Here’s a New One | MERS Ruling Forces HUD to REFRAUDCLOSE on Mich. REO Toxic Titles




That’s right folks, now we are going to get a do over once again and REFRAUDCLOSE to “allow the mortgagee to cure the title defect.”

Don’t worry about all those REO’s that have already been sold…


MERS Ruling Forces HUD to Reforeclose on Mich. REO

The Department of Housing and Urban Development will re-foreclose on all its REO properties in Michigan where the original foreclosure was conducted in the name of MERS using the state’s nonjudicial process.

In an email to HUD mortgagees that was obtained by National Mortgage News, the agency said most of the major title insurance company underwriters have ceased issuing title insurance for any properties where MERS foreclosed by advertisement.

“As a result, any Michigan REO properties in HUD’s inventory that cannot close due to an inability to obtain title insurance must be re-foreclosed in accordance with the Michigan Court of Appeals opinion,” the email reads.

The policy applies to all Michigan REO properties in HUD’s inventory where MERS executed the initial nonjudicial foreclosure. Currently, HUD has 3,600 REO properties in the state. Making the issue murkier though is uncertainty about how many properties became REOs at the hands of MERS-initiated foreclosures.

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  1. Maggie May says:

    a name of someone good please??

  2. Maggie May says:

    I live as each day on this earth might be my last! I wish i had lived this way all my life!

  3. Maggie May says:

    For every video there is a contradiction! I trust my dreams dats about it!

  4. Bankslastchance, maybe? says:

    What they are forgetting about is all of the fraud that took place before the title defect took place, fabrication of affidavits, assignments and negligent loan servicing technique which forced homeowners into foreclosure. That my friend cannot be overlooked – by the way, who is they are going to do a do=over?

    Did they get our approval? Where is not our right to recall the congressmen and women who allow this to happen?

    Both State and National – It should not be their way or no way, it should be our way or no way – that is why we voted them in in the first place –

  5. Bankslastchance, maybe? says:

    You said this from the heart. And yes, you have it exactly right. You have inspired me this morning.

    The banks who chose the loan programs to sell to the American people and then having underwriters come in and approve the funding of the loan based on loan programs that have no place in our society, but ended up touching every part of our being: jobs, private investment through profit sharing plans and retirement funds, emotional distress, loss of family, broken communities, food banks, and the rule of law, and the list goes on and on. ” In the hands of a few, go the rewards of many, all on the backs of the American people”. There are many of us who understand what that means, but not enough.

    Producing a product for Wall Street and Fannie and Freddie was the name of the game and the banks and originating lenders didn’t care how they came up with it. There was money to be made and continues to be made as the American people are taken to the slaughterhouse. Are we going to continue to stand for this kind of treatment or are we going to begin the process that will peacefully take our country back. This does not have to become a hostile attempt to force the banks to do that which is right for the people, but it will be an affirmative stand by all Americans because without it, those that created this fiasco and so harmed their brother, most assuredly will continue to do so.

    It is clear that the Administration, the Congress and Wall Street do not know at this point what to do, and so it goes with the American people. So more time is bought by the AG’s with a few phony settlements which do nothing for the homeowners. a Congress that is afraid to touch the subject, and so many Courts that did not have a clue while they heeded the wims of the lenders and almost destroyed any justice for the people. But it is not too late if all Americans will do the right thing. Take action.

    Did I see Goliath out there? Yes, I believe he is there. So, people, what are you waiting for?

    The sad part of t his whole picture is that even after so many homebuyers were victimized, that the homeowners who fortunately were not, are not standing by those that were and bought into the story for the first several years that it was the dead beat homeowner that caused this demise, and with that mindset, they actually paved the way for the path we now find ourselves on, but they just didn’t get it soon enough. They were in effect, a vote for the banks and the loss of the rule of law. This of course will come back to haunt the American people if we do not get it turned around. When the fog clears, we will know for sure.

    While it is clear that a small percentage of the loans made were made with the homebuyer working falsely and made loans they knew they were not able to repay, most home buyers did not. However, for the most part, millions not really understanding what was going on, signed the papers with the trust that the lender was honest and forthright.

    The American people – 75% – have deserted those homeowners that have now become the victims of the banks. I thought this morning as I watched a poll on Fox news that said 68% of the people still believe in the American Dream – Does anyone want to define what the “American Dream” is now. This tells me, America you don’t get it.

    The banks now have an opportunity to correct the issue to try to regain the trust the American people once had for them – but as you can see, they are fighting to the finish to provide so little compensation for all that they created, both nationally and globally to those that were harmed which would in effect work to the good of straightening out the title issues, court issues and of course – give us back the rule of law.

