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The Market Ticker – How Long Before Someone Shoots?

From Florida Statutes:

776.013 Home protection; use of deadly force; presumption of fear of death or great bodily harm.—

(1) A person is presumed to have held a reasonable fear of imminent peril of death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another when using defensive force that is intended or likely to cause death or great bodily harm to another if:

(a) The person against whom the defensive force was used was in the process of unlawfully and forcefully entering, or had unlawfully and forcibly entered, a dwelling, residence, or occupied vehicle, or if that person had removed or was attempting to remove another against that person’s will from the dwelling, residence, or occupied vehicle; and

(b) The person who uses defensive force knew or had reason to believe that an unlawful and forcible entry or unlawful and forcible act was occurring or had occurred.

There are then some exceptions noted:

(2) The presumption set forth in subsection (1) does not apply if:

(a) The person against whom the defensive force is used has the right to be in or is a lawful resident of the dwelling, residence, or vehicle, such as an owner, lessee, or titleholder, and there is not an injunction for protection from domestic violence or a written pretrial supervision order of no contact against that person; or

Nope.  The bank and it’s contractors are not the titleholders.  They have not foreclosed and obtained title nor a writ of possession.

(b)  The person or persons sought to be removed is a child or grandchild, or is otherwise in the lawful custody or under the lawful guardianship of, the person against whom the defensive force is used; or

(c)  The person who uses defensive force is engaged in an unlawful activity or is using the dwelling, residence, or occupied vehicle to further an unlawful activity; or

Nope.  The person in the home is lawfully present and they are not attempting to remove their child, grandchild, or other person over whom they have a lawful guardianship.

(d) The person against whom the defensive force is used is a law enforcement officer, as defined in s. 943.10(14), who enters or attempts to enter a dwelling, residence, or vehicle in the performance of his or her official duties and the officer identified himself or herself in accordance with any applicable law or the person using force knew or reasonably should have known that the person entering or attempting to enter was a law enforcement officer.

Nope.  These are private jackasses, not law enforcement officers.

From my reading of Florida Law this woman and any other like her are within her rights to shoot the invaders and have no duty to confirm their identity or purpose as there is a presumption that the person so invading has the felonious intention of great bodily harm or homicide.

If law enforcement has been effectively bribed and co-opted by these banks and will not do their job, in this case arresting those who break into homes when there has been no actual foreclosure, no writ of possession and no evidence of abandonment of the property, what other choice in defending their property do lawful homeowners have?

More to the point how long will it before an actual rapist or other violent offender copies this mode of “entry” and starts using it?  Not long at all, and when, not if, this happens law enforcement will be responsible in part for the******and/or murder that results as they have refused to put a stop to this crap by arresting the bank-sponsored thugs.

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Disclaimer: I’m not an attorney but I can read the Statutes.  If you want or need legal advice retain a lawyer; laws and the interpretation of same vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

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30 Responses to “BANG | How Long Before Someone Shoots?”
  1. randy says:

    In Colorado, if an intruder is in your house, and you feel threatened, he can only sue you if he lives through the introduction. Personally, I ALWAYS feel myself and my family threatened if someone is in my house uninvited.

    By the way, the only exception is a police officer, wearing identifiable clothing, AFTER he identifies himself. A local alleged drug dealer shot several police during a no knock search, but stopped shooting when they identified themselves. He was brought up on several well justified charges, including gun possession by a convicted felon. However shooting people in his home were not among them.

  2. Readdocs says:

    The most dangerous of mankind are those who have nothing left lose.

  3. housemanrob says:

    Swear to God. When they come in my home, busting in or what…………….. the poor soul sacrifices his life… a flash!

  4. John Anderson says:

    I think it best not to speculate on how I as a former Deputy Sheriff, I would react to someone entering my “in foreclosure home”. I suspect I would take them by the elbow and lead them to the edge of the property ” I weigh 260 lb”. If push turned to shove then the situation would escalate. You are not required to have a concealed weapon permit to carry a concealed weapon on your own property.
    I am sure that it is only a matter of time before someone is shot. And it might be what is required to raise public interest in whats going on.

