct against the American people. It is now not a crime for a judge to deny equal protection under the law. The Lee County court system is a cess pool of crawling worms who are baby flies waiting to spoil the next picnic when July 4th comes around. You Lee County criminal judges, it would be so nice if God gave you a sign and sent something your way to let you know you are on his radar.

    • incognito123 says:

      Certainly can’t argue with this, having been a witness to it personally, and even been kicked out of the Lee county courtroom.

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