Florida Clergy, Faith Leaders Tell AG Bondi: Stop Siding with Wall Street Banks

Florida Clergy, Faith Leaders Tell AG Bondi: Stop Siding with Wall Street Banks

This morning, a group of 75 clergy, faith leaders, and homeowners from five counties across Florida converged on the state Capitol in Tallahassee to hold a prayer vigil outside the office of Attorney General Pam Bondi, to urge her to stop siding with the Wall Street banks and drop her opposition to a provision in the 50-state Attorneys General settlement that would help underwater homeowners in the state reduce their mortgage debt.

Vigil organizers set-up a fake “moral hazard” work zone outside of AG Bondi’s office to tell the Attorney General that she is fostering moral hazard by continuing to make responsible Florida homeowners bear the full brunt of the cost of a housing bubble and bust that big Wall Street banks fueled and profited from. According to Zillow, forty-seven percent of Florida mortgage holders are underwater.

“Attorney General Bondi wants homeowners of Florida to believe that she is defending them by saying that reducing mortgage principal would create a ‘moral hazard’ while she watches families drown in their mortgages,” testified Rev. Errol Thompson, pastor of New Fellowship Baptist Church in Orlando and a leader in today’s vigil.

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26 Responses to “Florida Clergy, Faith Leaders Tell AG Bondi: Stop Siding with Wall Street Banks”
  1. lowelisamarie says:

    Pam Bondi is a disgrace and is only adding fuel to Floridas housing crisis fire. She was a BIG mistake!

  2. Fury says:

    pam is blonde. is she headed for Fox News on 7/2?

  3. Pamela says:

    She made her bed now she must lie in it.She will just go to work for Shapiro and Fishman like everyone else.

  4. Great to finally hear some good activity for Florida. The clergy need to get more PROTESTORS. We need to come out in Larger Numbers to make an impact. Seventy-Five is just not enough, to scare them. Well, if your home is in foreclosure, sell the contents (everything) to pay for the lawyers or relocate. Let the property be REALLY EMPTY. Until the court rules on the property, it is your home to do as you please, and if you need money . Oh well, sell stuff. .We have to survive, End of Story Line.

  5. Binkey says:

    I want to go back a few weeks to speak about that the fact, of Banks not being charged for any of their wrong doings. We have Banks, Judges, and Lawyers, When you hire a lawyer you believe that they have been hired to work for you. As a matter of fact you want to believe that our judicial sytem works for the people. When in fact they do not, in our Federal Courts the judges refused to even acknowledge that false documentation was submitted to the courts, they even go so far to write the banks rebuttal for them when they good and darn well they have committed an act of forgery. Too make matters worse you are paying an attorney who is supposed to be working on your behalf and all the time they are giving you bad information just to make a dollare. Has anyone ever head of an appeal costing 10,000.00 plus the lawyer wants another 1500.00 on top of that. Well this is what happens in Colorado, after the bank, judge and your attorney misinforms a client just so the bank can take the property. The judges know a criminal act has taken place, the continues to falsefying information to the bank, and then your attorney and the judge tries to convince you that the bank is not responsible. The Bank continues to believe that they are justified in their wrong doings and want to feel there has been a Victory because they can some little persons property. Well M & T Bank thinks they have a victory and that it is over because forces and misguide you into a settlement agreement know good and damn well that once a foreclosure has been posted on a clients name they you can not buy a property not even with a co-borrower. This is the game that is played between attorneys, judges and banks. Last but not least is that they lie and mis-inform you the whole time because the banks are paying judges and attorneys off. Remember we can take all of this too the Polls in 2012….anyone rather congress, senate, house of representatives…..I don’t care who they are look at what they are all doing to people. Vote them out of office, voiting them out will give us some power back, it will not replace our properties but they will not continue to write bills for things that they care absolutely about, unless they are getting something out it. This whole Predatory Lending issue is Politically Charge and it was the politicians who put it into motion through Fannie Mae. Please look at both sides of the house both republicans and democrats and make your decisions at the Polls. We can take all of this lightly and say it will change, but the only way it is going to change is if we the People for the People change it. Anybody who has 4 years or more needs to be removed from office. And yes their are some good republicans and democrats out who not participating in this but the majority are and they know who they are!!! So please look at your leaders in every state and ask yourself is this person worth putting back into office as my leader. You know they are not and those are the ones you want to get out.