    • usjustice4all says:

      People have been shot. and killed,and suicide has been committed in the name of Fraud, but no one cares unless it’s a problem in their face, or they can make money off it.

  5. see says:

    I have a question that has been bugging me since hearing about all these breakins when the homeowner is in the house. It’s my guess, but don’t most homes have door bells? What about using it? What about knocking on the door before trying to break in? And after entering the home, why not yell out about who you are? Am I being unreasonable here? “The bank said the house was vacant” what kind of crap is that?

    Steve Vondron we all know that just because the bank sends someone to the house does not mean that person is an upstanding trustworthy person. I hope you can nail that person to the wall. What kind of an idiot would enter a house with dogs barking? Is that person braindead? Clearly the house was not vacant. That poor young lady having to be put into that situation.

    Homowners are afraid and we all know what fear can do. People do not think clearly and react before thinking. Officer of the Law, I am sure that you see that on a daily basis. So how does an person deal with this unbalance where the laws applies for this person but not the other? No wonder people are so confused.

    Someone is going to dead because of what the banks are doing. And as was pointed out earlier, the homeowner could end up in jail because that person feared for their life. Why is it that law enforcement is not standing up for the LAWS that are placed there for a reason? This has got to stop before it becomes a free for all and that day will come. This whole mess is unbelievable.

  6. Michael-Lynn says:

    Everyone better count the costs and get ready to pay for taking violent action against intruders. It can place you before a grand jury manipulated by a prosecutor that expects the grand jury to absolve him of any prejudice.

    It was pointed out very well how awful it is to shoot someone and live with this fact that you killed someone.

    There is an extremely big difference in the laws between self defense and defense of others when there is a reasonable belief of injury or threat of death and the protection of personal property or real estate. As far as I know, Texas is the only state that allows for someone to shoot to kill in the protection of a car or anything else being stolen.

    The Indiana Supreme Court with one dissenting opinion just reasoned May 12, 2011, that the right of common law use of force to resist force to the extent that it is reasonable is no longer existent inasmuch as statutes now exist for a civil remedy when police or others come into your home unlawfully, so that force is almost never justified, especially against police making an unlawful arrest and having immunity that is qualified, reason of the employment.

    Killing someone is awful and a life changing event or should be a life changing event, if someone has a conscience and is not a psychopathic killer with no conscience and no love for anyone.

    I would like us to get together on or some other forum to discuss these things like is done by “myprivateaudio” that archives the discussions and special speakers and events for everyone to review.

    Also there is already the movement that most are unaware of that is the Third Continental Congress and the videos to watch (although I contend that this is perhaps an extension of a Third Continental Congress that occurred about ten years ago that I was parliamentarian keeping order in the sessions (at what might actually be considered the fourth continental congress depending upon your perspective and perception of historical fact).

    Do a Google and click to see the Third Continental Congress videos archived for all the world to see.

    I have gotten in touch with TheHutMaster (per the invitation in a previous post/comment) that has gotten back in touch with me and we are proceeding to the extent that you all join and enlist the attendance of others to address these grievous matters to hand the banksters their defeat.

    Most of what is happening in the real world is due to specialization and CEO’s that we all call the banksters are not directly involved in any of these crimes as the top Principals over the Principals that are the National Companies they hire that then for profit sake, hire agents that may also hire other agents to do the real grunt work that places everyone in harms way of trash outs and illegal lockouts and home invasions, which the police do not understand as almost no one understands, that is not involved in foreclosure, has a deadbeat prejudice of mind to deal with and respond as they should when $10 an hour grunts do wrong things they sometimes have a criminal intent to commit,

    The real problem in foreclosure concerns everyone’s ignorance of what is stated in the mortgage (security instruments) in a few paragraphs about written notices and other matters concerning due process and the right of entry by the holder of the note and mortgage to maintain the property and preserve the value, which of course we could all argue the banks do not have the slightest comprehension of how to maintain the value, by locking out the legal occupant so that afterwards the property becomes neglected and an eye sore and a den for crimes, ad naseum ….

