Sewer Service | PB Post – Local ‘Robo-signer’ Alleges Her Signatures Were Forged

Once again, from the blogosphere to the mainstream…

Sometimes it takes things longer than others to hit the media’s attention, but we will take it when it does…

As first reported here on in OCTOBER of 2010…

Foreclosuregate Sewer Service – No Service No Problem? – Forgeries Fabrications and LIES

Posted by Foreclosure Fraud on October 23, 2010 ·

First let’s start out with some excerpts from the Florida Times Union that just happened to come out this morning while I was putting this post together… Fraud in foreclosure summons a disturbing trend in Duval County Summonses are being misplaced or forged by servers; critics say sloppiness and fraud leading to sudden spike. By … Read more

And again in March of 2011…

Sewer Service | FL Service of Process Fraud, Notary Fraud. Gissen & Zawyer and Caplan Caplan and Caplan

Posted by Foreclosure Fraud on March 28, 2011 ·

THANK YOU LIZ MILLS!  You are brave and courageous to come forward with the truth! Whistleblowers are so important to aid in the exposure of the massive foreclosure fraud & securities fraud that has felled this country, sending millions of families into poverty and dispossession. Liz Mills – THANK YOU!  We all THANK YOU! A basic … Read more

It is now a feature story in the Palm Beach Post…

Local ‘robo-signer’ alleges her signatures were forged

By Kimberly Miller
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

West Palm Beach resident Liz Mills learned she was a robo-signer when a friend suggested she search her own name online.

On foreclosure blogs and in at least one newspaper article, the 51-year-old process server was singled out for the numerous and varying styles of her signatures on summons paperwork used to prove her efforts in locating home­owners in foreclosure.

Now Mills is coming forward in affidavits filed in three foreclosure cases, saying she didn’t sign the paperwork and never signed in front of a notary despite notary stamps affixed to the documents.

In one case, Mills allegedly signed a return of non-service, meaning the homeowner could not be found, for a foreclosure in Lehigh Acres near Florida’s west coast – a town where Mills said she has never been.

“I’m not really sure what’s going on with all of this or what could happen, but it’s upsetting because if you read the articles it’s like they are trying to make the individual process servers the fall guy,” said Mills, who became a process server 12 years ago. “I think they just wanted to move the paperwork along faster.”

Service of process is sometimes the first notice a homeowner has that the bank has filed for foreclosure .

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