The Florida Legislature has Legalized its Own Direct Bribery | It is Now Legal to Pay off the Florida Legislature

Does it EVER END???


One last chance to stop ‘leadership funds’

Excerpt from the report…

No matter what else this 2011 Legislature does, wise or unwise, it has done one thing that screams for attention.

It has legalized its own direct bribery.

It did this on March 24, when it voted to override former Gov. Charlie Crist’s veto of House Bill 1207 from the 2010 legislative session.

They have made it legal to pay off the Florida Legislature.

It is now legal for the leaders of both parties, in both chambers of the Legislature, to directly operate “leadership funds” that take unlimited contributions from those seeking favorable treatment.

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What’s next?

Disappearing bank legislation in return for principle reduction?

Oh, yea. Right. That already happened in Arizona…



HB 1207 2010 An Act Relating to Campaign Financing

7 Responses to “The Florida Legislature has Legalized its Own Direct Bribery | It is Now Legal to Pay off the Florida Legislature”
  1. John Anderson says:

    The corruption you see has always been with us, just not so bold faced. When election time comes the TV is filled with 30 second sound bites usually saying something negative about the person running against the person or party paying for the spot. No debates sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce or public television. And if they did few would watch, much less attend.
    Ignorance and apathy is the damnation of our society and the direct cause of where we find ourselves. People have lost faith in this system of ours, that used to be the envy of the world.
    Our politicians, on every level of City, State and Federal “especially federal” knows that they are elected by the number of negative spot ad’s that they can have played on television, and the number of positive billboards on themselves.
    If we want to clean up our system and improve it I have some suggestions.
    The people are going to have to start voting on issues, not just for representatives. The system we have was fine 100 years ago when state capitals was days of travel away and Washington was weeks.
    A bill was proposed and the representative would travel back to hear his constituents opinions of the legislation and conduct their own straw poll on the issue, and unless it strongly conflicted their own opinion, vote as the majority of their constituents were in favor of, as required by being THEIR REPRESENATIVE.
    To often now these legislators feel they only represent themselves and their sponsors. So maybe it should be like NASCAR, where they wear corporate labels on their coats, so we can see who owns them.
    I live in Pinellas County Florida, and we have a Board of County Commissioners that vote on issues, laws, and regulations. They get a vote and I should get a vote to. I do not live in the City of St Petersburg so I should not have a say in how they handle their affairs.
    The Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections is in charge of tallying the votes in Pinellas County, and it has a website and there it should be, that I can set up using my social security number and a 8 character password, I should be allowed to vote on the proposed motion, regulation, law or everything that they vote on.
    Ditto on the state house’s and federal house’s. If the people had a say in whats passed, most brainless and corrupt legislation would be stopped in it’s tracks.
    People tell me it wouldn’t work because most people are to lazy to study the issues, and would not vote, but under this plan it would not matter because if the voters rejected a proposal by 60% no matter how many voted, the bill or proposal would have to be set aside for 30 days before it could be voted on again. This would give the proponents of the action time to inform and educate the public to its benefits. If it fails to pass the 40% approval rate of the public, it could still pass into law, if our full time legislators feel that it’s the right thing to do. They will do so knowing the will of the people were against it. And if the public does not end up satisfied with the result, they know what to do with that official at election time.
    Of course it would require our federal legislatures to set this system up. And I think it could happen if enough people supported it, but were back to the ignorance and apathy thing.

  2. Lit Gant says:

    Figures never lie, but liars always figure!

  3. leapfrog says:

    Wow! Solidly 100% Republican who voted “yes” to bribery. Why does that not surprise me a bit.


    Crime does pay… My God, when does it stop?

    • more and more lies says:

      no wonder the foreclosures do not stop. i wonder how they get paid. do they get a % when a house is foreclosed and the insurance is collected? now we know why the foreclosures do not stop, i feel so alone getting these letters from wells fargo and i will still feel alone as i fight them in court. i hope we get justice before my home is taken out from under me.

    • Crime does pay in Florida when you have a government that consists of legislators who are the low class scums who are looking for the bucks on the side. Bribery is the name of their game and they are proud of it. On March 9, 2011 my daughter and I drove nearly 700 miles round trip to Tallahassee for the Rally. A hand full of people showed…disgusting if I must say so. We made large signs showing the ‘ tampering of the Note ” on her mortgage and we walked the halls of the Capitol and the Senate Bldg. That same day the Bankers Association were all there to suck the legislators with what they wanted from them and the courts. The Senate halls were crawling with the banksters….we held the signs for all to see. We also had an appointment with the Senator from our area to show her what fraud was going on and passing thru the courts. We took the time and money to fight these foreclosures but we were shocked that a few showed concerns to appear at the Rally.. Florida residents do not show concerns…with the massive count of foreclosures in this state there should have been a ‘ large ‘ crowd at the Capitol…and plenty of time was given to make plans to be there….so this failure to get involved only shows the legislators we are weak and they are strong….of course we are going to get ‘ the shit end of the stick.’…a handful of people are fighting this alone. Being silent does not make winners…it makes losers when one chooses to remain silent. So this bribery claus they now passed was wrote up and voted by the same scums who will receive cash….We had no choice, we had no vote to allow it, we had no control, …that my friends is what our government does…it shits on the people cause the people are silent……Michael Moore is right…we have lost everything but yet there have been no revolts.

    • When the people hit the streets…swarm the Capitol Bldg…..start demanding Justice…e-mail their Senators with the crap has gone on long enough….kind words are not the answer any more… to getting the message across…stop all dealings with the banks…. draw out all money…choke them….stop paying the house payments…..protests in front of the banks….riots are formed from people getting fed up with the government…look at the world…it goes alot further than just the Arab countries….the world is fed up. Silence only means the people are weak….so it will not stop until the people unite and demand that Justice be given to all citizens….and the fraudster banksters and the members in government doing favors for the banksters all pay for their actions…..only the people can end all crimes…but you must get involved to end it…….

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