PBC Chief Judge Peter Blanc Responds to Lisa Epstein RE The Courts Belong to the People

In response to Fraudclosure | Open Letter to PBC Chief Judge Peter Blanc RE The Courts Belong to the People of Florida.


Response to Lisa Epstein RE The Courts Belong to the People



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  1. l vent says:

    Non-judicial foreclosures should be ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND ILLEGAL BY THE U.S. SUPREME COURT. Non-judicial foreclosures are as big of a sham as MERS. Who could have imagined in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, where WE THE PEOPLE are supposed to be living under the U.S. CONSTITUTION, some scummy,filthy dirtbag legislators could have created and had a law passed that would allow an unsecured debt and an unknown entity to steal a persons home without showing proof of standing to foreclose or proof of ownership of the note.. Even in judicial states they have gotten away with this rampantly in the beginning of the manufactured financial crisis. This is about no more and no less than Global Domination by an elite group of real sickos. They fully intend to kill the U.S. DOLLAR and then usher in their shitty FRAUDULENT one world currency to enslave mankind and create nothing but debt for ALL. NOT IN AMERICA!!!!!! AMERICA IS NOT BROKE!!!!!! DEATH TO THE FOREIGN FASCIST TYRANNY!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

  2. JamesM says:

    I think it is a friendly and reasonable reply.
    You have drawn his attention to the matter and he is doing what he can to cure the situation, by providing a video feed and/or moving the court room.
    I don’t know if the other one is any bigger, or has better access, or space out side.

    The only thing the court could have done is sort the cases by defense law firm, so all the ICE cases are 9-11 and the next defense law firm’s cases against Stern 11-12 or something. This would reduce the number of defense attorneys who need to be in court during any one hour. The other option is to spread the Stern counsel hearings out over a couple more days.

    The court is correct to require a motion for substitution of counsel, and is going a bit beyond when requiring an authorized representative of the Plaintiff to attend.

    Instead of complaining people with Sterns cases should have been bringing motions to dismiss with P, which would probably have not been answered or opposed and which would probably would have been granted. Exploit the confusion on the other side.

    I wonder how this matter is being handled in other circuit courts.

    • Binkey says:

      I am glad that some states courts belong to the people, because in Colorado they are bought and paid for. I was asked to submit a response to a letter the Broker-Jauan Harris, wrote to courts regarding her Predatory Lending allegations, and they in turn accepted my response but rewrte my response and I have a copy of that. I have dealt with two neighbors one who owns Pulbic Realty-Vern Harris (notice placed on door offering money for me to move), and another one who lives across the alley Dolly at 2830 Forest St. They continuously enter my home and can override my security system, Vern comes into my home to take back the statements (forge by the courts) out of my records and leaves a document in reference to a Congress person that I was corresponding regarding the matter. The date again on the document which was accompanied by no envelope or no other documentation but was in perfect order had never been folded or handled until put in a file other documents from attorney. Who sent me that particular document signed and stamped by the courts (my response to Brokers’ letter). To make matters worse there is another issue that people aren’t even aware of but will be Oh so Surprised when it does finally surface because it pertains to an Health issue. The matter is much bigger than we all know…enough said on the matter. But please read Mortgage.Orb and look at the discussion they are having regarding Mortgage Fraud/Foreclosure….We again, need to hit our leader at the polls. We need to vote both Republican and Democrats out office. Tell anybody you know that is trying to make home purchase for personal use or as investment property to stand down. DO NOT BUY, the banks are making it tough, so we need to Flex our Power…..Show them that we do have some control in all of this. We need to be accountable, in knowing that we bought the Bait, and that was to refinance or do what in order to end up in situations like this. I know that I have but I was not a person who was not willing to pay…..After being on a job for 33 years, but with one agency for 23 years, made them 1.7 million dollars with all kinds of ideas, and input. In which I was never rewarded for….slavery at its best just in a different format….Do not put the same leaders as we call them back in Office. We are the People, and without us they could not be. Hold your monies in credit unions and not in banks…..Go to the Polls in 2012 and vote them out of office, rather they have 4 years, 8 years, or 12 years…..Talk about change let’s make it happen…..Let them know that we will no longer sit back and lister to all the b.s. What we want to know is the truth….If we had received the stimuluis monies that was given to the banks, the USA would not be in the situation they are in today. The economy would have been stimulated because we would have paid our homes off. And would be paying the Government today. Last but not least, please go on the internet and find out who wrote the laws into place, that allowed the monies to used for the purpose of refinancing our homes…..Put those people out of office as well….From the top to the bottom, bottom to the top….that includes them all. We don’t want to know about Osma Bin Lauden and if he is dead….our lives are being stripped away from us, fighting for something that was not our business in the first place….or was it???? I mourn for all that was lost in the nine one-one issue, however, Enron ran it’s game right after, or was it going down before and we needed a diversion. Look at this all with BIG Eyes and just imagine if that one time in our lives had been different and here we are almost 10 years later and we are worse off then we have ever been. Vote these people out of office in 2012, let’s change together and together we can change the world. Let’s not point any fingers but look at who the real culprits are and do something about it…I believe that charity starts at home….why are we somewhere else taking care of somebody else and we have not taken care of home first and foremost.