    Police do not understand what behavior of bank agents the mortgage prohibits and they need to be informed as does everyone else, including the alleged borrowed that got robbed at the signing and then MERS corrupts and destroys the chain of title. Possession is nine tenths of the law! However even those who supposedly signed the mortgage have never read the due process provisions about written notice and duty to maintain the property by parties to the alleged contract, whether fraud is intrinsic or constructive or actual in the disagreement. Fraud is far to loosely a legal term used by the ignorant and has at least four essential elements that must all be proven or else it is not fraud but perhaps false inducements and misrepresentations and so on …. that might include forgeries as well as affirmative defenses of bait and switch, etc..

    Just as I stated in the above and foregoing, by inference, those who sleep on their rights – come to a rude awakening as explained in the historical explanation of why the majority of the Indiana Supreme Court wrote the opinion the way they did, as for about fifty years the statute has existed throughout America, as a legislative agenda of model acts of a group of attorneys that annually meet to proposed draft legislation, that the common law right of force is now no longer the law as abbrogated to the neglect of all who are now so vociferous in talking about killing others, as dumb as we all are about everything and do stupid things on impulse of the moment in disregard of what is more rational and proper.

    It is very important that in any court action that you do go after the bonding company as a defendant, who will in turn require of those that have offended, repayment of the judgment, should you do your best to prevail and win!

    Contact me and I will send you a proposed draft for local legislative bodies and grassroots townhall power of the People to make the change peacefully and most dynamically.

    Contact me and I will send you the link to the Indiana Supreme Court Opinion.

    I would love to talk with each and every one of you at this post.


    Michael @ The “MIXED WAR” Room and The Trials of Life

  7. SHOTGUN says:

    Currently in a Mexican stand-off here in my home -which I’ve been living in since the foreclosure auction took place on October 5, 2010. I’ve spent the majority of my time for nearly two years immersing myself in the investigative process of this – finally realizing I wasn’t crazy and a sudden failure. The nerve of me. Blaming myself for this expansive and virulent kudzu-like fraud. That will be the last time I fall for the hype…Because I didn’t do anything typical – following little of the advice I’d gleaned from all the research I’d done – my process has been somewhat different than other cases, or so it seems. I went to my Magistrate dispossessory hearing – the judge is just a regular, small-town woman, 30-ish, who I heard was planning on leaving her position to get her RN. There is absolutely no real jurisprudence in a small town’s Magistrate. The attorney for Residential Funding Company (the farcical party who supposedly purchased my house on the courthouse steps that October Tuesday) turned out to be a total wolf in Men’s Warehouse clothing. Very casual up till we were in the court – then he lied, the way people lie in movies or in Dostoyevsky books…Malicious and baseless lies that confounded me. He had called me to ask for a continuance and I had granted him one week – but he called the clerk’s office and apparently pushed it another week. Then, when it got down to the date of court, I thought I would ask him for a continuance, since I’d been cool with him. He immediately and curtly said no, and then in court he told the judge what an injustice it was, should my actions take up and waste anymore of the court’s time. I’d been “dragging it out,” he said – just to get a free property from his clients. I nearly gasped, but I was mentally tasered. He went on to say that I had called him and asked for a two-week continuance, instead of the the other way around. His aggressive demeanor startled me since he had up til then been cordial enough, considering the circumstances. The Magistrate judge was prepared to pass the entire case to Superior since it was out of her jurisdiction and in excess of $15K — but he piped up with some LaSalle case law and started doing his little shuck and jive bullshit dance in his half-rate suit that still looked posh compared to our little one-horse bailiff and the hollow-cheeked country-girl holding court. He bullied both of them with his Atlanta city-slicker savoir faire – which is a riot, understand. He was actually trying to be cool, as if it was still high school or his sophomore year at UGA. During the recess the judge took to review his case law I looked over at him and said, “People are dying from this, getting killed…you should read…” He looked at me with a curious stupor, which further incited me. “You should read more. Have you read Matt Taibbi’s piece in Rolling Stone?” (Taibbi’s first piece had just hit the shelves and the attorney was in his 20s, a feasible R.Stone reader…but I doubted it…) What does he say in response to this but, “Are you threatening me?” and I had to control myself because I knew what he was doing. He is not that stupid. He was that sociopathically-inclined to adhere to his job description, I suppose. The judge re-entered, told me I had to get out of my house by December 31st – granting his writ of possession, and passing the counterclaim I had filed pro se as my answer to Superior Court.

