MERSCORP Names Bill Beckmann, Formerly of CitiMortgage, New President & CEO

MERSCORP Names Bill Beckmann New President & CEO | Mortgage Industry Veteran Will Also Lead Subsidiary

Contact: Janis L. Smith, Vice President of Corporate Communications
Tel: 703-738-0230

RESTON, Virginia (April 29, 2011)—MERSCORP, Inc. today announced the appointment of mortgage industry veteran Bill Beckmann as president and chief executive officer of MERSCORP, Inc., and the Reston-based company’s subsidiary, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.

Beckmann joins MERSCORP from Beckmann Insights, LLC, an independent consulting firm where he was president. He was formerly chairman and CEO of CitiMortgage, Inc., one of the nation’s leading originators and servicers of residential mortgages.

“We’re delighted to have Bill at the helm at an important time in MERSCORP’s history,” said Kurt Pfotenhauer, the MERSCORP Chairman. “His knowledge of the mortgage industry and exceptional management experience will be instrumental as we continue to implement initiatives to strengthen and improve the MERS® brand.”

MERSCORP operates the only national, real-time database that tracks mortgages, building on county land records to make mortgage information more accessible and transparent. “I’m excited to be joining the MERSCORP team and looking forward to leading an organization that provides a unique and vital service to the nation’s housing finance system,” said Beckmann.

During his tenure at CitiMortgage, the company had four million residential mortgage customers, representing over $800 billion in serviced assets. Beckmann had responsibility for strategy, sales, operations, capital markets, and regulation/compliance. Prior to this, he was president of Citigroup’s real estate servicing and technology group, providing customer service, technology and default management services to customers of CitiMortgage, CitiFinancial and Citi’s Auto business.

From 1997 to 2003 Beckmann was the chairman and CEO of The Student Loan Corporation. He has also worked in IBM’s Corporate Strategy and Internet Marketing divisions, Citigroup’s Card Products group, and European American Bank’s strategy department in various marketing, strategy, finance and treasury roles.

Beckmann is on the Boards of Junior Achievement of Mississippi Valley, Enterprise Community Partners and Enterprise Community Investments. He holds an M.S. in Management from the Stanford Sloan Program and a B.A. in Mathematical Economics from Brown University.




10 Responses to “MERSCORP Names Bill Beckmann, Formerly of CitiMortgage, New President & CEO”
  1. Tim Bryant says:

    This guy was head of the Citi Consumer Mortgage Operations. In a homeowner suit, he could be potentially called to represent 2 different companies in the same matter….a legal paradox.

    He also was instrumental in Citi’s spiral into the “nonprime” market….

    He tried to force homeowners to pay late fees on taxes that Citi was required to pay…

    Citi settled with the SEC for $75 million because of their subprime business, which Mr Beckmann headed…

    Wise decision again, MERSCORP !!!

  2. Sandra says:

    This is depressing and alarming. MERS should be dismantled and GONE, with all their loan transfers finally accurately recorded at the courthouse, and here they are bringing in the big guns to re-intrench this bloody bad system even more. Means the people’s fight against the Banksters just became more difficult. The comment: “building on county land records to make mortgage information more accessible and transparent” just gave me a piercing headache. Since I work with homeowners to help save their homes or do short sales if all else fails, MERS’ electronic wall makes it virtually impossible to find out WHO owns the mortgage, or WHAT avenues may be open to negotiate with them. Title only claims to show mortgage assignments of RECORD (and MERS has high-jacked the “records”) and title claims they have no ability to determine who actually owns the loan in order to clear title! It is like a dark closet, and we need to turn on a bright light in there.

  3. David Robert says:

    I would think in about 12 months he should be ready for a career at Monsanto considering all the weed killer he is going to need while at MERS.

  4. leapfrog says:

    Wonder how much they had to pay him to take on the rotting carcass of MERS. Not a wise career move, in my opinion.

  5. housemanrob says:


  6. l vent says:

    They just keep passing the toxic mortgage fraud around. The toxic mortgage fraud they keep passing around looks alot like the sheisters are playing a game of hot potato with a ticking time bomb. Stop the fraudclosures and stop the charades. Our homes are paid for.

  7. foreclosurefight says:

    Wow…this is like letting the Fox watch over the Hen House…it never ends!!!

  8. tony says:

    hahahaaa where’s that little mouse when u need him

  9. Mae's Fannie says:


    Bill…Bill, Billy boy…you makin’ a desperately bad career decision there son..

    They will show no MERS-see in popping your massive coconut under the front tire of the bus just prior to the car wreck buddy..

    They must have trown sum serious coin your way…but that won’t look so good in about 12 months when the SS MERS touches bottom in the Mariana Trench

    Come on Billy…Billy Billy….OOOOOH BILLLY….BOY!

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