    Everytime I hear someone mention the $150 Billion to Fannie and Freddie and I equate that with the $17B now being offered to the American people, I don’t know how anyone could accept such further victimization of the people.

    There are those of us still out there that intend to bring about a good resolution that will put the housing crisis behind us – Everyone will not be happy, but it may end up being the best that it can be under the circumstances and without the help of the AG’s, the Congress and the Administration and its regulatory.

    The deal will be between the Banks and the American people – The government needs to step aside as do the AG’s. The best news I heard today is that the 50 State Attorney Generals are basically coming to a parting of the ways –

    Now the American people, state by state can step in and begin that which they should have done four years ago, but simply could not or would not take the time to make the call for what must be done.

    It is obvious that the the campaign of those running for President will not reveal or permit any discussions regarding the housing crisis. Once the housing demise begins to deminish, the jobs will become a reality – how many people have tried to tell the Administration who concentrated on health care – first the Obama adminishtration for two years and now the REpublicans have picked up the torch. Ryan’s plan is good and will not be forgotten – it is a bench mark and the American people need to demand that the “whole story” be revealed from both sides –

    Like the housing issue, the health issue is taking the same path – get it off the table before the campaign gets in high gear.

    The seniors need to step up on behalf of the generations to come as their part in making a mark for America – Well, come on seniors.

    And the rest of the American people need to follow.

    The banks can make this work – we are not waiting any longer for them to step up and help us make it happen – and sooner rather than later.

    This is simple talk from someone who cares about this country – just like you do. We must put the people’s plan/proposal on the table without any interference from the Feds and we need a strategy to pull it off.

    But everyone that comes to this site TODAY, look for more of the same – talk, talk, talk – we have good knowledgeable people who can take up the cause to help those of us not organizaed sufficiently to bring it to fruition – WHY?

    Thank you for your time.

    Prayers for the people of Joplin – a far reaching tragedy that should help wake up America to what you might have one day is simply gone the next.

  6. Maggie May says:

    power out in chicago?

    • l vent says:

      I don’t think so, What did you hear? Is Commiewealth Edison up to some trix?

      • Maggie May says:

        We had big storm here and i dint see u posting u said u from chicago,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so i wuss being funni said power out in chicago!!1 lol

      • l vent says:

        All clear for now. But who knows whats coming next. The devils are hiding behind the scenes waiting to strike. ..

      • Maggie May says:

        dont expect it! No way to live if u do! plus id warn u!

      • l vent says:


      • Maggie May says:


  7. Bryan Lizotte says:

    BULLSHIT, Where is the AG on this? No elected person in office knows whats going on. Everyone of them should RESIGN now. TO BIG TO FAIL NEEDS TO STOP.

  8. fighting mad, mad as hell says:

    This is the nightmare that won’t end until justice has been done to all those who have suffered.
    The bad part is that puts Michigan back to square 1 and deep in limbo.
    The only way out is for the state to take over every home that has MERS taint on it and give it back to the last owner of record, the family that bought the home BEFORE THE BOOM OR BUST.
    All this means is that Michigan is screwed up so bad it’ll never be able to issue a clear title before mid-century!
    Sharing the pain equally would mean that every state would have about 12 million foreclosures to clear of MERS. That’s using the estimated of 65 million mortgages held by MERS!

    • fighting mad, mad as hell says:

      My mistake, did the math wrong. It’s nearly 1.3,000,000
      I’d bet on fixing the housing mess as the new job generating business for this decade. Cleaner than factory work.

    • l vent says:

      They are just greedy as hell. Our homes are paid for because of their Ponzi Scheme. They all made hundreds of trillions off of it. Fannie and Freddie and the Banksters/Servicers are just afraid to tell their foreign multnational masters, OOOPS, WE FORGOT TO SECURE YOUR COLLATERAL LIEN AND ALSO WE NEVER PROPERLY DELIVERED THE NOTES TO THE TRUSTS AS PSA REQUIRES.. This scandal, would have been even dirtier if they would have followed HITLER’S ORDERS. The Fourth Reich is trying their damndest to force their perps to steal homes they do not own. They thought they had it in the bag with MERS. HA!!!!!!! Then there is the not so little matter of the securitization, PSA requires an unbroken chain of title from Originator to the sponsor to the depositor and to the Trustee who becomes the beneficiary of the note on behalf of the investors. Then someone else today stated this little ditty, UCC code allows the BORROWER TO DISCONTINUE PAYMENTS WITHOUT DISHONOR UNTIL SUCH TIME AS THE NOTE HOLDER OR SERVICER COMPLIES WITH LAWS OR CONTRACT PROVISIONS MARSHALL V. SECURITY STATE BANK OF HAMILTON 121 B.R. 814 (Ill. 1990) VIOLATION OF FEDERAL TRUTH IN LENDING 15 UCS 1638 (a) (9), and REG. Z. THE BANK TOOK A SECURTIY INTEREST IN THE VEHICLE WITHOUT DISCLOSING THE SECURITY. WHY???? BECA– USE THEY NEVER DID THEIR DUE DILLIGENCE IN PROPERLY DELIVERING THE NOTES TO THE TRUSTS, A to B toC to D.. The perps screwed their masters out of our homes because when they committed the ORIGINATION FRAUD, they broke strict property laws and they broke contractual law and committed rampant securties fraud and failed to secure the collateral lien to the deed,at the ROD office, anytime during the life of the loan. Also, ANY fraud in the contract, kills the contract. Well, there is tons of that.

