NY Times | Refusing to Give in to Eviction, Tanya Dennis Hired a Locksmith and Broke Back Into Her Home

Refusing to Give in to Eviction

On Jan. 19, 63-year-old Tanya Dennis hired a locksmith and broke into her South Berkeley home.

A former vice principal of Oakland’s Castlemont High School, Ms. Dennis said she wanted to resume living in her home of 27 years after foreclosure nine months earlier and eviction by Alameda County sheriff’s deputies in December. Ms. Dennis said she wants her lender, Wells Fargo, to reduce the principal she owes, creating affordable monthly payments.

“These banks got billions of dollars of our money. We can’t afford to be complacent,” Ms. Dennis said.

Tom Goyda, a spokesman for the bank, said Wells Fargo has “worked with Ms. Dennis for more than two years,” but that “there is no option for which Ms. Dennis qualifies.”

She is one of many struggling residents in the Bay Area trying to save their homes by turning up the heat on lenders.

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  1. Pal777 says:

    Hi all, just found this page and wanted to see if anyone can answer this for me. I know that most of you own and some are standing up for their rights. But there are many that were just tenants, like myself, that got evicted illegally. I paid in advance for my lease and I still have a good lease and wondered if I reentered the property could I get evicted again, lol? I’ve tried to call Fannie Mae about my tenants rights, today. I will continue to follow up and share any info that I can as to their response. I have proof that I’ve sustained damages. Not only should all of you get your property back but you should be able sue them for damages and three times the amount. Is there some sort of Class Action suite we can bring against Fannie Mea / Freddie Mac. Take care and keep the heat turned up!!! Any info I get I will come back to let everyone know if they are interested.

  2. Binkey says:

    I was given notice of eviction on Monday, May 2, 2011, and was told I needed to appear in the courts on May 12, 2011 and with answer regarding the Property and an allegation that I owed M & T Bank/Corporation $15,000.00. I hired an attorney showed in court and filed my answer, I was supposed to return to court on May 19, 2011 for a set date and time for eviction. I have been in this home for 23 years, I spoke with my attorney on May 18, 2011 he was supposed to be negoiating a time frame of six weeks, because I have nowhere to live and he had convinced me that he had taken care of that with the banks, and was trying to set things up so I did not have to go to court on the 19th. The attorney calls me back on Wednesday, the 18th and tells me the good news is that you do not have to show up in court on Thursday, May 19, 2011. But you have to be out not later than the 29th of May by midnight. How in the world am I suppose to find a place and move out with in a week. I think it is lawsuit time for everyone involved, the article last week on the Foreclosure.Com blog. Congress is asking that the “whistleblowing be stopped” that was for me. I am being railroaded by M & T Bank, Vern Harris and the City and County of Denver. I asked the attorney to enter a motion on Thursday, because I did show up in court. To learn the him and M & T Banks attorney had entered into the courts and told them that I was going to surrender the property on the 29th. When in fact I was that the bank decided that they would not let me stay past the 29th. Again, I don’t understand how they can set anything I have not gone before the judge. I am waiting on a call from him because that was not my decision, they did not and have not given me a choice. How am I going to pack up 23 years of stuff and begone in 1 week. This is the biggest scam I have ever seen in my life and the banks does not have all the paperwork to ensure that they are entitled to the property. They are definetly short, I spoke of my answer to the courts being changed and was told that, this is an entirely separate case from the foreclosure. And to make matters worse the Realtor who put the notice on my door offering me money to move, and a company by the name of Vision’s keep sending me documentation asking me to sell the property to him (using someone else’s name of course). What is really going on here, I need someone’s help and I am asking President Barrack Obama to step in on the matter at hand. I have had several attorney’s who have failed to perform and apparently that is what I am dealing with right now., I have not whistleblowed like I plan too, and this is not over yet. They know as well as I do what has taken place and again, I was bated and I bit however, that should have only put things back on the table. I can not forge any document and certainly can not sign someone else’s name on a document as the broker stated “she changed my statement”, I don’t think so I can not sign her signature on anything, furthermore she dictated the affidavit to me as I typed it in and then she signed it. The original document was sent to the attorney. There is more to all of this that meets the eye and it will all come back to surface before this is all over with. And remember we were definetly entrapped nothing like this should have ever happened. How many of us would have paid for our home had we been given stimulus monies, the banks have been paid more than eight times for our properties and not only that but Fannie Mae was paid 13 times for it, and we our not being allowed to stay in our home????? Take it too the Polls in 2012 take our power back by voting the very people we put in office out. Both republican and democrats alike because they are all guilty of this.

