Denied HAMP? Treasury’s Up And Running… For What it’s Worth

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Overview is a free tool provided by the United States Department of the Treasury, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development in conjunction with the Obama Administration’s
Making Home Affordable Program. is designed to assist homeowners in conducting a net present value (NPV) evaluation of their mortgage for the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP).
Need more information about NPV? can be used by homeowners who have been denied a HAMP modification because of their NPV result. Homeowners can enter the NPV input values listed in the HAMP Non-Approval Notice received from their mortgage servicer, or substitute with estimated NPV input values, to compare the outcome provided by against that on the Non-Approval Notice.

This tool can also be used by homeowners prior to applying for a HAMP modification to help them better understand the NPV evaluation. provides only an estimate of a mortgage servicer’s NPV evaluation. While the NPV formula used on is required to be the same as that of your mortgage servicer’s, differences in input data and other industry-related data may result in different outputs. After using, it is recommended that you save a copy of the evaluation and share it with your mortgage servicer to discuss options available to you.

Be aware that you cannot save your progress, so you will want to completely fill out the form prior to final submission. Do not click the back button at any time during this process or you will lose all data entered.

Estimated time of completion is around 15 minutes.

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11 Responses to “Denied HAMP? Treasury’s Up And Running… For What it’s Worth”
  1. Bobbi Swann says:

    This site is totally worthless; just like the bimbos and assholes in Washington…..albeit that they would create a website that is dysfunctional as well!!!!! Pure idiots!

  2. Catherine Mc Manus says:

    I was denied at HAMPand H.O.P.E without any email or land mail- I was denied on their website application.
    This means I do not have any “numbers” to enter on their web forms, therefore I cannot submit.
    I was denied by BOA mod (thank God no mod) told I was not qualified and disqualified for the State of Florida v. Countrywide Class Action suit by former AG. McCullom. The AG’s office instructed BOA (BOA says that in their letter) to send me a letter of explanation-“you are not on the Note, only on the Mortgage, therefore you do not qualify”

  3. pamelag says:

    they are not going to help you. yeah, keep em busy, and get more personal info. watch that ! “differences in input data…” tells me right there another con, however if it is part of a delay, just no give personal info. God Bless America

  4. l vent says:

    The U.S. Treasury does not want to help struggling homeowners and they never had any intention to. The only reason for TARP was to strengthen the giant foreign multinational banks and Wall Street, the pets of the elite . This is just another ruse and another distraction.They are all laughing at us while they are stealing anything and everything that we have left to cover the banks asses for all of their shit loans they intentionally made to force us all to fail.. This is way bigger than what the banks did. This was a giant conspiracy by a few hundered sick elite assholes to destroy American with debt and destroy National Sovereignty because of that debt. They do not want the people to own anything but the debt they create and they want a nation of renters with a paperless money society that they control and micromanage.Throw all of the CEO’s from Wall Street and the Big Banks and all of their minions including the politicians from both parties in front of a firing squad. The Government does not care about any of us and they never did. The U.S. Government is now a Plutocracy ruled by Oligarchs because the U.S. Government is completely corrupt and therefore useless. They all need to be thrown out. The foreign multinational Oligarchs may have hijacked America, but they do not own America or its people.

  5. Joe Loomer says:

    Has anyone even heard of this site being used successfully? Seems like a “keep ’em busy and they’ll go away” approach.

    Navy Chief, Navy Pride

  6. l vent says:

    They first told me I was denied by the U.S. Treasury after I was told i was approved, then they sent me a letter and told me I was denied because of my credit score. A sham and a farce. Aprroval was not supposed to be based on credit score for HAMP and they told me that when I applied. This was supposed to be a loan modification to lower monthly payments, I heard they didn’t give the loan mods because they couldn’t. The servicers, the banks were not owed any money and they would have been committing more fraud by giving a loan mod they would have had to create a NEW false debt that is not owed.. The houses are paid for because of the Ponzi Scheme. This is just more deception. I have been hearing stories about people who are having their credit scores destroyed trying to get a loan modification. They are still acting like criminals and highly deceptive ones at that.

  7. Pamela says:

    I only received a notification by mail and it had no numbers on it at all.Whats up with that?I also received a telephone call that I had been turned down but no paper work to match .

    • MAGGIe May says:


    • Binkey says:

      I applied and M & T Bank told the people that they sold my home in May 2009, which would mean they breached the contract that agreed upon between courts, them and myself. I did not understand why they would make a statement like that, and I checked today and found out that the bank still owns the property it has not sold to anyone?

      • Binkey says:

        that was agreed upon between myself, the bank, and the courts….Why do some people want to hurt others so badly…..Is it really in their best interest to do this type of stuff too folks….Or are they just on some EGO trip….and believe that money makes them…..This is sad for not only myself but for others as well. Tell all your friends that now is not the time to purchase any properties unless they are just flipping the properties ….. there will be another 10 – 15 billion foreclosures between now and 2016. SOOOOO, you know the prices will have to drop again and again…..All we have to do is wait. I am glad I found this web site….I don’t want to badger anyone but I have been badger….and so we tend to pass it on, but are they really going to pay us retributions for what we have lost…..and can they pay us enough to replace what we have lost…..That has yet to be seen!
        What and who is next… never know. I am glad for Suzie Orman who helped me put this whole thing in perspective, because I was beating myself into the ground. When I know the Broker did whatever baiting she did because she really did not want them to open any records on her, and the bank is really, really angry because they have been BUSTED OUT in Colorado! I mean who have thought a bank that boast 150 years of service can be such CROOKS because that is what all of them are. What has Corporate America become????

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