Protester Handcuffed at JPMorgan Chase Shareholder Meeting

Protester handcuffed at JPMorgan Chase shareholder meeting

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Shareholders trying to get into JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s annual meeting held Tuesday in this midwestern city were greeted by heavy security and over 400 protesters shouting slogans outside every entrance.

At least one person was handcuffed after a group of about 400 protestors marched up Chase’s property and placed a sign on a raft floating in a pond in the bank’s premises. The sign read: “Foreclosed: Chase sinks our economy.”

Police had each entrance blocked ahead of the meeting, as protesters gathered in the rain and cold chanting slogans such as “Make Banks Pay” and carried signs that said: “Chase gets rich, we lose homes, jobs, services.” At least 20 police cruisers circled the building.

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  1. LUCY says:

    :0) IM GOING:)

  2. LUCY says:


  3. LUCY says:

    The crooked cops that gave me fake for no good reason tickets in lake helen wont or havent been eating donuts……..dey be eating excrement!!!!

  4. LUCY says:

    No end! but the alignement of planets in full moon may cause some disasters i feel with water maybe next 10 days u see whats happening here with floods and colombia! I hope Im wrong!

  5. l vent says:

    I have been hearing the end of the world is predicted to be coming this Sunday. No doubt another NWO created distraction. They are always up to something sneaky.

  6. LUCY says:

    what in the world did they do with their money? I hear my dad saying Pilfered it lol!

  7. LUCY says:

    Well see how i see it is i once put up my house to help an ingrate make bond! Imagine what i would do for a person i really love!! I assue they cant help their people anymore because god fixed it where they would all fall together as is to level the playing field! That and some things you tell me makes me feel they are broke!

    • Chris Henricks says:

      We need to get this organized. We need to stay focused on easy to understand math to show how the banks are screwing with ALL of us, We might want to tap into the Baby Boomers (ME) who are already mad as hell about Social Security threats that the government is making and show how all of this is connected.

      We need a 60’s Anti- War type demonstration. (DEMON- stration!)
      1. Set up web-site with a way to collect donations and add affiliated organizations.
      2. Get the word out and let the sate community groups organize their own transportation.
      I will help!

      Chris Henricks

  8. Snowstorm A.K.A. Susan M. DeSimone says:

    We need to form the BIGGEST PROTEST in our history. We need to go to the WHITE HO– USE, and sleep there till we get our homes back. Picket with signs, chant with songs and get the NEWS MEDIA there to report, that the people are not going to take it anymore. I’m sure we could get a million or two. Each state needs to get the people out. How do we get a nation of people to pick a date? and LETS ROLL. Rent buses, sell tickets, pack lunches, set up tents, and megaphones. It’s our LEGAL right to PICKET. I see the American people as being PASSIVE and we just accept what they dish out. Right now, the property laws for each and every state can not enforce these foreclosures. But, it’s being done. It will be TOO LATE when the BANKSTERS
    have the laws rearranged to allow for FRAUDULENT DOCUMENTS. The 400 at the shareholders meeting is a start, but we need 100,000 at these meetings to make the STATEMENT. We could take turns and shifts, so as to keep the PROTESTORS there for weeks, or for as long as it takes.

    • Fury says:

      but how do we do we organize it?

      the protest in madison was WAY under reported in the media.

      the news media would wait until protesters returned to their homes or hotels for the night and THEN they would do a live report. the crowds at that time of night were a fraction of what they were during the daytime.

      the media was misrepresenting the sheer number of protesters.

      i would like a protest that fills of the washington mall but also one that could be nationwide for those who can’t afford to travel to washington, dc.

      we have been scammed. our money has been stolen.

      we can’t afford many of things that we used to be able to afford.
      we have been beaten down and robbed.

      • l vent says:

        You are right about the being broke part, We could do this nationwide at our State Capitals like they did in Madison all on the same date..

      • Fury says:

        my capitol is too far away.
        we need a protest where people can stay home (if they still have one, that is)
        and do it all at once.

      • LUCY says:

        Good idea!

      • l vent says:

        You are right Fury, besides if they find out we are all out of our homes that day, they might send the jack-booted thugs around to change the locks.

    • l vent says:

      Let’s do it! Susan!! When do you want to do the protest???? Name the date, we will all spread the word. Rounding up a couple million defrauded homeowners should be a cinch!

      • angry & NOT TAKING IT! says:

        be sure you take your planning offline. try landline phones for as long as possible.
        dont believe you have any privacy -YOU DONT.
        emerge with a date and other relevant info.
        THEN flood ALL social media networks with the details ALL THE CHANNELS AT 1 TIME.