  3. The only investors who put up any money for subprime trusts — were collection rights debt buyer “investors.”
    The security pass-through tranches for cash flows were retained by the security underwriter. And, these pass-through tranches were based on FRAUD — these were NOT traditional MBS . Only received higher credit rating due to the support by the bottom-feeder “investor” debt buyers — who purchased collection rights — dirt cheap.
    Security investors in these bogus trusts (repackaged into CDOs) — were never the creditor — and did not blindly invest in high risk pass-throughs — they chased high yields — at The American homeowner expense. Without these high yield chasers — subprime securitization would never have come to market.
    This is not to say that valid MBS security investors did not suffer. As the market collapsed due to the subprime FRAUD— all were brought down.
    But, again, security investors are not the creditor — as security investors NEVER lend any money directly to any borrower. This is not the way it works. No SECURITY investor funded any mortgage. And, only debt buyer “investors” funded the refinance of subprime collection rights — fraudulently used in false securitizations. This is what collapsed the market. But, then again, the economy had been driven by this FRAUD for years. Of Congress would promote — and regulators turned a blind eye. .
    Subprime securitizaton was a huge disaster. And, the FRAUD started — at origination.
    We have been programmed to believe that the crisis was FRAUD upon “investors.” When it was the very debt buyer investors that perpetrated the FRAUD. There is a BIG difference between “investors” and “security investors” — IT IS NOT THE SAME.
    Until the public realizes this — we will remain in a rabbit hole
    What does all that mean? It means your FORECLOSURE IS ILLEGAL.
    And 96% of the loans are UNSECURED DEBT…not “real” mortgages…and they are terrified that YOU will find that out…

    • more and more lies says:

      what about those appraisals that were never confirmed accurate by underwriters. back in the 1990’s it use to take
      6 weeks to 2 months to get a mortgage approval because everything was check for accuracy. with the securitization proccesses and the banks not holding the debt for 30 yrs they didnt care if the appraisals were not accurate. i have reviewed my appraisal and found house comps that in a normal situation the underwriter would have thrown out and hired a new appraiser. one house was on the market for 225 and sold 51 days later for 245. 20k more straw buying is at its finest. another comp was bought and sold in the same year a flipped house. these homes aer not suppose to be used because of the situations surrounding the sale. sad we have been falsly represented by all entities that we trusted and have loast our equity and our reserves . we need some justice.

    • l vent says:

      I read, I think it was here on the Mandelman post, Pardon me, Mr. Banker, but your Remic is showing, that the only securitization was the_ money flow_. They never securitized shit, it is all bogus.. They never did their due dilligence and did what the PSA required them to do. PSA requires an unbroken chain of title from Originator, to the sponsor to the depositor and to the trustee who becomes the beneficiary of the note on behalf of the investors. They broke contractual law and killed the legal contract. Attorney Max Gardner spoke about this and said to his fellow attorneys that if anyone ever finds a deal where the note was correctly endorsed to the trust, he or she should bronze it, and hang it on their wall. It was an enormous COUNTERFEIT SECURITIES PONZI SCHEME SWINDLE AND HEIST. A second bankster came along and sold us our mortgage for a buck by successor and merger with the Originator who was Fannie of Freddie disguised as a bank or mortgage lender. That is how they used our collateral, which was our signature, human capital so to say, and they used all of us as poker chips to participate in their giant Ponzi Scheme up on their WALL STREET CASINO.. They needed as many of us as they could find, anyone with a pulse, that is why there were LIARS LOANS. They needed suckers and bundled up some good and alot of bad risk to pull of the SCAM OF THE CENTURY. THEY MADE 100 TRILLION DOLLARS OFF OF THE MORTGAGE DERIVATIVES FRAUD ALONE. CNBC REPORTED THEY MADE 60 TRILLION OFF OF THE MORTGAGE DERIVATIVES FRAUD IN 1999 ALONE. OH HELL YEAH, WALL STREET AND THEIR MINIONS PARTIED IT UP IN 1999.

