TH EDITORIAL BOARD | Iowa AG Tom Miller Owes Explanation to the People RE Campaign Donations from Finance, Insurance and Real Estate Companies

Iowa AG owes explanation


Where We Stand
Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller’s campaign donations from contributors linked to Big Banks deserve explanation.

Maybe Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller has done nothing wrong in accepting campaign donations from finance, insurance and real estate companies. But the appearance, at face value, of a conflict of interest is so strong, Miller has more explaining to do.

Last fall, it was Miller who led the charge against Big Banks’ improper foreclosure practices. He led a task force of attorneys general from 10 states as well as four federal agencies to combat mortgage fraud and unethical lending. Miller was full of tough talk in the fall, but lately, he seems much more low-key about the pursuit of lenders who forced families out of their homes.

A report published last week by the National Institute on Money in State Politics suggests one reason Miller has eased off the accelerator has to do with a war chest full of big donations. Miller denies that.

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7 Responses to “TH EDITORIAL BOARD | Iowa AG Tom Miller Owes Explanation to the People RE Campaign Donations from Finance, Insurance and Real Estate Companies”
  1. C.V. says:

    It could be that the banks are behind the sudden revelations in a campaign to try to embarrass Miller. Just bec
    cause they suddenly made large contributions to his campaign while he was investigating the mortage industry doesn’t necessarily mean Miller has been corrupted by them. They’ll either buy him or try to ruin him if he doesn’t play ball.. Just because they tried to influence him doesn’t necessarily mean they did. We need to wait and see.

  2. Equity Free says:

    When the Corporate Elite run afoul of the law, they legalize the foul . Until the people say enough is enough & storm the Bastille,get used to in your face ,bold,brazen crimes . These AG’s lack any guts or courage to do the
    right thing . They sell out for peanuts . This new group of Legislators,got what they promised us , a job & a new home courtesy of the red,white & blue .
    Do not use any large out of town bank ,shop local,forget the big box stores,do not purchase tv,or ATT,drug thugs
    aka Pharma,buy Canada’s . Use mass transport,or bike,car pool. Use ER w least wait,time ,demand cost up front, cus you been uninsured, denied pre existing since the high Blood P that came a day after this mortgage
    abortion. …

  3. l vent says:


  4. tony says:

    I have a Question that does not have anything to do with this subject. Foreclosure has been filed (SC Judicial) nothing attached to the complaint . After interrogortorries and discovry , authenticate of docs , etc.. A lost note affidavit was produced , but it was an lost note from the original lender , to the servicer . The plaintiff in my case is a successor trustee to the trustee . HOw can a successor trustee go on the fact that they are the owner and holder of a note and mortgage by way of a lost note affidavit from the original lender to the servicer ? How would the assignments of the note take place with out the note? wouldn’t the servicer have to draw up another lost note to sell it to the despositor stating the note was lost?

  5. Jason Werner says:

    I can explain it for everyone in four words:

    He is a criminal.

    • Fury says:

      yeah. tom miller owes more than explanation to the people of his state. he owes an explanation to citizens of every state. he was trying to broker this lousy settlement deal that hurts all homeowners who were defrauded.

      tom miller, i’m listening…

      why did you say there would be arrests and their were none? why did you backtrack on everything?

      you big fat phony. get outta the way.

  6. l vent says:

    The Ponzi Scheme Heist could have never pulled off their swindle and heist without INSIDE HELP. JUST LIKE 9/11. THIS WAS A TREASONIST INSIDE JOB, TREASONIST INSIDE COVERUP. They are hiding in plain sight. The truth is out and now the emperor has no clothes.

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