      • Snowstorm A.K.A. Susan M. DeSimone says:

        Did some research, and we will need permits to hold a MARCH/ PROTEST. This is in Washington DC. Then you pick the date and the location. On the mall. See, the banks are FEDERAL, and we will do better and will get more attention in DC. However, every state CAPITAL will also work. We need to find a HEAD LINER. Some well known person to speak and draw attention. At first ….we could reach out to the people from each state FREE through CRAIGS LIST.
        We could also try to find an ATTORNEY who would agree to file a FEDERAL CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. If we could get a million people involved, and we all contributed just $10.00 each, we could generate 10 million dollars. We can be successful on our own, and we would be much more demanding. I will keep researching. WE could pay for all we need , through the funds that are collected. The monies could be sent to a credit union on account for the RALLY, to apy for buses and expenses. Kepp up the fight. I am, still waiting for the Indianapolis Judge to rule. Will keep you informed, as to my results.

      • l vent says:

        You go girl!! Let us all know!!

  9. LUCY says:

    How bored can those morons be hahaha!!! no pun intended!!!

  10. l vent says:

    Don’t forget to check out the latest Keiser report. Max has a great guest on today from and they are discussing the mortgage fraud. Max’s guest said that the U.S. Government is doing a Ponzi Scheme with securities and there is a financial war going on between China, the Euro and the dollar. The first economy to tank will be the loser. Who ever is the last nation standing will be the winner. Interesting. I am going with the greenback. If we go down. Who will save them from the NWO tyrannts?

  11. Fury says:

    where the next shareholders meeting will be held…

    you just can’t escape angry. defrauded homeowners. no matter how hard you try.

  12. l vent says:

    Dimon should have been the one handcuffed and taken away by the cops. What an outrage!

  13. Fury says:

    this was my favorite part:

    the protestor inside the shareholders meeting asking dimon,
    “Do you believe in the same God I believe in?”

    Dimon answered: “That’s a hard one to answer.”


    he was probably thinking to himself, “is Satan considered a god?”

    hence the hesitation.

  14. Dan says:

    Every protester should have called the police and reported their homes had just been stolen!!!!

    • l vent says:

      You are right Dan, these people should file police reports, that then get referred to the States Attorneys office.

  15. Readdocs says:

    Was SEIU involved in this protest?

  16. JM says:

    Just Had Our Home STOLEN from us in Bonner County Idaho by Chase. The funny thing.. it said that US BANK was bene and was foreclosing and then suddenly good ole THOMAS REARDON fabricates a document that says he COULD testify and that Chase has had in its possession and has controlled the note all along. Judge did not want to hear about it. Going to the next level. Case not done yet. But they think it is. Sale date not until July… but judge ordered it. AND can you believe the ? attorney, who already sold his soul to the devil for Chase had the nerve to state he had the note on him in front of the judge but did not present it, nor did the judge ask him to. What kind of judicial system is that? Had three short sale offers as well and the Greedy Bankster Negotiatiors were playing games with those as well, as well as the ? attorney for Chase. There is NO DUE PROCESS in State Court, at least in Idaho from what we can tell. Next Steps To Begin Shortly… I will keep you posted… but it is not in STATE COURT IN IDAHO. MERS Involved here as well.

    • Bryan says:

      They all will wake up when we the people who have been screwed over, come out and take action.
      Time to stand together as one. We all need to protest together across the nation. F- – -k the Judges, law enforcment, all of them. THEY HAVE DESTROYED OUR NATION. Would love to beat the shit out of a judge. Tie his white ass up with his black robe. Then drag his ass down to the banks main office.
      Now show me the paperwork Mr Bankster. They are all dirty, the whole country is a sewer. Nothing what the fathers of america ever envisioned. Hate to say it, cant wait until the economy blows up.
      I will have the wepons needed to survive, and i will make sure i visit the big wigs homes to take what i need . Food, and what ever else the fat cats stole from the working man before out sourcing jobs.

      • BRYAN…I think you have alot of company in your thinking…more so than you may think…people have been driven to hatred….never know when or where this hatred will explode….certainly not a good way to live each day…..but I saw the fires of a riot years back….not happy memories….but the conditions of corruption has gotten out of control…and the abuse of the citizens is a disgrace to our country. Those guilty know who they are….. one has to be responsible for their own actions.and wrong doings. And those who are the victims have a right to seek revenge….SAD…BUT THERE HAS BEEN PLENTY OF TIME GONE PAST FOR THIS GOVERNMENT TO COME TO THE PLATE AND THEY HAVE NOT SHOWN THEIR FACES. THEY HAVE MADE EVERYONE VICTIMS….EVEN THOSE NOT IN FORECLOSURE.