      We are the People, and we continue to vote the same people in our office and trust them as our leaders…..Please let’s change together….Vote 2012 Election…..we know what has happened over the last 6 years……Let’s make the next six years about and for the People…..The real taxpayers in America. If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything!!!

      Talk about change…..Let’s make some….the power is in our hands..

  3. Equity Free says:

    Dan, spot on nothing is of higher importance to the states or the country . Wall Street gambled and won , they knew that their products were defective , but they knew they were guaranteed by the full faith of the USA . That
    be us the TAX PAYERS . The mortgage insurers who were the insurers to those that could not come up with 20% down who had skin in the game, were well capitalized, regulated as are insurers and around from the 50’s were telling regulators as early as 2003 that lenders were piggy backing a 1st & a 2nd mortgage allowing the borrower to buy with out any skin in the game . The private lender also had no skin in the game , because of the guaranty by GOV. Thus they could bet the house and win and they did , as of today no major player indictments . The MI’s did a 2nd underwriting because they are the first to lose ( pay ) when it defaults, and it is their money in the game . Bottom line is “administative and criminal fraud” has occurred and continues with out elected or non elected officials doing a thing but sweeping it out of day light , damage control mode . Keep spreading the truth , fraudclosures , they are getting hit from both sides now .
    Thanks Lisa & Co

  4. Fury says:

    i have an “option” for your Honor;
    call off all of these fraudulent foreclosures! pronto!

    you don’t have the “luxury” of focusing all your resources on foreclosure cases?

    please step down if that is how you feel.

    the florida courts are tied up in almost ALL foreclosure cases due to the massive fraud that has been committed by the banks and their henchmen, the servicers,
    f/c mills and sewer service rats.

    no excuses, your Honor. please.

    we want the “luxury” of justice.
    we want the “luxury” of staying in our homes and protecting our families from the criminals who have committed this fraud against us.

    this is like a Kafkaesque nightmare!

    thank you, lisa epstein and michael redman and all those who fight for defrauded homeowners!

  5. see says:

    Ok, he dictates a letter and explains himself. I’ll give him that. But this judge can’t be so naive not to sign the letter himself knowing that it would be published for all to see. Or is he??

  6. indio007 says:

    Signed in judge’s absence? ROFLMAO! By who ? Linda Green?

    • anthony says:

      how ironic…if that isn’t an FU I don’t know what is what a joke

    • incognito123 says:

      Yes TRUST him, he is just SO honest, or she, or whoever. . . . . . . . he probably has POA for the trustee of the VP of MERS, or something like that. . . . ..

  7. Dan Scarborough says:

    I would ask someone to officially notify the chief judge that the most “challenging criminal case” under his jurisdiction is the corporate-driven and systemic fraud that is being perpetrated upon (his) court(s) by the banks who have conspired to pillage the citizen homeowners of Florida and every other state in the union. It is incumbent upon him that he address this issue as something other than an “administrative issue” as he and other courts are doing.

    The aggregate value of the fraud against all of the citizens Florida (and other states) far surpasses that of a statutorially-defined felony and criminal cases should be pressed for every individual case of foreclosure fraud.

    If that is not enough, this (his) and every local court should investigate the high probability that an “administative and criminal fraud” has been effectively committed against the title laws of every county in this nation. That fraud will affect our nation for generations unless and until a full remediation of the associated records is completed.

    • anthony says:

      With all due respect there needs to be designated Judges that can listen to Foreclosure cases
      only these are people’s lives granted the other cases are extremely important too this Fraudclosure
      issue is of dire importance and IMHO people have been treated like cattle . David Stern ‘s cases
      need time and need to be looked at with a fine eye and the HomeOwner needs to do their homework to catch the flaws because there will be flaws sometimes as a HomeOwner being Foreclosed upon
      comes to the courts with hope they cannot put all that responsibility on the court we cannot be naive
      anymore we realize now the courts are not our friends the banks are not our friends if you have your case with STERN JUST know he does not know as much as you think he does he lost very valuable
      comrades that knew everything he lost the woman behind the curtain
      The Attorneys were fresh out of school and were trained the STERN way be strong and stand up for yourself and it will be a victorious day for you he ran his office on lies when you called his office
      you thought you were calling a REAL law office if you only knew what was on the other end of the phone
      an ex hamburger flipper ( no offense it is a legitimate job ) just remember your file has lies in it wrong time line dates, robo signed , no docs this is all against the law you have the truth behind you know that always . It is all not what it seems ….do not give yourpower AWAY to the court, the Judge or to STERN

      • jzseeker says:

        We do not have control of “the power”. Kudos to both parties for communicating in a meaningful way. LISA EPSTEIN – keep up the direct pressure! WOW! Send an open letter to folks at FEDERAL EXPRESS – no wait – that is the other company that operates for profit – I meant the Federal Reserve.

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