Streaming Broadcast – Banking and Financial Services Committee Hearing Testimony from Bill Hultman, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems

Michigan… Watch streaming testimony on non-judicial foreclosures and more from Bill Hultman (MERS) by clicking here… Worth watching all the way through. ~

ReCONtrust | Utah Has Had Enough: BofA / CFC Foreclosures

  The Market Ticker – Utah Has Had Enough: BofA / CFC Foreclosures It appears that Utah has had enough: ReconTrust Co. isn’t meeting requirements for carrying out foreclosures in the state, Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff said in a letter to Bank of America Chief Executive Officer Brian Moynihan. The letter, dated May 19, … Read more

Mish Is Again Off The Rails (Foreclosuregate)

  The Market Ticker – Mish Is Again Off The Rails (Foreclosuregate) Sigh….. State attorneys general are not happy with a $5 billion offer by major banks to settle lawsuits regarding robo-foreclosures and other alleged grievances. Some officials want as much as $20 billion. The compromise threat is on the high end. He then goes … Read more

Hoorah for Hooker | Hooker v Bank of America, MERS – “The MERS system greatly increased the number of investors stuck with worthless notes.”

Hooker vs MERS / Bank of America Note: MERS is a defendant, not a plaintiff in this case. “While I recognize that plaintiffs have failed to make any payments on the note since September 2009, that failure does not permit defendants to violate Oregon law regulating non-judicial foreclosure. .. A party conducting a non-judicial foreclosure must demonstrate … Read more