Goldman Braces for Federal Subpoenas, Expects a Demand for Mortgage Documents

Goldman Braces for Federal Subpoenas

Bank Expects a Demand for Mortgage Documents; Move Would Follow Senate Subcommittee’s Report

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. executives expect to receive subpoenas soon from U.S. prosecutors seeking more information about the securities firm’s mortgage-related business, according to people familiar with the situation.

Officials at the New York company believe the Justice Department will demand certain documents and other information, possibly within days, these people said. Spokesmen for Goldman and the Justice Department declined to comment Thursday.

Subpoenas don’t necessarily mean criminal charges against Goldman or individuals at the firm are inevitable or even likely. The company turned over hundreds of millions of pages of documents to the Federal Crisis Inquiry Commission, a 10-member panel that examined the causes of the financial crisis. Goldman also gave tens of millions of documents to the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations.

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7 Responses to “Goldman Braces for Federal Subpoenas, Expects a Demand for Mortgage Documents”
  1. TheHutMaster says:

    I think it was mis-spelled in the title above, I think it is Goldman SUCKS?

    “Fight The Good Fight”

  2. l vent says:

    DIE BANKER, DIE!!!!!!!!. The Goldman Saks is one of the biggest. SMOM/VATICAN/JESUIT owned banking proxies in the world. Foreign owned and operated rampant, massive, pernicious deception, fraud and corruption far and wide.

    • l vent says:

      Hoping there are some honest Fed investigators who are not just going to give Goldman the old roman salute.

  3. Jason Werner says:

    Banks enjoy subpoenas because it is something extra for them to pee on and wipe their butt.

    They’ll do the same thing with the subpoena that they do with their contracts with their customers. They are experts at ignoring requests for admissions, ignoring requests for production of documents, and experts at ignoring interrogatories.

  4. The whole damn mess of all of them need to be subpoena….not just one or two banks…. OH….did someone wake up the prosecutors and the Justice Dept.?????? is this going to be another planned farce to make it look like they even care?? Took them long enough to even step into the picture…..Is it going to be Heads the bank wins..or tails we loose….. Just because they are guilty of all the frauds….a subpoena does not mean they are guilty….No..but if all is done right…there should be handcuffs waitting….just don’t hold your breath on that one……

  5. Pamela says:

    While were turning over docs. and so forth lets not leave out the rest of them .Bear Sterns needs to the same thing along with the rest of them.There are no innocent parties in this and everyone should be held accountable,whether your in business or down the tubes.Make them all pay.

    • l vent says:

      What about the GSE’s? Fannie and Freddie were the Originators of the massive mortgage fraud and they also posed as many entities throughout the life of the fraudulent loans in order to pull off the giant Ponzi Scheme Swindle and Heist of OUR WEALTH AND THEY ARE WHO REALLY IS STEALING OUR HOMES.. Wall Street did the gambling, they all should pay including the Too Big to Fail AIG and the big banks. Did Goldman Saks play both sides and every angle of gambling on the mortgage fraud? YES THEY DID. Goldman Saks no doubt owns Fannie and Freddie from behind the scenes. .There is a massive amount of deception here as they all wear many disguises to hide their true identity. They are a piece of the puzzle and they did get some of the trillions in bailout money. The fraud is everywhere, from the Origination fraud to the Fraudclosures. FORECLOSUREGATE, IT IS MASSIVE!!!!!! It is like a real life Where’s Waldo. The criminals are surely hiding in plain sight.

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