NY Times | Budget Cuts Imperil Aid in Foreclosure Cases

Budget Cuts Imperil Aid in Foreclosure Cases

In the large immigrant community of Jamaica, Queens, which is ground zero of New York City’s foreclosure crisis, a small squad of young lawyers fans out to local courts every day to do battle with lenders, negotiate hard-fought changes to onerous loans and provide free legal representation to low-income homeowners about to lose their homes.

Now, however, the anti-foreclosure team itself is facing foreclosure.

The state’s budget squeeze has put at risk more than 120 legal aid and homeowner-counseling agencies across the state that have provided a last-ditch legal and economic lifeline to thousands of distressed homeowners.

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  1. more and more lies says:

    hey guess we are the only one reading these important posts toay. seems like we the victims are getting fudged from both ends cant win. they want their insurance money and these legal aid lawyers are in the way. so they made a deal with ny , the banks< stop legal aid so we can get aour insurance money and we will be so generous to either give you money or modify your homes. i bet we will see alot more contibutions to campaigns and mods of our leaders. miller was paid off for sure watch the body language in this video. no eye contact with camera or very little. no encouragement to those of us struggling. amazing


    we may have to do some study about the revolutionary war

    to find out to fix things. remember those people faught england and won i guess we need to go barbaric and start tar and feathering these banksters

  2. JIm Bethea says:

    I admire these attorneys & others efforts to help the homeowners while calling-out the fraud that is inter-locked with all of these checkbook entry alleged loans. The banks lend none of their money and create the funding via the consumer’s promissory notes. The big banks know exactly what they are doing and by law it is considered “contructive fraud”……..when they endorse your notes and create a bank account which is unknown to the consumer it is called “constructive forgery”……….and in doing the afore mentioned, they are “receiving commissions while acting as an agent to these self-created accounts”………which is a RICO statute….

    Good luck to the ones that are spotting the fraud and making it known to the unsuspecting public……….I love it…Jimbo

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