MERS ACTION ALERT!!! | Oregon Fraudclosure “Fix” Postponed but Effort Appears in Jeopardy

Okay all. You need to get on the phones and send emails on this one ASAP. This can not be passed. This can not be the framework for things to come. Spread the word! Email it, facebook it, digg it, stumble it, tweet it, repost it, etc. If you live in Oregon, get over to … Read more

MERS Class Action | Schare vs Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Complaint and Exhibits

Mark B. Schare, Plaintiff vs Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Defendant ~ Another class action against MERS. It isn’t that long and well worth the read. When you read the class action you will see they are going one step further and saying the mortgages are void… Enjoy! ~ ~ Schare vs Mortgage Electronic Registration … Read more

Hawaii | Law’s Delay Halts Foreclosures

Law’s Delay Halts Foreclosures The required state dispute resolution program has not been set up, slowing many repossessions It will be several months until a key consumer-protection provision of Hawaii’s overhauled foreclosure law can be used. But there has been one immediate impact: a freeze on many new foreclosures and auctions of homes owned by occupants. … Read more

National Home Prices Hit New Low in 2011 Q1 According to the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices

National Home Prices Hit New Low in 2011 Q1 According to the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices New York, May 31, 2011 – Data through March 2011, released today by Standard & Poor’s for its S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices, the leading measure of U.S. home prices, show that the U.S. National Home Price Index declined by … Read more

Falling Home Prices | Gee, The Banks Are (Still) Insolvent?

The Market Ticker – Gee, The Banks Are (Still) Insolvent? My gosh, how did that get out into the media?  You wouldn’t know it from the market today…. “If we do not see a meaningful recovery in home prices by the end of the year, we may need to contemplate impairment charges on first liens … Read more

We’re # 1 | Florida the Top State for Government Corruption

Ethics reform ignored by Florida lawmakers For all the major reforms Florida lawmakers took on this year, they failed to enact stronger ethics standards for public officials despite a rash of corruption cases from South Florida to Sarasota. The inaction is even more glaring in the wake of an unusual statewide grand jury last December … Read more