PB Post Front Page | Time to overhaul foreclosure process? ‘Court’s cry for help’

Palm Beach County judges unable to hear foreclosure cases starting July 1st  – front page of Palm Beach Post.   Mortgage Bankers Association blame “judicial foreclosures” and start propaganda to eliminate judicial foreclosure process.


Time to overhaul foreclosure process? ‘Court’s cry for help’

By Kimberly Miller
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

WEST PALM BEACH — Nearly a quarter of the nation’s home foreclosures have Florida addresses, leaving the Sunshine State with the largest chunk of the country’s mortgage woe.

The number of Florida loans in foreclosure – 466,454 – is more than the total number of loans in 22 states, according to a new report from the Mortgage Bankers Association that looked at mortgage delinquencies in the first quarter of this year. Florida’s share of the national foreclosure pie is 23.7 percent.

And while some states are on the “mend,” churning through foreclosures and getting properties back on the market, Florida’s foreclosure inventory remains mired in a robo-signing scandal and an overburdened court system that has now lost additional resources to chip away at a 310,770-case backlog.

The decision by state lawmakers this year not to extend a one-time $6 million fund to hire more judges, case managers and clerical assistants means more foreclosure court stagnation – a temporary boon for borrowers behind on payments, but trouble for neighborhoods struggling with abandoned and derelict homes.

An order this month from Palm Beach County Circuit Judge John Hoy canceled a July foreclosure hearing, saying that because of a lack of funding, “judges are unavailable to preside over foreclosure trials beginning July 1.”

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PBC Order on Canceling Foreclosure Trials

7 Responses to “PB Post Front Page | Time to overhaul foreclosure process? ‘Court’s cry for help’”
  1. John Anderson says:

    I have a idea! Pam Bondi got $2,000,000.00 out of a foreclosure firm. “I would have liked to seen some hard jail time and a perp walk video to go along” Who gets that money?
    Can’t the judges fine these mill lawyers, who have put forth the fraudulent documents? Have they not raised the filing fees for foreclosure?

  2. John Anderson says:

    The prosecutors and regulators have been painfully slow to investigate the fraud that every layperson who looks at the evidence available, clearly sees.
    The supreme court and the bar feels it necessary to remind lawyers that they should not lie, should check to make sure their clients have the right to foreclose, and not present fabricated paperwork,,,REALLY! How hard is it for professional to view the lies presented to congress? AND ACT!

    Make these sham Judges follow the law, not worry about someone getting a free house
    Their job is to follow the Civil Rules of Procedure and apply the LAW as written evenhandedly.
    It has been reported by several defence attorneys that many Judges are refusing to follow the the CRP on foreclosure cases, and bold enough to put it in writing. This is a outrage.
    The States top law enforcement official is the Attorney General.
    My e-mail to Pam Bondi.

    Dear Pam Bondi,
    I am upset by your lighthanded approach to the fraud that banks and foreclosure law firms have so far gotten away with in this state.
    As the chief law enforcement officer in Florida, and a member of the Florida Bar, your duty is clear. To do anything less than full prosecution on those who would, fabricate, and use fraudulent documents in court proceedings is a violation of your oath as a officer of the court, and Attorney General of the state of Florida.
    We are in troubled times, and the public needs to know that the law applies to all, great and small. If rule of law, is perceived as rule of the rich, then civil unrest and revolution will be the result.
    Do you think Judge Judy would rule in favor of a plaintiff or defendant who produced a fraudulent document to win their case? NO! because it would violate the”CLEAN HANDS DOCTRINE” that no relief shall be granted to a party who engages in unlawful activity.
    I ask that you do your duty.

    I have received no acknowledgment of this e-mail, and I don’t expect one, what can she say?
    After her commits about her concern about “homeowners getting a free house”. She obviously is not concerned about the banks getting a free house, or document mills cranking out legal papers, fraudulently signed and notarized, and used by foreclosure mill’s attorneys, that are used to evict homeowners for fraudsters.
    I want the courts to follow the law, I want the government to force the to big to fail, to big to prosecute banks to follow the law, I want the prosecutor of my state to enforce the laws on the books. If they do everything will be OK.
    If they don’t, then expect rule of law collapse and mob justice.

  3. housemanrob says:

    Of course we are going to hear negative shit! Do y’all think the banksters are just going to quit and surrender? They will just continue the spin and doubletalk until nobody listens anymore. Note that this is happening now. HELLO!!!!!

  4. The banksters will continue laughing all the way to the bank, if they make another non judicial foreclosure state. Non judicial foreclosuer makes it easier for the banksters to steal your home. Homeowners have a problem finding attorneys that will go up against the banks in non judicial foreclosure states. It is bad enough to battle in judicial states, non judicial states are at he mercy of the law makers and law keepers that are funded by the banks and attorneys that are unwilling to help. Non judical foreclosures should be illegal in every state. Not created in more states. The defenseless homeonwers that have had our incomes reduced to bare existance have no money to hire lawyers and if we had it we can not find attorneys to represent us in non judicail states. No wonder the banks jumped in there to make this clami. It would make them SO HAPPY! TO BE ABLE TO VICTIMIZE US IN AN EASIER TO STEAL THEATRE.

  5. Pamela says:

    Part of the problem is the new home buyers who haven’t checked out that on a short sale home or foreclosed home you get a title exception not a title.Which means theres a problem and that like as not you will nver come on the title until it is straightened out.They are not sophisticated enough to understand the language being used.I wasn’t either until I got involved with this mess.Now I feel like I should have a college degree in this paticular field.They {the banks} are herding them through just like they did us.Nothing has changed except it’s tougher to get a loan now.But if they want you to have it they are willing to stoop to new levels to give it too you.

  6. Readdocs says:

    Long term damage has already been done, as the fog clears and it’s finally realized there are already millions of properties that have been foreclosed/resold have hidden problems where title search was not properly done.
    This thing will make problems like Houston has with their crime lab (20 year back log) seem trivial.
    It will become a thing that cannot ever be fixed.
    People in control of the banks currently could care less, because they plan/planned on walking away from this problem believing they’ll never be touched by it.
    For some this is true, but the generations after wards will reap what their ancestors sowed.

  7. Wrath Stigen says:

    Listen to this rot:

    “And while some states are on the “mend,” churning through foreclosures and getting properties back on the market,”

    The press still can’t see a civil rights issue when it’s in front of them. Maybe they can but aren’t allowed (yet) to publish this.

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