    Following adjournment I exited stage rear, appalled that I had become the target of his intentional stick-poking — I realized I was more vulnerable than I’d expected. The bailiff followed me outside and called me to have a word with him – accused me, obviously having been informed by Bradley Shillings, the attorney for O’Kelley & Sorohan, that I had “made terroristic threats,” and chastised me like a child. It was ridiculous. I told the bailiff that he should perhaps pay closer attention to the silly Atlanta boy who thought he could manipulate the small-towners…which he did, played them like a couple of old violins. Bailiff should have been thinking why would she have threatened to kill this man? but no….He actually bought into the rotten, juvenile treachery.

    Since Residential Funding had made a point of asking “$0” rent ( which is contrary to Georgia’s laws ) I expected nothing further to transpire until the counterclaim was addressed. However, my friend, whose father is an attorney and manages his office, is always at the courthouse across the street and quite chummy with the clerks of court – enough to catch wind of whether or not anything has been filed regarding my case. She discovered that I had a hearing scheduled in less than a week – Residential Funding had filed a motion to force me to pay fair market rent into the court pending final ruling. With less than 4 days to respond I decided to call the attorney and ask him point blank why he had chosen not to serve me – interested to hear his reply. This time I was dealing with David S. Klein, another young attorney – still living in Athens and in school. He claimed that it wasn’t his responsibilty to notice me regarding a hearing – it was the clerk of court in my county who should do that. Oh, yeh, rite. I knew that was loaded – but let him keep talking as he deliberately attempted to mislead me into thinking I really didn’t even have to file an answer or even actually attend the hearing….insinuating it was more or less a formality, just a Georgia thing. I immediately called the clerk’s office and the clerk verified that no, it was not their responsibility – and that she was holding my file in her hand looking at a notation that had been made in it saying that O’Kelley & Sorohan had stated they were sending me a notice after having verified my address.

    The hearing in Sujperior Court was brief. I had a real estate attorney with me – last minute, paid him $200 to just be in there with me but he did more harm than good. The judge had been the closing attorney at my real estate closing and I knew it would be a conflict of interest for him. Still, he heard enough of what was being raised by the plaintiff’s mouthy attorney and was shrewd enough to rebuke him solidly when he realized he was claiming not to have known it was his responsibility to even serve me.

    He scheduled a continuance. The next hearing was April 9. The other Superior Court Judge, Dane Perkins, called us into chambers and for a full 2 1/2 hours I talked and the attorney only objected once – when I submitted Jeffrey Stephan’s deposition as an exhibit (as a way to show the 4 sigs on the back page of my FC deed were at the very least lacking credility if for no other reason than they worked in the same Montgomery PA GMAC foreclosure mill office that Stephan had.

    The judge chose to take a month to ruminate over his ruling – unsure about how to proceed. However, he did tell me that no matter what he decided I had to pay over $1000 into the court registry for back-rent all the way back to October (when sale date was). I thought I would pay it at first but the more Ithought about it the more I said, no way. I’m not paying anybody another dime. They can, however, pay me – and not skimp, either. Because I have done nothing but put my entire life on hold to unravel their ridiculous and arrogant multi-tiered fraud….and that not only took my career viability away, it also took away what little bit of belief I still had in humanity….The level of rank mindlessness I’ve been forced to accecpt as status quo has had an impact that I dare anybody outside of this climate to compare to….


    As it stands, the judge never issued a ruling that I have heard. I heard he did grant the plaintiff an order for immediate writ of possession but there’s no way to be sure when it was actually filed, what the sheriff is doing/thinking….

