MERS | Bristol County Board of Commissioners ask AG Martha Coakley About Possible Lawsuit Against Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems


Bristol County Board of Commissioners ask AG Martha Coakley about possible lawsuit against mortgage corporation

TAUNTON — The Bristol County Board of Commisioners voted unanimously Tuesday to send a letter to Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley expressing interest in pursuing litigation against Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc, commonly known as MERS, for skirting public recording laws.

MERS is a private network that is partly owned by Bank of America. The commissioners did not specify how much they are looking to recover. “It’d be really rough numbers,” said Commissioner John Mitchell. “We’d have to find out.”

The move comes after Essex County officials recently asked Coakley to consider suing MERS over the loss of real estate recording fees. The Essex County Register of Deeds, John O’Brien, said  his agency has lost upwards of $22 million in fees because of MERS.

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  1. l vent says:

    Yes sue these bastards out of existance!!!! DEATH TO THE U.N./NWO FOREIGN MULTINATIONAL TYRANNY!!! THEY CANNOT OWN OUR HOMES!!.!!! It is bad enough because of treasonist deals made in the 70’s by that American traitor tricky dicky Nixon, they hold almost all of our land in America in Fee Simple. We were all tricked into believing the U.S. Government backed these mortgage loans. It was really a foreign invasion and that was done very perniciously and incredibly deceptively and it was intentional. They fully intended to cause permanent harm to America. The proof is in the state of our economy. massive unemployment and loss of jobs and all of the fraudclosures. Clinton was all in on thisPONZI SCHEME too, when he signed the NAFTA AGREEMENT and the start of the HOUSING BOOM. GEORGE BUSH is a PERNICIOUS and INSIDIOUS LIAR too, and a CAPITALIST CRONYIST PIG. REPUBLICON, DEMORAT, NO DIFFERENCE, SAME FILTY ANIMAL!!! If you go to you tube and search for CNBC Illuminati Crashes the Stock Market, you can hear this is the TRUTH. They did this to America during the last Great Depression and they did it to America again. This is what they do, these evil bastards CALL IN ALL OF THE FAKE DEBT THEY CREATE AND CRASH ECONOMIES AND NATIONS. THEY DID THIS TO THE WEIMAR REPUBLIC. The U.S. Government should have NEVER allowed this to happen.This foreign tyranny that wore an American face wants to take America over without ever firing a shot. They want to bankrupt America and own it. They really don’t own shit. They are GREEDY LYING BASTARDS!!! They float alot of fake debt that is unsecure. That is what they do!!!!!!! We have a U.S. CONSTITUTION and an U.S. BILL OF RIGHTS that protects the American people from such a tyranny. Though this is a FOREIGN tyranny, it is a tyranny none the less. All of these Foreign Multlinationals posing as American Institutions need to go away, and they can START with the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK, BEN BERNANKE, TIMOTHY GEITHNER, AIG, GOLDMAN SUCKS,FANNIE FREDDIE AND ALL OF THE BIG BANKSTERS. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! Hank Paulson and Lloyd Blankfein should go to prison with them. They are all a part of the giant FOREIGN MULTINATIONAL TYRANNY OF FINACIAL TERRORISTS that were all in on giant PONZI SCHEME SWINDLE and HEIST!!!

  2. leapfrog says:

    Yes! I hope more and more county recorders hop on the anti-bankster/MERS bandwagon. I’m proud that my county recorder IS suing MERS. Preaching to the choir here, but if anyone has not done so yet, please write your county recorder and ask them whether they have sued MERS yet. If you get a lot of red tape, no answers or deer in the headlight looks/replies then contact your county board of supervisors. My rep got to the bottom of it and let me know that the recorder is aware and has already sued MERS. If enough of us write to our recorders and get them on this bandwagon we can sink the Titanic that is MERS that much faster.

    • l vent says:

      Great idea!!!! There is trillions of dollars of missing money because of these foreign crooks!! They swindled and robbed America blind. We The People have to let our Government know we are sick and tired of paying for all of the fraud because of massive corruption from the inside..

  3. maggie may says:


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