I’m Short Your LPS | $24.81 – Lender Processing Services Stock Hits New 52-Week Low

Lender Processing Services (NYSE:LPS) hit a new 52-week low Tuesday at $24.81, as it is currently trading at $25.34, below its previous 52-week high of $35 with 531,761 shares traded as of 10:41 a.m. ET. Average volume has been 973,900 shares over the past 30 days.

Just breaks your heart, doesn’t it…




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  1. Pamela says:

    In response to Catherine Mc Manus;It seems to me that that is what we are lacking here is media coverage to the extent that whats going on is evidently to thier way of thinking not big enough to make the major media coverage except in certain instances and by people who are viewed as contreversial.Not that thats a bad thing but we are having a problem reaching people with our info. never mind the fact that alot of people still just don’t get it.If they do get it then it applies to everyone else and not them.There seems to be this belief pattern that we are a bunch of losers or deadbeats and this only happens to that kind of failure.Just like Bobbi Swan wrote in another post about sub-prime lending making a come back with neccesary FICO scores now dropping to 500.What a farce.Anybody buying into this after everything that has happened is delusional.But it is not stopping people by any means.The lunacy continues into the next round.When will people learn:when it happens to them and only then.A system set up for gross failure and nothing more.

  2. l vent says:

    Mark Haines from CNBC passed away today. He was the only truly honest anchor on that channel. Mark did not play both sides of the coin like all of the rest of them. He pulled no punches with any of the Wall Street tycoons. He asked all of them the tough questions and told them point blank when they were evading answering his questions that they were lying. He never went along with their evil program and did not play their game. He came out and said on the air that it was not fair to American tax payers that the CEO’S from the big banks took huge bonuses out of TARP. You could really tell he was on our side in the fraudclosure mess and he did not ever promote the b.s. about homeowners being deadbeats and never spoke about foreclosures which to me spoke volumes about the fact that he was an American first and foremost . He never bad mouthed the American people but he called Wall Street out daily. He never hid his disgust with Wall Street. I will miss him alot.

    • l vent says:

      The best memory for me of Mark was the fact that he never took Wall Street tycoons as seriously as they took themselves.

      • l vent says:

        Mark attacked filthy corrupt politicians with equal disdain such as Barney Frank. Mark pulled no punches and proved his brilliance in subtle ways with his spot on questions, meresilence or body language that Washington and Wall Street were corrupt and in cahoots with each other..He did not let them get away with their lies and went about it brilliantly.

      • MAGGIe May says:


      • MAGGIe May says:


  3. see says:

    Should we start to dig the hole?

  4. Pamela says:

    Wonder how much farther it can drop before thier investers get the idea this is going nowhere fast.Seems to me they should have paid attention and gotten rid of stock before this happened.You snooze you lose.

    • maggie may says:


    • Catherine Mc Manus says:

      Good Question Pamela-“how much farther can these stocks drop before their investors get the idea”

      This is a gambling game for investors-they are betting the stocks will climb faster than they fall.
      there is always manipulation of these markets too ! Investors know the US Gov. will save Wall St
      at any costs.
      Have you noticed the finance sector of most news media outlets are “hush-hush” regarding falling stocks ?
      For example I click on the MSN Stocks page, type in BOA and get great pleasure that their stock
      price falls everyday ! Then I click on the “news” tab. There are plenty of trending reports, positive outlooks posted but you have to dig deep to find any negative news stories, such as SEC or other investigations. Bank of America has News Media by the b—-s. They have ads on every and any finance
      news I read. BOA has a full time task force to improve their image-monitor websites and they $urchased every registered and unregistered domain name that might bash BOA or leak negative news. http://www.bankofamericasucks.com would not sell out to them.

  5. lizinsarasota says:

    Anyone with half a brain is dumping this stock. LPS has made fraud their stock and trade (pun intended) that it’s inevitable that they are going down. Most people have read the three LPS newsletters that are available on scribd.com – if you haven’t, read them!
    I am publicly offering $50/issue for any LPS newsletter that is not on scribd.com right now. If you know someone who is a lawyer who subscribed to LPS and used their services – they’ve got back issues, somewhere. If you know someone working for LPS in MN or FL – they’ve got back issues.
    If you can bring forward back issues, these people at this website can get in touch with me. I’ll pay CASH.

  6. david black says:

    perhaps that law suit against lps from that retirement fund will bring out that this whole thing was approved by and orchestrated by the insiders of the fed govt. will let you use your imagination as to who they might be. and those individuals DO NOT want the money trail leading back to them since it might lead to their own arrest and prosecution for violating the civil rights of us homeowners NOT The bankers. yes predatory lending is a civil rights violation of the Fair Housing of 1964 called mortgage discrimination for predatory lending aka reverse redlining. as you all know rodney king in la got his restitution for having his civil rights violated by the govt. well this is the same scenario. it is a crime for any party under federal law t o usurp the constitutional and civil rights of any us. citizen is and widespread predatory lending is a civil rights violation under u.s. law as stated on hud website http://www.hud.gov as a civil rights violation under Title 49 u.s.c. and it provides for free attorney and restitution to the homeowner at bank/lender expense. how bout that for apples.

    but no one is filing complaints or hud is allegedly putting them in file 13 or rewriting them and getting the complainant to sign phony unofficial forms.

    go get em . HOORH!

    best regards
    David b.
    so foreclosing covers up the whole mess so we can all move on and the govt guys get their multi million salaries form the banksters that did this to be gin with and the whole charade happens again in 20 years. well in my book, that is NOT going to happen.

    let the cover up be uncovered and may those responsible for this in state, local and fed govt be kicked out on the street rendered homeless as well.

    best regards
    David. B.

  7. TheHutMaster says:

    Die baby DIE!

    RIP lps.

    “Fight The Good Fight”

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