BAM! | Judge Campbell Chastises Foreclosure Mill Law Firm Chiefs Roy Diaz and Marshall Watson

Ouch, that’s gotta sting…

Judge chastises foreclosure law firm chiefs

TAMPA — St. Petersburg foreclosure court judge Pamela Campbell is fed up with foreclosure law firms’ errors and missed hearings.

So today, she ordered the heads of two major law firms that handle foreclosures on behalf of banks to show up in her Pinellas County courtroom to explain themselves.

It didn’t matter that they’re based in Ft. Lauderdale.

Roy Diaz, Of  Smith, Hiatt & Diaz and Marshall Watson, of the firm Marshall C. Watson both appeared before Judge Campbell, who asked them about problematic foreclosure documentation and reports of their firm sending homeowners to the wrong courthouse.

“Go to your basic roots of when you were in law school,” she said, chastising the lawyers.

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And they begged her honor for forgiveness…


8 Responses to “BAM! | Judge Campbell Chastises Foreclosure Mill Law Firm Chiefs Roy Diaz and Marshall Watson”
  1. Veritas says:

    HAH! They are STILL doing it using Nationstar Mortgage as a foreclosure entity and via their new names, Choice Legal Group, P. A.

  2. ldynps says:

    Judge Pamela Campbell is a joke! She allowed false, forged and illegal documents created to clean up the shit David Sterns filed and did nothing to help me, the homeowner…she is bought and paid for by the banksters and is not a Judge of ethics…if I had more money to waste on this CRIME, I would sue this woman and get her off the bench…she helps no homeowners….just clearing off her calander…she should be thrown out of Florida for the lives she has ruined to protect her bank friends!

  3. John Anderson says:

    It can all work out IF judges follow the law. Attorneys who are officer’s of the court have had to be reminded by the bar and the state supreme court that they should ck their facts, as to the party suing has the right to, and to check before bringing the case to court, and the bar felt it necessary to remind attorneys that they should not lie.
    The fraudulent documents “Affidavits & Assignments of Mortgage” that have been used by some law firms, have been proven not only robo-signed, but forged signatures of individuals, claiming to be vice presidents of large banks, attorney’s in fact, and a host of undocumented titles, transferring assignment’s of mortgage, after the entity has closed it’s business, or been ordered closed in the states they operated out of. This is serious. This is wide scale fraud upon the court, and a felony, on those who have done it.
    As to Pam Bundi’s efforts in squeezing 2 million dollars out of a bloated firm, means nothing to me.
    I sent here this e-mail that her office has not confirmed they received.

    Dear Pam Bondi,
    I am upset by your lighthanded approach to the fraud that banks and foreclosure law firms have so far gotten away with in this state.
    As the chief law enforcement officer in Florida, and a member of the Florida Bar, your duty is clear. To do anything less than full prosecution on those who would, fabricate, and use fraudulent documents in court proceedings is a violation of your oath as a officer of the court, and Attorney General of the state of Florida.
    We are in troubled times, and the public needs to know that the law applies to all, great and small. If rule of law, is perceived as rule of the rich, then civil unrest and revolution will be the result.
    Do you think Judge Judy would rule in favor of a plaintiff or defendant who produced a fraudulent document to win their case? NO! because it would violate the”CLEAN HANDS DOCTRINE” that no relief shall be granted to a party who engages in unlawful activity.
    I ask that you do your duty.

    I urge everyone to send a e-mail fax, or letter to her.

    Watch the Oscar wining documentary “INSIDE JOB” and you will see why.
    Thanks for reading.

    • anthony says:

      Pam Bondi is a JOKE her office does nothing to assist floridians she is a total
      escape artist

  4. AliceN.Wunderland says:

    Thank you Judge Campbell Few are the Leaders, may you have many followers.

  5. Jason Werner says:

    Wow, I like that pot calling the kettle black. Nice. Thank You Jesus for those two losers battling it out with each other and falling into their own nets.

  6. Lit Gant says:

    Hot digity dog. Pamela acted like a fair judge for a change. Go girl. Now how about some sanctions to get their attention?

  7. anthony says:

    why wasn’t david j stern called he is worst then the two of those I know both of those guys and they are
    angels compared to them , why is he fetting away with evertyhing he has done to his employees two deaths
    from him already, lies , doesn’t pay his bills , menace to South Florida when is he going to get his Bin Stern,
    Hitler Stern he needs to be dealt with first

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