    And so, perhaps they will come with grace and I will return it. I don’t plan on being upset since I’ve already been through the gamut of emotions already….

    I’ll just have to see what happens….I’ve moved out some of my things, but I really don’t want to move anymore. If they want it out, they can move it. I’ll be filming everything and taking notes. As my dad would say whenever he had a great story, “it’s just good copy.”


  8. Officer of the Law says:

    Shooting someone is a really traumatic experience. That is why many Veterans have PTSD and why many law enforcement officers retire or ask for desk jobs.

    Also, the banksters’ inspectors are often armed. As a result, if you pull a gun, you better be ready to use it effectively or you may be the loser of a gun fight and other members of your family may also get shot.

    Finally, you should know by now that just because the law is supposed to protect your rights, many of our bosses and all of the prosecutors are on the banksters’ payroll, and as a result, you might be arrested right away, and you almost certainly will be prosecuted and arrested later.

    Unfortunately, like foreclosure defense attorneys who do not pursue quiet title actions and other counterclaims, criminal defense attorneys are very scared of really fighting for their client because they fear having the Bar scum take their license for standing up for justice and they fear having the authorities plant drugs on them and prosecute them. It happens a lot more than you can imagine.

    If you don’t believe me, go watch some criminal proceedings. If you do, you’ll see that the defense attorneys are usually very meek and mild mannered and often fail to poke holes in the official story and vigorously pursue all available defenses. Generally, they don’t do much other than take your money and suggest that you accept a plea bargain. Also, you’ll see that the judges are usually very nice and helpful to the prosecutors, but they are often rude to defense counsel especially if they try to put up a defense. If you watch this enough, it will become easy for you to spot the defense attorney who has the judge in his pocket because suddenly the judge will become nice and helpful to the defense attorney and rude to the prosecutor.

    The best thing that you can do to be prepared for a potential break in is to have an alarm system, use it religiously as in arm it unless you have just gone out to check your mail or your kids are playing in the yard. An alarm sounding will scare burglars, like the banksters’ inspectors, and summon the police.

    Also, yell, “I’m calling 911! I’ve got a gun, and I’m going to shoot you!” Don’t do this standing right in the burglar’s line of fire! Then, immediately call 911, and tell the operator that someone is breaking into your home, give them your address, and say that you are afraid that they have a gun, and then scream and hang up. Do not say that you think that someone from the bank is breaking in to your home. Remember, banksters can break no law when they own the law!

    If you are truly in fear, try to get out on the opposite side from the burglar. If you think that you have to shoot to defend yourself or your family, then if the burglar has not broken through the door yet, fire a warning shot in a safe direction such as into the ceiling if no one is upstairs and yell, “The next one will be at you!”

    Remember, do not do this in the burglar’s line of fire! He may return fire. Do it from a hallway or behind a corner of a wall off of the path from the burglar’s point of entry. If the burglar continues to try to enter, put the next round through the top of the door over his head. If he continues or starts shooting back, fire at him if you can see him or put a round through the middle of the door. Remember to stay out of a direct line of fire and behind cover like the corner of a wall. A couch, table or chair is not adequate cover.

    Also, remember that it is against Florida law to have a firearm accessible to minors, but of course, if you want to defend yourself, it needs to be accessible. It is legal to carry it on your person in your home. You may want to keep it in a safe but accessible place, but if anything happens, you should be prepared to explain where your firearm was. Naturally, you have the right to remain silent, and once again, it is legal to carry a gun in your home.

    Isn’t it disgusting that our country has come to this! Remember, if the prosecutors were not taking bribes from the banksters, we would not be suffering from this injustice! Elections are coming up. Now is the time for some honest courageous attorneys to run against the prosecutors and the corrupt judges! If people do not take serious action to fight this rampant injustice, things are only going to get a lot worse!