  9. Pamela says:

    Double foreclosure it just doesn’t get any better than this.Another great example of abject stupidity al its finest.You can suretell this is bankster mentality at work here.

  10. l vent says:

    Fraud on top of fraud to cover up for all of the fraud. They are truly sick, manical, diabolical and sadistic. The foreign multinational criminal enterprise who are infiltrated within and hiding behind the scenes of Fraudclosuregate, will stop at nothing to steal homes they DO NOT OWN. Fannie and Freddie and the Banksters asses are in a sling for not securitizing the debt for THE U.N./NEW WORLD ORDER and selling us our homes for a fair deal. They all made hundreds of trillions off of the PONZI SCHEME. THIS IS ALL ABOUT GREED AND WORLD DOMINATION BY THE RULING ELITE. THEY ARE USING THEIR MULTINATIONAL OLIGARCHY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD. WAKE UP AMERICA, or you will soon wake up poor and homeless in the land your fathers conquered!!!!!!!. We The People must stand together and fight this FOREIGN MULTINATIONAL tyranny!!!! This tyranny assumes many identities and uses many proxies to hide itself. They are really hiding in plain sight. They are who hates are freedom and they are using financial terrorism to destroy America.

    • l vent says:

      Please check out the you tube video entitled, The Men Behind Barack Obama, parts 1 & 2. It is an RT news interview with Webster Tarpley. Google Agenda 21, the WCPA and the World Constitution to see what “they” are up to. They want no less than our National Soveriegnty.

      • Maggie May says:


      • l vent says:

        I heard about it, Its the Blago case here that is the bleeping Golden distraction.

      • nicktortelli says:

        So I just watched the Men Behind Barack Obama…and I am at a loss. Will the American people ever know exactly how the White House runs? or who really is in charge?

      • l vent says:

        The men behind Barack Obama are really the same men behind all of this, just a different disguise than with George W..They wear many faces and use many proxies to hide behind the scenes. They all have the same goal, just a different proxy and a different weapon of mass destruction, this time it is the financial weapon of terror they are using via Wall Street and the Federal Reserve and the Big Banks. Goldman Saks is one of the largest SMOM/VATICANJESUIT banking proxies in the world. They were also Obamas biggest campaign contributor, George Soros was another, the Big Banks were some others. . They are hiding behind that. The G8 is the financial arm of The New World Order. The U.N., the Catholic Church is another disguise as is Zionist Israel. Freemasonry is another vehicle as is the Illuminati, the British Monarchy, and The World Council of Churches. At the head of the heap is The Black Pope. They have many far reaching tentacles. This is all about World Domination by a few hundred ruling elite who numerous proxies such as the Federal Reserve Bank, Wall Street, the Big Banks, Fannie and Freddie and corrupt and treasonist politicians to gain control of everything. They infiltrate everything an try and bankrupt nations to own them with the debt they create via their fractional reserve banking system of money printing and debt creation as well as their Military Industrial Complex, Big Oil and Big Pharma, among other vehicles, too numerous to mention. The only thing saving us from them is the U.S. CONSTITUTION. They have the World Constitution and their one world currency and one world dictator waiting in the wings. They hate our freedom. They want to disarm us. They want NO SOVEREIGN NATIONS. Google any of these terms. Eric Jon Phelps wrote a book called The Vatican Assassins, Wounded In the House of My Friends. There are you tube video interviews with him that are very interesting. We have all been living lies. Here are a couple more informative and interesting links:

      • l vent says:

        They are also The World Bank and the IMF.

    • Maggie May says:

      and im marilyn!

      • Maggie May says:

        i guess they keep their kids in jail with no bond and dont pay bills to show tuff lub!!

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