Case Dismissed | Bank of America v Melissa Limato

Here is the order from yesterdays press release on NJ Court Dismisses Bank of America Foreclosure Complaint due to Violations: Bank of America Lacked Standing – Wells Fargo Violated Fair Foreclosure Act.



Bank of America v Melissa Limato

4 Responses to “Case Dismissed | Bank of America v Melissa Limato”
  1. OneSadBear says:

    They don’t fight back because you can’t beat the law when you have judges that are so narrow minded. Especially in a non-judicial state where judges think only one thing: you owe some money to somebody, somewhere. NOT!!!
    Plus, most people do not have the stamina it takes to stay in the fight.

  2. Javagold says:

    how every homeowner in foreclosure does not fight back vs, the banks for lack of standing is BEYOND ME

    MAKE THEM PROVE STANDING ……No one should be foreclosed ever again

    • pamelag says:

      I fought the law and the law won. GMAC (ally, duetsch,homecoming, ditech), cheated and won every step of the way. after the final judge covered his ears, I then ‘got it’. and this was over forced homeowners ins that I already had. I am not giving any judge a suitcase of $$$.

      • yvonne says:

        You can still overturn that with all the new info coming out about forced insurance…would love to review your case…what are the chances? It sounds familar…

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