New Foreclosure Relief Program, H.E.M.P. is HIGHLY Ineffective

This kind of reminds me of the post on SERS, the Spouse Electronic Recording System. If you haven’t read that already, I suggest you do by clicking the link… It is HIGHLY entertaining…

But, before you do, check out the new foreclosure aid program below…


“I suppose for some it’s a very desperate act,” Sgt. Jim Gerhardt with the North Metro Drug Task Force said. “People are looking at a financial collapse and then they’re seeing how much money there is to be made in marijuana.”


Scheme: Grow Pot, Avoid Foreclosure

WESTMINSTER, Colo. (CBS4) – Prosecutors say a scheme preyed on people desperate to stay in their homes. Now five suspects are charged with offering to help, but only if those people grow marijuana in their homes.

Several of the suspects were in court on Thursday.

It was described as an act of desperation — a Westminster home was going into foreclosure. But Jeremy Ridens said he was offered a way out. He simply had to grow a lot of marijuana.

Matt Perrenoud was the man, Ridens claimed, who was making the offer. The deal outlined in court documents.

“All monies paid toward removing the home from foreclosure and the set-up of the grow operation would be paid back,” a court document said.

You can check out the rest with video here…

Let’s see who can come up with the best H.E.M.P. tag line in the comments…


15 Responses to “New Foreclosure Relief Program, H.E.M.P. is HIGHLY Ineffective”
  1. Pamela says:

    If we were to legalize weed and prostittution we could pay the Natl’ defict and have money left for a rainy day fund.The banksters gangsters don’t want it this way cause you guessed it they would have no control over it.Soooo lets do nothing at all .I mean after all nothing is always better than something!!!

  2. l vent says:

    Hydromania could be the next craze sweeping the nation.

  3. l vent says:

    Some say the cure for everything is in nature.

  4. l vent says:

    This will create some or those new ‘GREEN JOBS’ Obama talks about all of the time.

  5. When you cant win the Banksters not even in the courts (injustice) people would look for other measures to survive.

  6. l vent says:

    This article is a spoof, but this movement has been going on in the private sector for years. I don’t think they are doing it to pay the mortgage though, they are doing it to survive, Gotta do what you gotta do.

  7. housemanrob says:

    I need to see the spread sheets and profit margins, volumes, etc.

  8. TheHutMaster says:

    How about this one?


    “Fight The Good Fight”

  9. MAGGIE MAY says:

    I guess humor is needed on sunday morning!

  10. To Funny says:

    ” Going Green for our Neighborhood” hey we all need some way to reduce the stress of fighting foreclosure right?

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