Provest Sewer Service | Deceased Homeowner Served with Foreclosure Papers

Deceased Homeowner Served with Foreclosure Papers

Some homeowners trying to defend themselves against foreclosure have said the lender didn’t properly serve them.

And in one recent case, the homeowner wasn’t properly served because he was dead, Sunrise lawyer Andrew Dinnerstein said.

Dinnerstein, who’s representing the family of the deceased, said in court papers that a representative of process server ProVest served the homeowner on April 21, 2011. But the homeowner had passed away Aug. 4, 2010.

Dinnerstein is not identifying the man to protect the family’s privacy.

ProVest falsified a document, saying it properly served the defendant when it didn’t, Dinnerstein said.

“It’s equivalent to perjury,” he said. “The system is being abused to such an extent that people aren’t even being served properly.”

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And the fraudclosures continue…


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  1. Mke says:

    I have been offered a job with provest-subsidiary American Envoy division. I’m hesitant about this, and that’s hard for me, since I want to make a move very badly from where I am. But, something is telling me somethings not right here. Can anyone who works/worked for this company give me some insight.

  2. Readdocs says:

    So, what’d they do, foreclose on the guys’ grave?

  3. MAGGIe May says:


  4. Hell NO - No More Bail-Outs or FALSE Modification Programs (Ahem or A-hamp) says:

    The ghost of the dead owner must not have succeeded in scaring that process server away. What a gutsy sewer-server!

  5. Similar case in New Jersey. Loan was in the Borrowers name, as the obligor on the NOTE. Borrower passed away so the complaint was filed in my name.???? The Notice of intent to foreclose was in the deceased name, and not mine.??? Violation of the N.J. Fair foreclosure act. Law states that do not get to RE-DO. YAH !The statute is extremely tough on violators. So let’s see what happens. Motion filed Friday.???? I cited four pages of case law. F – – k- – r-s-.

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