Michele Reagan | A Case of Persistence and Compromise

You all remember Michele and SB1259, the foreclosure bill that she so easily gave up on because she didn’t think it had a chance, right?

Well, it’s’ too bad she didn’t fight for it like she did for this bill…

Reagan’s tobacco bill: A case of persistence and compromise

One bill signed into law this session is a textbook example of persistence, compromise, and how legislation sometimes ends up not too far from what it intended in the first place.

Early in the session, Sen. Michele Reagan, R-Scottsdale, introduced a bill that aimed to increase the penalty for minors who use a fake ID to purchase tobacco products and prohibit the manufacture of “blunt wraps,” which are intended to be used by consumers to roll their own tobacco cigars, but also can be filled with marijuana instead.

Then the article goes on to say…

The measure’s evolution affirms the nature of the Arizona Legislature – deliberative and wary of big and sweeping changes, preferring instead incremental movements.

But the bill survived because Reagan didn’t give up, even when the odds were stacked against her.

Actually, she thought the bill would easily sail through.

“It was funny, because I thought the blunt wrap issue was going to be fine,” Reagan said.

It turned out to be anything but.

You can check out the article in full here…

Funny how this is seems to be the exact opposite approach than the way she handled SB 1259…

But then again, she wasn’t being sued by the tobacco companies…



3 Responses to “Michele Reagan | A Case of Persistence and Compromise”
  1. Readdocs says:

    She fights to win over tobacco used by minors, yet let go of the one that protects consumers who buy a
    defective product (no clear title). The flags never went down for me, because she didn’t make a sound when it was killed. She’s a rat.

  2. Gregory says:

    everyone should be calling her office from around the USA to let her know this will be her last term, We will be happy to donate to her next opponent..

  3. noel poe says:

    wow, so glad arizonans are safe from the scourge of the blunt rolling menace. maybe she should’ve expected more of a problem because that’s one of the most retarded big government intrusions i’ve ever heard of. like oh god, now that they can only get regular rolling papers, the reefer madness will end! luckily out on their ass homeowners can still buy over the counter sudafed and scrip oxycodone in arizona, of course…

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