      • l vent says:


  4. Pamela says:

    I’m happy to hear she’s got guts and stood up for herself.The rest of us need to show the same tenacity and perserverance that this Lady shows.How can we do any less?BTW the bank could make it affordable if they choose to.Kudo’s and congrats.

      • l vent says:

        Screw the principle reductions Tim. Our homes are paid for because of the Ponzi Scheme. To assume another 30-40 year debt is to become a life long renter. We already paid too much for these under water homes. Tell the U.S. Government to make Wall Street eat it. They made 100 trillion off of the mortgage derivative fraud alone. Then the almost 3 trillion that Elliot Spitzer reported that they stole in bailouts from the very people they robbed, all of us. Screw these bastards. They owe trillions. Our homes are paid for.

      • Tim Bryant says:

        I agree. My “servicer” still has not claimed who owns my loan. This is even at my attorneys request. They think they do not have to tell me by contract. They didn’t actually read it, because they are not required to give me PRIOR notice if sold, not NO notice. I stopped paying in October. No calls from BofA, no more REO contractors knocking on my door, no more notices of intent to foreclose. It feels good turning the tables on them. Atty gave $350,000 demand to BofA for violation of MGL Ch 93A, the MA consumer Protection Law. If any investor, trustee, or otherwise steps forward, they will be given the same demand letter. Not surprisingly, noone is claiming ownership off my mortgage.

    • Tim Bryant says:

      She is a gutsy woman, and is very courageous. I wish her well.

    • the bank is not your friend, 2 yrs. it is all about delay, paying additional payments required to once again resubmit paperwork for a modification, and then they will tell her once again she doesn’t qualify for any programs,although some with legal counsel actually get a rate adjustment, extended 40 yr. loan and affordable payment. I haven’t recovered after losing my home of 12 yrs, loan was sold to federal housing, changed hands at auction owned now by Fannie Mae, illegal eviction, refused to help wit,h loan, California law requires lender to try everything it can to keep homeowner from foreclosure; If the agent representing Fannie Mae/Federal housing are going to treat a homeowner unfairly just what do you expect the major banks to do? Your average citizen has lost everything, if you are older than 50 you will be forced to start from square one, whatever upgrades/20 down on current residence, you have lost it all, there isn’t anyone that cares or is going to try and help you, for your own sanity move on with your life, it a hard pill to swallow, having worked so hard to lose it all, so many are in the same situation, without honest serious caring legal counsel, you lose; and without funds to pay for legal counsel don’t make yourself sick,just move on………easier said than done I care to never own a home again, credit card, or spend anymore time upgrading and taking care of a house that I obviously was just renting and never had ownership, upgrades are a total waste of income, buy an rv.

  5. Jason Werner says:

    The title is mis-leading. She did not break back into her house; she merely repossessed what belongs to her. FDIC-member banks fraudulently possess things, then borrowers are compelled to repossess what was wrongfuly possess by the thug bank.

  6. Fury says:

    “there is no option for which she qualifies” because the banks have made it IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to qualify
    under any circumstances. good for her for taking back HER home.

  7. Anita Kernacs says:

    Good for her! Fight the Banksters and Pretend Lenders back! They have created this housing bubble by lending on credit and not their actual money. I congratulate Ms. Dennis!

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