      • Bloodshot says:

        Yep! Well I’m getting ready to take on the BANKSTER’S in court to keep them from stilling my home after destroying my good name and selling it off and then portray me a worthless debt evader. Which for the record I had never missed a payment nor ever late with one until BofA told me to miss three payments before they can talk with me about a loan mod. (but what they where realy saying was that I would have to be three payments behind before they can steel my house.) I geuss our feeble but honest little minds cannot comprehend such complex BANKER BABBLE and this is some how all our falt? We are being finacialy gangraped and terrorized by the BANKSTER and the corupt political corperation for which they stand. It is WE THE PEOPLE OF THE CONSTITUTION FOR WHICH WE STAND! If the courts are corrupt and do not stand by the people then they to should be hung till dead. If they will serv no justice then we the people must. I will defend my name with blood they can have the house but they can’t take away my rights. They will have to kill me in my frontroom while rapped in an American Flag. I will not go without a fight. If they want blood they will get it. I dare the M**Fr’s I have nothing else to lose except the cold nites out on the streets homeless. At least it will make the news and just mabe it will wake the nation up. So FUCKING DIE BANKSTER! Ha Ha Ha next thay’l call me a domestic terrorist. (translation) A PATRIOT fighting for the rights of freedom truth and justice for all honest people everywhere. Sometimes to stop the madness you have to get dammad. Any other patriot warriors out there? Its time to get out the pitchforks and torches boy’s

    • l vent says:

      JM, file a police report, tell the police the criminlas who stole your home never showed the original note in court to prove they were the party in due course. That police report will then get sent to the State’s Attorneys office for investigation. Don’t give up! You have rights and there are laws that protect you under the U.S. CONSTITUTION and THE U.S. BILL OF RIGHTS, strict property laws and federal laws such as RICO. I think what they did to you was highly deceptive and illegal and unconstitutional to say the least.

    • Snowstorm A.K.A. Susan M. DeSimone says:

      JM, File a Complaint/ Lawsuit and make every claim possible. I am submitting my Complaint in New Jersey this Friday. I am using “AB– USE OF PROCESS” and violations of the “FEDERAL DEBT COLLECTIONS ACT”, plus violations in the FFA (FEDERAL FORECLOSURE ACT). If the lender can not prove the proper legal standing, through a VALID/LEGAL list of ASSIGNMENTS in TITLE, no bank , or MERS has authority to foreclose. They have to prove the debt., as in the (real party holding the interest in your property) and no one even knows who the HELL that is. Too bad for them. You do not owe them any monies. You need to file in the FEDERAL DISTRICT COURT. I am suing the foreclosure attorneys for trying to foreclose with their pathetic fraudulent robo-signed documents. My motto is: File with every law that may apply? If you throw enough shit on the wall, some of it will stick. Just do it. Ask for your mortgage to be RESCINDED and file for QUIET TITLE. FIGHT!

  17. Bryan says:

    Chase must have had FREE DONUTS for that many police to be at that building.

    • Mrs Doutfire says:

      shrimp and lobster as well inside that WE PAID FOR!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LUCY says:


      • more and more lies says:

        i am from florida near the BP oil spill why with the lowered tourism in flooida last year and the resulting under employment why are they still foreclsoe on people in thiis area we do not have a choice. it is not like we chose to be under employed. now a year after the spill i have 2 job interviews this week. i am to far in default (manufactured by wells fargo) for a mod i need a peincipal reduction to survive. this a sad day for america

    • COFFEE TOO….they are known all over the country….to find a cop go to the donut shop…safest place to the Donut Shop..always cops there getting freebies.

      • Bloodshot says:

        Hey thats not funny. I heard a donut shop got robbed. The crooks got away with alot of dough and shot holes in all the donuts. They where finaly appreahanded they where found to be the henchmen for a bank that was trying to intimidate the shop owner in a foreclosure. During the trial the judge just glazed over the facts and let the perps. go free. Later the judge was found in his chamber with a giant bag of maplebars. It go’s to show you that a donut can’t excape the long arm of the law.

      • LUCY says:


    • Bloodshot says:

      I once got out of a speeding ticket for a cream filled donut.(Truth!) So why would’nt they turn there backs while someone steels your house if they where offered a dozen? Do you think the cops would protect them if they where foreclosing on donut shops?

    • Bloodshot says:

      What do you call twenty police cruiser circling a biulding? A donut manuver. Ha! Ha! Like pigs in a blanket a Bankers snuggle. Aint they cute?

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