Deutsche Bank, Akerman Senterfitt Wants Revenge, Files Fraudulent Default Against Lynn Szymoniak’s Son

I warned you people to knock this off… Do you have no souls? Do you always have to cheat, lie and intimidate to win? One day you are going to piss off the wrong person that has nothing left to lose… From our friends over at Deutsche Bank Retaliates Against 60 Minutes Homeowner by … Read more

Karl Rove on Robo-signing, Fraudclosures and a Bank Settlement, “Justice and the state attorneys general are demanding $20 billion for sloppiness”

But Justice and the state attorneys general are demanding $20 billion for sloppiness, which they will then be able to hand out to voters—and potential supporters. The money won’t come from the banks; it will come from their customers, millions of whom will pay more in fees and interest and will, in some cases, be … Read more

Deadbeats? | Rick Scott to Florida’s Courts, Live Within Your Means

“This is a question of the courts being able to live within their means” “We’ve got a budget and we’ve gotta stick to it.” ~ Welcome to the club guys! So, you know the order we posted about the Florida courts not hearing foreclosure trials after July 1st 2011 cause they are broke? Well, it … Read more

Lee County, 20th Circuit Court of Florida Responds to ACLU Petition for Writ of Prohibition

My favorite quote from their response… “In cases where the defendants do appear and defend, the liability issue is usually straightforward and summary judgment is often appropriate to determine if the mortgage has been paid. And the amount of the judgment in a foreclosure action is a “liquidated” sum, making it appropriate for disposition on … Read more

Justice No More | Chief Judge Victor Tobin, Marshall C Watson and Fraudclosures

Justice No More Since 2008 I have been appalled at the failure of the Judges to follow the Florida Rules of Procedure, the Florida Statutes and the Rules of Evidence.  I have further been baffled by the entrenched attitude among those who support the Banks and Lenders that the Victims of this massive’ Ponzi Scheme … Read more