Another MERS Mess | Grandson Inherits House from Deceased Grandma, Finds Out it was Foreclosed Illegally


Hundreds of homeowners, just in Ingham County, have been illegally foreclosed upon, according to the Court of Appeals

Nick Reeser’s love for his grandma is written all over him.

“Grandma was a huge tigers fan, this is a tribute to her,” he said, pointing to a still-healing “D” tattoo on his leg.

When she died just weeks ago, she left him her house. So he went to the Register of Deeds’ office to get a copy of the deed and mortgage.

“He finds out when he got here there had been a foreclosure on his grandmother’s house the last few months before she passed away,” said Curtis Hertel, Ingham County Register of Deeds.

“Nobody was notified, my grandma was in no mental or physical state to make decisions on it,” said Reeser.

To make matters worse, it was a MERS foreclosure, one of 469 just in Ingham County deemed illegal by the Court of Appeals.

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6 Responses to “Another MERS Mess | Grandson Inherits House from Deceased Grandma, Finds Out it was Foreclosed Illegally”
  1. Yes property violations rights the core of the American Freedom are being violated by the thousands and crime comited every single day by Bankster…but nobody goes to Jail, Banks Oligarchy

  2. JIm Bethea says:

    I think MERS should be shut-down immediately — the owners which are the top 29 too big to fail banks and land title companies should be indicted for “constructive fraud” in creating this illegal cartel —-

    Next the Federal Reserve should be abolished for distroying the US economy & banking system — and the NY Fed Res should be immediatley closed down for attempting to get congress to make MERS legal????

    Maybe Al Capone should have been friends to the Fed Res cartel — they might could have figured a way to make his ongoing crimes legal………

  3. angry & NOT TAKING IT! says:

    agreed.. so sue the as pro per.. not only is it you[or ] HIS right.. it is a DUTY!!!! sue the bastards.
    we have allowed these criminal lawyer vermin run of the farm , now they must be eradicated !

  4. Pamela says:

    If she was incapable of making decision especially in regards to her house I’ say a lawyer is the order of the day.The terrible part of this is it just shows to what lengths these nut cases will go to to foreclose on a house.Wow America anybody awake out there or what?

    • Bust them! says:

      Lawyer? They are on the take. How do you get a lawyer who cannot be bribed or intimidated into stealing your money and turning on you? Lawyers are the protection racket for the fraud racket.

      • TheHutMaster says:

        Now now, that is NOT TRUE @Bust them.
        Our Firm works very hard to protect our homeowners.

        A well studied Law Firm is the only defence.

        “Fight The Good Fight”

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