  6. pick your poison says:

    the good Rev is right, the wall st crooks screwed us all, “real good”(greed)…but the Rev is the head of “focus florida” a pico international group that was stated by a chicago community organizer and jesuit, John Baumann, who BTW is a close friend of weatherman founder bill ayers…Have you ever read the weatherman manifesto? I warn you to be careful in your pursuit of TRUTH and JUSTICE in the foreclosure/economic nightmare that is playing out now. I personally dont like marxists who follow the saul alinsky playbook…DECEPTION is everywhere…and socialists will use any crisis to strenghten there hold of the people…Did you know that Stalin was a jesuit ? pick your poison

  7. CoCo says:

    She is leaving office 7/1/11.

  8. Thomas says:

    The sad truth with most AGs in this nation is they do not have the resources to battle successfully against the army of lawyers each bank can throw against them. I know it is easier to believe that the AGs favor the banks for their support and it may be true to some degree. But, most people believe the government is omnipotent and if is not. New York and California have reputations for taking on such battles because they have such resources (they could just as easily be in be with banks, wall street, the mob). Florica’s AG favors a settlement because it represents what she will call a victory, and it requires no expenditure of the resources she does not have.

    You though O.J. had a “Dream Team”, imagine each individual bank’s lawyers and the expenses, time effort it would take to go to trial against each one. It would take the type of outcry from larger numbers of citizens than we have seen to this point to force AGs to take on this challenge. It will not come from hope, facts, prayers or the mandate the AG has to serve the public. It cancome from the “power of the people”, a lot of people.

  9. Sickofcorruption says:

    The banks own her. Look into her campaign contributions….

  10. I am so glad to see the side of God getting into the picture. It is about time Americans receive help. THANKYOU, I HOPE MORE CHURCHES DO THE SAME IN ALL STATES.

  11. Fury says:

    pam bondi,

    you owe the People of florida so much more.

    your state is a freaking mess.

    punish the fraudsters who have destroyed your state. don’t do sweetheart deals with them.

    one of friends lives in THE WORST city in terms of the devaluation of property – Ocala, FL.

    thanks, Pam!
    does it feel good to be Number 1 in terms of the worst hit on property values in the nation?????

  12. Dan says:

    How’d she get that job? Hmmmmm, thats a tough question

  13. talktotennessee says:

    She looks young and inexperienced if that was her photo on the website yesterday. Perhaps she has not lived long enough to recognize she could be in the same shoes. In the real estate industry over the past few years, I see many people who fail to understand their strong stand against reducing principal will actually hurt the value of their homes because the market is not stabilizing. Values continue to fall as people default. Their loans reset or neighboring houses have reduced the value of their home and they have had a death or illness that forces them to sell and they can’t or lost jobs. So many people who have never experienced tragedy in their lives have little tolerance for those who have, thinking they are mere deadbeats. Most people buy homes intending to keep and pay for them. What goes round, comes round they say. She may learn her lessons the hard way. I did.
    If I was in Florida I would have been down there with the protesters! Way to go!

    • Fury says:

      i have friends in florida. they all have different stories but have all been screwed —
      – no mortgage at all
      – lost homes to fraudulent f/c
      – refi scams

      they will never be able to recoup their losses.

      this is a disaster. a full-scale disaster.

      every state is the same.

  14. Fury says:

    Pam Bondi is the moral hazard!
    put on your Hazmat suits!

  15. Fury says:

    The God who equipped me with strength and made my way blameless. He made my feet like the feet of a deer and set me secure on the heights. He trains my hands for war, so that my arms can bend a bow of bronze.
    Psalm 18:32-34

    thank you, brothers and sisters for fighting this evil!

  16. housemanrob says:

    Take note, no comment from Tallahassee!

  17. debi J says:

    We already all prayed for bondi and that didn’t work. The only thing that would work for her now is to have the investigation on her competed. Until all the dirt comes to the surface no one will know how corrupt she really is. She is iN on the scheme. We need all of her investments to be made public and then see where she should go. I am sorry everyone but I think she is already slated for HELL. Deb

  18. leapfrog says:

    Good. That rotten little beotch needs to be set straight on just who elected her and be reminded that next election she can be UN-elected.

  19. Maggie May says:


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