    • l vent says:

      Officer of the Law? The intruders come armed into people’s homes and trespass onto property they do not own with loaded weapons and you are telling us to fear them? WTF? You are saying they have the right to do this and the cops and the judges don’t care? Sorry,not buying that. By the hopeless fear that you are trying to instill in homeowners in fraudclosure that we have no rights and laws that protect us from rogue pretender lender perps, I think this is all going to blow up and get really ugly, really soon. OMG, You think elections are going to save us? Only We The People joining together to fight this tyranny will save us. Know your rights, people. You do have rights, no matter what lies they try to tell you to the contrary.

      • Officer of the Law says:

        Have you been in a gunfight? Have you been arrested? I’m just pointing out the potential consequences and suggesting how people might want to protect themselves.

        If someone was coming through my door, I would definitely shoot them, but I’m special, and most of you are not. If you were, the banksters would be a lot nicer to you. It is not right, but it is how things work now in our lawless land. People in positions of power get special treatment. If you want to get special treatment, join the force.

        If you can’t see that there are special classes, think about this. Has a prosecutor prosecuted any bank inspectors for breaking into homes yet? Has anyone prosecuted a mill attorney for filing fraudulent documents? These are crimes, but for some reason, the perps are not arrested or prosecuted. Could it be that the banksters can break the law because the prosecutors are taking bribes?

        Also, did you miss the fact that the AGs started investigations in late 2009? Could it have been because many were up for re-election in 2010 and they wanted to keep their very profitable positions of power?

        Don’t you think that the state attorneys in Florida, who are facing elections next year, might at least start investigations if any attorneys had the guts to run against them?

        Like you, I agree that people need to join together to fight this tyranny, but they need to think things through, and then, take action!

      • fighting mad, mad as hell says:

        In my town, if you catch somebody IN YOUR HO– USE, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO SHOOT THEM, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
        However, should that person step a foot outside your door, you no longer have that right.
        As for them trying to shoot you, it becomes self defense on your part.
        You’d figure a cop would tell YOU to back down and be the victim!
        Not a chance, the bastards had better get to running and don’t stop till my house is outta sight!
        Bet He wouldn’t back down and lay low while scumbags ransack his house and toss him out after THEY broke into HIS HO– USE!

    • TheHutMaster says:

      Dear @Officer of the Law,

      I fully agree and have only recently adopted the shoot to kill thing. Our Homeowners are walking around in constant fear so much as I get phone calls from them at ALL HOURS. A bump in the night sends some folks into fear fits. THIS IS JUST WRONG, PERIOD.

      I AM A LOVER AND NOT A FIGHTER unless someone is being wronged, and I mean seriously wronged.

      Our people are worried, scared and embarrassed. The do not sleep well, hence they perfom poorley at work. With the vast pool of unemployed folks, a non-performer is quickly replaced.

      You see, this has now become my personal mission to protect anyone I can from this OUTRAGIOUS BULLSHIT.

      “Fight The Good Fight’

      • Officer of the Law says:

        Thanks. Hopefully, you and others will find my comments helpful, and hopefully, some attorneys who really want justice will step up and run against the scumbag prosecutors!

    • fighting mad, mad as hell says:

      Do what you feel is best for YOU!
      The rest of us will do the same!
      Where I live, most people know better than to try that break in shit, they know they’ll be wearing bullet holes for sure!
      It would be a different case if the house were vacant and abandoned, but we’re not talking about that. I’ve heard cops tell folks that should you catch somebody breaking in you don’t have to shoot to kill, you want them to keep on running as fast as they can.
      Why should we allow the banks to terrorize us and make our lives miserable!

