Nancy Mclain’s Response to Charges Regarding SB1259 | Bill Would Have Given “Those who just don’t want to pay their mortgage a loophole to get out of forking over the cash”

Rep. McLain’s response to charges regarding SB1259

I have received numerous inquires about SB1259 and am happy to explain why I opposed this legislation.

I am always open to ways of addressing our mortgage crisis and helping Arizonans facing foreclosures. Unfortunately, SB1259 did neither of those things.

In fact, I believe that this bill would have given those facing very dire consequences false hope, which is why I opposed it. Despite what some may think, SB1259 did nothing to help these individuals.  And it also opened an avenue for those who simply did not want to fulfill their obligation by potentially creating a loophole that could take years to resolve.

The mortgage crisis has had dire impacts on our economy and on the personal lives, hopes and dreams of many Arizonans. I’m committed to real solutions to turning our economy around – not legislation that further muddies the waters for those already in stressful circumstances.

As to the language in the final bill, Michele Reagan (sponsor of the original bill) asked me to offer the amendment in committee.  This solved a problem in her district, and I did it as a favor to her.

Yea, nice…


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  1. DLC 55 and holding says:

    My loan was improperly transfered from the original lender to Countrywide (we don’t know when because none of the three assignments have any dates on them. However, after finding the Trust that it was suppose to be sold to I found the PSA agreement and from there it became obvious that there are 3 assignments missing.

    No assignments have ever been recorded with the public trustee and in my state the note follows the Deed of Trust (not the other way around) so the chain has been broken and the lier lenders now hold an unsecured debt (a debt that was discharged in my bankruptcy in 2007).

    Guess who owns my house, I DO….. The scumbag banksters defrauded the investors in the Trust and got paid 3 times over their original investment and believe me it didn’t cost some bank customer a dime of his or her money. These trusts are set up with an open account for the banksters to use in purchasing mortgaged properties, they almost never use money from their own banks. Makes you wonder why we had to bail them out in the first place.

    The Banksters used the homeowners as a vehicle to commit fraud on the investors in the trusts and now they are trying to commit fraud again in order to take our homes away so they can sell them again in a new trust.

    I will pay them for my home when they come to me with a check for my share of the profits that were made from the use of my signature and good credit or when they pay those ill gotten gains back to the investors.

    55 months and holding……………………….

    • James Aitken says:

      Right on target!

      File for quiet title.

      Also if a property inspector like NCCI or LANDSAFE come around with their intimedating bullshit, shoot them for trespassing! Make sure the cockroach is on your land though.

  2. alec ross says:

    What mess did banks cause? The only mess they caused was not to have their bookkeeping in order
    so that they could easily foreclose when people weren’t paying. Now, they are suffering a lot because
    foreclosures are taking so long because they lost some of the paperwork or used MERS to help them
    save money in recording fees. All this; however, does not justify people to live in their homes for years
    or months without paying anything. I’ll bet most of you who haven’t paid in months, are also not paying
    your local real estate taxes or insurance to safeguard the house. Your local govenment isn’t getting
    needed revenue from taxes unless your bank pays the tax bill for you. Not only are you not paying
    for your housing, you are now freeloading and requiring the banks to pay for your local government
    service via the property taxes. Other homeowners are effectively supporting you too for fire, education,
    and police services if you’re not paying your property taxes. .

    • James Aitken says:

      Man, you are too funny! Can you say CDO or Mark to Market accounting?

      Turning thin air in to fake profits to drive the undeserving and excessive bouns program for the cocaine heads on wall street? Again, catch the movie “Inside Job”. It even has one of the hookers on that tells all. Nice red dress too! I am pretty sure she states Goldman SUCKs was her best client. They had the best cocain, she says.

      MERS is a guilty as the rest of the scum and I look forward to their demise very soon as well. MERS has no standing and has only participated in tax/filing fee evasion and fraud.

    • leapfrog says:

      Excuse me? The pretender-lender has been collecting my money for past 2 years. Money it was not entitled to. If they are now paying my taxes, it is with the MONEY THAT I PAID THEM and I have paid them 10x what the taxes are – so stick that in your pipe and smoke it. They don’t own my home and neither does MERS. I’m suing them and I will prevail. So take your bankster shill spin and go away. Your ignorance is astounding, yet you come on here and insult everyone. You should be embarrassed for yourself. You will not win any points here with your paid-by-the-post obvious trolling. Why are you here? Are you one of those one-handed keyboard typists that is getting off on the abuse with the other hand?

      • James Aitken says:


        I think this ASSHAT (Alec) is a bankster wana be. I deal with this type daily. I just threw US Bank against the wall on an escallation call. I love the smell of a burrning scumbag bankster in the afternoon!

        We will smoke this asshole outta here.

      • leapfrog says:

        James – yes, he’s definitely a “wannabe”. I suspect he’s one of the astroturfers (lower level lackey B of A call center employees who are trying to brown-nose their way up the ranks of the call center) that Karl smoked out a few months ago by getting the IP addresses. Better watch out, Alec, somebody may be looking up your IP. Someone told me BOA has a whole dept of these “types” that try to sway media comments. The least BOA could do is educate them so they can argue somewhat intelligently, but that is too much to ask for from such a dysfunctional organization.

      • James Aitken says:


        Already on it. I run a large data center for our Law Firm. We eat these asshats for lunch daily. When I slam our NPV analytics on the table, these greese balls clam up and go away.

        BOA is easy to slam as ALL their folks are uneducated flunkies. I think they go through the “JC PENNY” School of collections. I just love shuting down their constant flow of bullshit.

      • leapfrog says:

        Yay! Sounds good, James. Go get ’em, Tiger.

  3. James Aitken says:

    Zimbabwe Ben Bernanke Speaks (BULLSHITS) at 2:15 EST. CSPAN has it live and will also carry the live BULLSHIT statements. I have my eggs ready to throw at the screen!

  4. John Anderson says:

    Her head would look so lovely on a pike, with other bank owned whores, right next to a display case full of severed, mummifying hands of notaries who falsified assignments of mortgage in the Foreclosuregate exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum.

  5. Bill McAuliffe says:

    This is not really a “free house” addendum. It’s the Facts. My main thought about SB 1259 is how does a Bill relating to disclosure by the Banks, and co-related “instituions”; “subsidiaries” get morphed into a “Fire Zoning” Bill???? Haven’t you really looked into ALL that’s involved here? This whole B.S. crap is getting many of us VERY frustrated partially due to this kind of; God…What do you call “it” ….Lies?

  6. Joan Blair says:

    Alec Ross, have you forgotten the banks were paid no less than twice when they got bailed out. All loans were paid? Why shouldn’t we get our homes free? Let us live mortgage free until jobs become available for those who need or want one.

    I Vent, you are so right about elections! Once they get the pig in the blanket rapped, it’s a wrap. Jessie Jackson Jr. wife is my alderman. I was so happy her posters and ads were not posted, I didn’t hear anyone mention her name and we had five new candidates campaigning for her seat, man it was a great feeling knowing she was not running and oh what a surprise when I learned she won.

  7. barbara says:

    yep, following federal laws regarding mortgage loans muddy waters. So does proving you own the note. so does giving homeowners some type of legal satisfaction when they are defrauded of their homes. This is the same game all states are playing. act tough, then defeat the bills for any type of real foreclosure reform.

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