Justice No More | Chief Judge Victor Tobin, Marshall C Watson and Fraudclosures

Justice No More

Since 2008 I have been appalled at the failure of the Judges to follow the Florida Rules of Procedure, the Florida Statutes and the Rules of Evidence.  I have further been baffled by the entrenched attitude among those who support the Banks and Lenders that the Victims of this massive’ Ponzi Scheme is somehow more culpable than those in the Financial Institutions who accepted fraudulent loans in order to gain fat bonus checks.  Chief Justice Victor Tobin’s recent announcement that he is going to go to work for one of the biggest Foreclosure Mills, The Law Offices of Marshall Watson, is just one more nail in the coffin of judicial integrity in  Florida.  As pointed out on so many blogs,  Robo-Courts, Robo-Signers, Robo-Judges, fraudulent documentation, and or no documentation seems to be the prevailing mode of stealing peoples homes, one has to ask the questions – What’s a little conflict of interest?

It was once thought that the illumination of all the fraud on the part of the Financial Institutions would bring much needed relief to homeowners who are fighting for their jobs and homes in an economy brought to its knees by the Bankers and their Wall Street conspirators.  Unfortunately for all of us who fight this battle every day, the revelation of two ink notes, selling loans to the same trust twice, robo-signers, fraudulent documents, due process violations, and judges who have openly state that they will not follow the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, nothing has changed.  Yes, there are a few judges who bravely follow the law and who bravely rule against the prevailing mandate to get rid of these pesky little homeowners and their attorneys as fast as a summary judgment can be signed.  Those judges are probably under fire every day by their very own colleagues.

Chief Judge Tobin’s resignation sparks many questions but the one question I have is as follows:  What effect has his close friendship with those who run the Law Offices of Marshal Watson had on his decisions related to the operation of the Broward County Judicial System?  I don’t have an answer for that question but the appearance of impropriety cannot be denied; thus, the question of improper influence also cannot be denied.

I have no evidence of anything and I certainly do not deny that Chief Judge Tobin has every right to seek a good job with any law firm.  I simply point out that at this time in history the judicial system is sinking in its credibility among ordinary citizens.  This announcement will certainly not give any kind of boost in ratings with Floridians and could raise reasonable questions as to the integrity of the court system itself; especially, coming on the heels of a mere “slap on the hand” fine of $2 Million given to the Law Offices of Marshal Watson for filing fraudulent documents and fraudulent signatures – some of them being attorneys – in courts across Florida – yet no Florida Bar violations, no suspensions of Florida Bar licenses and no real remunerations flowing to beleaguered homeowners – but the Florida Bar is going after Mortgage Defense Attorneys who speak out against a system that has clearly gone awry.

In 2008 I said that when the courts fail to follow the law in one area of jurisprudence (I.e. Foreclosure) that courts will begin to stop following the law in other areas (divorce, contract law, criminal law, civil law).  Unfortunately, Justice is no longer blind or equally administered.  I have begun to fear what the repercussions are going to be when the people have just had enough.  What I have seen in my law office is a decided change in attitude – people are angry – not at themselves for being the victims of this monetary scam but at the banks, lenders, and those who perpetrated this ponzi scheme and those perceived to be aiding in the theft of their homes – all of whom are getting away with millions of dollars stuffed in their pockets, most of which belongs to the taxpayers (I.e. homeowners) -with no help for the homeowners is sight.



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  1. L bellak says:

    Why is Fannie Mae still using Marshall Watson?

  2. Kathleen says:

    Excellent article.

  3. QNY81 says:

    What can the people do in order for this judge to not receive his pension? He does not deserve it.

  4. TheHutMaster says:

    I think all the KISS MY ASS judges will go find work at Florida Defraud The Law Group. That will allow a one stop foreclosure fraud and they can all share the same pile of cocaine. Wow, what a concept.

    Judges are far over rated. Why they expect everyone to kiss their scumbag lying ass is beyond me.

    “Fight The Good Fight”

  5. Readdocs says:

    As clear an open letter one could read. Since there’s been no news about her status being charged with what she’s been fighting, it’s good news to see her active again.
    The vigilante is just around the corner, and the arrogance being displayed by those involved in the crime wave
    will not save them from some kind of rough justice.

  6. Officer of the Law says:

    The people are also very angry at the judges, regulators, prosecutors, legislators and mill lawyers who have helped the banks steal the homes of millions of Americans, raid the treasury, saddle most homeowners with loans for far more than their home is worth and devalue all of our real estate.

    The people are waking up to this massive corrupt scheme and so are members of law enforcement who these people trust to carry out their orders and protect them.

    The few who are upholding the law are really the only thing that has kept people from resorting to vigilante justice already.

    If justice is not restored very soon, I expect that many citizens will resort to their right to arrest these criminals and that many of those arrests will end up in violence. When that happens, I doubt that any jury will convict anyone who was trying to arrest any banker or any judge, prosecutor, regulator or legislator who was trying to help a bankster steal their home.

  7. MAGGIe May says:


  8. Mo says:

    Hang him!

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