      • Officer of the Law….Well…my whole life has had and still has police and deputies in my family and relatives….scattered in Michigan and Florida. Now ..Officer of the Law….I am not saying you are wrong in what you say….except that you say you are special. Special in what way? Cause you carry a gun? Or wear a badge? I don’t mean to sound like I am coming on strong….but I don’t see where any one in law enforcement is special…is it because the ‘boss’ is backed up by the criminal banks? If so..I see a ‘ conflict of interest ‘ and that is not good for the people of that community. That is like a fake front in the eyes of the citizens. Must we now refuse to pay taxes in the property taxes that go to the Police or Sheriff Dept’s.?? Must we now make noise that they are bought out by the culprit banks? I seem to have a problem trying to balance this out…How can the police be there to protect the citizens and we are told to call 911….and behind the scenes they are working for the very ones we are fighting….are you with me?? I respect law enforcement as it is part of my life…but when I feel something does not ‘ sound right ‘….I speak up…and yes, the danger of shooting someone breaking in can be a killing waiting to happen…one way or another….it will not be a happy scene. But the only way to end all this…is to fight on…be it in whatever way…inside or outside the homes. we have no choices left….corruption has spread to every part of government and the financial industry…..and they also control and pay the law enforcement…paying with the fraud ponzi scheme money at that…fraud money. So does that mean the law enforcement dept’s are participating / aiding and abetting and siding in the criminal ponzi scheme to defraud all citizens? With this, I cannot see where you can say “NO”….Correct me if I am in left field…if so..I will stand corrected..

  9. Nye Lavalle says:

    Sorry to say, MUCH SOONER, THAN LATER!!!!

  10. Gregory says:

    Just wait it’s going to happen. A homeowner is going to get scared and KILL a couple of the banks idiots. Will they wise up and stop? most likely not. People should start at the banks headquarters…..

    • TheHutMaster says:

      The sad truth is I can’t wait!

      I spoke to our local Sheriff yesterday to get very clear on how we can legally drop these COCKROACHES dead.

      Make sure they are on your land, make sure it is shoot to kill (if not the COCKROACH could sue for medical bills).

      I highly recommend a 45 hollow point. 1 shot and the COCKROACH will check out!

      “Fight The Good Fight”

  11. BOGUS WORK ORDER – I had one client where the lender sent a contractor in to “bid on things that need fixing” and “fix the toilet” which by the way WAS NOT BROKE (yes, my client still had lawful possession of the home and was MAKING PROTECTION PAYMENTS). Well the “contractor” snuck into the side door with the dogs barking, and snuck into the house with his camera, as my client’s daughter was just coming out of the shower. The guy races out of the house, and goes back around to the front door and starts knocking on the door. Now you tell me what he heck is going on here. This is not a made up story. This whole system is completely out of control. Our saving grace? I just got past demurrer on wrongful foreclosure. We are doing some plumbing of our own. Just another tale from the foreclosure trenches ………

    • TheHutMaster says:

      AMEN!!!! Go get em @Steve Vondran!

      We have some homes riged with automatic nail guns and other goodies for these asshats to enjoy.

      I also have our people ready to arrive at certian clients homes to assist in the removal of these COCKROACHES. They drive cars with big trunks.

      “Fight The Good Fight”

      • l vent says:

        Sounds like what Kevin did to the robbers in Home Alone. That is great! I love it!!! Boobytraps for boobs!

  12. James Goeke says:

    I agree with your stating of the Castle Doctrine of Florida. Who would be willing to be hired to break into other people’s homes and risk arrest. Are these “Bank Agents” bonded and background checked by their employers, before they are given keys to private citizens homes? Or are they $10/hour contract workers?
    The American Banker questions who is being allowed to walk into people’s homes as Appraisers and the reluctance of the States to dislose disciplinary actions against convicted felons and sex offenders hired by the banks to be ‘appraisers”. Would this hiring practice stop if lawyers went after the bonds of these preservation specialists and appraisers and sued the banks/real estate companies for their unquestioning hiring practices?

    From the American Banker May 19, 2011
    Hazy Appraisals

    The vast majority of state disciplinary actions against appraisers are not being reported to the federal appraisal subcommittee, which maintains a national registry of state certified and licensed appraisers.

    Though the subcommittee collects information on suspensions, voluntary surrenders and revocations of appraisal licenses, many state appraiser regulatory agencies issue reprimands, admonishments and fines that go unreported, said Joan Trice, the president of Allterra Group LLC in Salisbury, Md., which publishes the newsletter Appraisal Buzz.

    After finding that many disciplinary actions are not recorded in any national database, Trice, a 24-year veteran of the business, created Clearbox LLC, which collects credentials from appraisers, aggregates state actions and conducts public record searches of bad acts by appraisers.

    “If a lender knew they were letting sex offenders and convicted felons inside their customers’ homes, the lawsuits would be staggering,” Trice said. “We’ve identified murderers, sex offenders and violent criminals.”

    Trice said she recently uncovered an appraiser who was installing cameras in homeowners’ bedrooms.

    Federal interagency guidelines require that banks and appraisal management companies perform due diligence of their appraiser panels.

    Though Clearbox has collected data from 30 states, some states have refused to assist largely because the data is in a paper format that requires manual entry into a database.

    “Some of these states literally have the data in a shoe box so it takes some time to aggregate it,” Trice said.

  13. TheHutMaster says:

    This goes for the SCUM BAGS at NCCI as well. NCCI are the thieves the banks hire to do “Property Inspections”.
    These scumbags leave their droppings in the form of “Personal and Confidential” envelopes on the Homeowners door for all to see (large red font).
    Inside is unbelievable bullshit such as “An Independent property inspector visited you today. Please call the SCUM at (BANKSTER NAME GOES HERE).

    Further, I get reports of these COCKROACHES mowing lawns. LOL, most of the time the home (and Lawn Service) is serviced by the HOA.
    Then these scumbags send a bill for services to the servicer.

    I tell all my clients to advise these COCKROACHES that they are trespassing and to leave immediately (WITHOUT LEAVING THEIR INTIMADATING DROPPINGS). Also tell them that THEY HAVE NO STANDING in the matter and will be shot dead if they return and trespass.

    Be sure to shoot to kill otherwise the COCKROACH MAY SUE.

    “Fight The Good Fight’

  14. l vent says:

    Why don’t they just stop the b.s. These pretender lenders do not own these homes. These are our homes. i would not hesitate to shoot one of these home invaders.. Why should people believe what they say? Anyone can say they are from a bank and use that excuse to rob and murder a whole family. There is so much crime because of poor economic situations nationwide, why would anyone trust a home invader who says they work for a bank? Many people are at the end of their rope by now. The police are not even doing anything to protect the people? That is just terriblely wrong. What if this was their home?. I am really shocked no one has shot one of them yet. These bank goons are crazy for doing this. This is like Nazi Germany. This is appalling.

    • l vent says:

      The 9/11 operators ask way too many dumb questions. If someone is in trouble, why do they ask so many questions? They should just send the cops for the love of God. These are many times life and death situations and they talk to the people in distress like they are the criminal pieces of shit. 9/11 operators need to stop the interrogations and just send help.

      • J A says:

        OMG I know, I was thinking the same thing when I listened to that call from Nancy Jacobini, so distressed. I mean, she was hiding in her bathroom for god’s sake! If I had been in her situation, I would’ve said to the 911 operator, “Listen here, lady, shut the hell up and do your job and send the cops — unless you’re all in on it too!”

        Which I’m pretty sure they are…

        Disgusting pigs

  15. TC says:

    Yes, I had the same thought after hearing/reading Nancy’s terrifying experience.
    How would anyone know for sure these people are from the bank?!

    And even if they ARE contracted by the bank – why should a homeowner let a stranger into their home?
    Why have the banks continued this procedure?

    We need to tell the government, this can NOT continue. It’s too dangerous for homeowners and the people who take these ridiculous jobs.

  16. debi J says:

    I’ve spoken about this before where it has turned into the wild west. It seems this is the only possible way left to protect yourself against these thugs is with deadly force. I applaud anyone who kills or permanently mames any perpetrator entering any ones home unlawfully. I also sincerely hope the banksers bully is dead. This is the only justice left. Deb

  17. Pamela says:

    It’s only a matter of time before this happens.Too many unhappy people with way too much taken away from them.No police response ,no court or very little court response never mind the fact that one of these thugs will come on to property when someone’s child is present and they’re not.It just keeps getting worse and worse.It’s like the accident waiting to happen.

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