MERS Action Alert | Banksters Trying to Change Law to “FIX” Past and Future Foreclosure Sales with Toxic Titles

Poll: Should Oregon lawmakers give foreclosures, MERS a do-over?

A federal judge this week issued a stern rebuke to big banks and the Mortgage Electronic Registration System in its handling of foreclosures and what he called a violation of a long-standing Oregon recording law.

Now, the financial industry lobby wants the Oregon Legislature to amend an affordable housing bill to retroactively waive those reporting requirements.

U.S. District Court Judge Owen Panner wrote in his ruling: “Given the numerous problems I see in nearly every non-judicial foreclosure case I preside over, a procedure relying on a bank or trustee to self-assess its own authority to foreclose is deeply troubling to me.” Among those problems: Gaps in ownership records and possible “robo-signing” of mortgage documents.

But loan servicers, credit unions and title companies say the legal questions have cast a cloud over title on thousands of homes and mortgages in the state, slowing the process and holding back the housing market. Under the proposed amendment, past and future foreclosure sales with improperly recorded deeds could no longer be voided by a judge.

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House Judiciary Committee
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900 Court St. NE, Room 453 Salem, Oregon 97301
Phone: 503-986-1813 Fax: 503-986-1814

Committee Membership:
Jeff Barker, Co-Chair Wayne Krieger, Co-Chair Chris Garrett, Co-Vice Chair
Wally Hicks, Co-Vice Chair Mary Nolan Andy Olson
Mike Schaufler Carolyn Tomei Matt Wand
Gene Whisnant



Proposed Amendments to a-Engrossed Senate Bill 519

61 Responses to “MERS Action Alert | Banksters Trying to Change Law to “FIX” Past and Future Foreclosure Sales with Toxic Titles”
  1. DL 55 and Holding......... says:

    If we don’t do something soon we will all find ourselves buried benenth the Constitution that so many have fought and died to protect. Back when the Patriot Act became law 99 out of 100 politicians who voted for it said that they hadn’t even read it.

    Someone spent more time figuring out the acronym for this bill than they did trying to understand it’s contents and for those who didn’t realize this take a look: USA Patriot Act: Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001. REALLY…

    I’m so frustrated at this late date in my life to see our country being destroyed over nothing more than GREED and I keep asking myself how it is that the foundation of this country, buttressed by the U.S. Constitution and it’s Amendments can be so easily defeated by nothing more than GREED.

    With the exception of a few good Judges and even a few good politicians and law makers the rest of the ruling class in this country are on the take. 20 years ago people would have been hanging from light poles for doing what they are doing today.

    Many years ago when President Bush Jr. responded to a question as to why there had been no competitive bidding in the military contracts granted to companies like Haliburton and others during the Gulf (Conflict) War by saying, “Yes we broke a few rules, so what.”, I turned to my Wife and said, “the jig is up.” When the president of the United States publicly admits that it violated the law and basically tells the American people tough shit and there ain’t nothing you can do about it. Right then and there the gloves came off and they were out in the open.

    I hate to say I was right but just look at where we are now. Open and public disregard for the Constitution and the rule of law. From the office of the President clear down to the Judges sitting in the District and County Courts. The Clerk and Recorders Office and the Office of the Public Trustee.

    I personally have presented enough circumstantial evidence to the AG in my state to support legal action against Countrywide/BAC, MERS and one of the local law firms who are a major players in the foreclosure game here in Colorado. However, I get the same BS response everytime, “Thank you, but we are not at liberty to discuss an ongoing investigation.” I am part of that investigation you damn idiots……………………….

    When our elected officals no longer feel that it’s necessary to even hide the fact that they are acting outside the laws of this country and at ever turn of events they attempt to pass into law retroactive legislation to protect the Banksters then We the People are in big trouble and we have let this get way to far out of hand.

    I don’t have the answers but I agree that now is our time and it is now that we must act. This Bill in Oregon has got to be defeated by any means available. Not one more Bill, not one more amendment, not one more Court decision contrary to the law and not one more politician who supports these acts can be tolerated or allowed to pass us by.

    We out number the Bastards 99 to 1, remember, they are the 1% that hold 78% of the wealth of this Country so we need to deminish that wealth in order to take away their influence and seriously weaken their power structure.

    This is what we are achieving by preventing them from foreclosing on properties that they do not own and this is what they are afraid of. When we pull back the curtain and the only thing left standing there is a dispicable group of dilapidated old greed mongers with ties to the world bank who no longer posses any power to harm us then we will have won. Break the Bank, its the only way to end this and that is what we will achieve if we can prevent laws like the one on the floor in Oregon from becoming law.

    We no longer have the option to pick and choose our fights, we stand now or we will never get up again.

    USA IS BAC Act: United and Strong Americans Invoking and Standing Behind the American Constitution, Act.

    They aren’t the only one who can come up with an acronym…. Just thought I’d throw this in..

    Keep up the fight and keep those court cases coming.

    Good luck to us all.


    • TheHutMaster says:

      Wow, Well said @DL 55 and Holding……… !!!

      I believe the MOST frustrating thing is playing the “Circle Jerk” GAME!

      “If you Fight to Hard” I (the bankster), “can end this call at any time” Phuck that noise.

      Plian and simple, it is a game of “apply guilt” to the Homeowner! Send Property Inspectors (COCKROACHES) to leave their intimedating “droppings”… And the actual cockroach is paid 8 to 15 buck, per intimidation, although….. the scum that ownes these cockroach farms charge about a cool 100 bucks, monthly/bi-monthly, per gambino visit.

      Most of the field cockroach squad are Junk Yard Dogs. Ya know, tough guys.

      They announce “I am from the bank” Well, these asshats HAVE NO STANDING and are NOT “from the bank” If you argue, thay spew “Pay You Mortgage”.

      New site coming to offset the above stated bullshit. The Hut Master is getting it ready for ALL of you in this mess to post a statement of residance and post a pic bi-weekly to monthly of your home.
      More on this later…

      “Fight The Good Fight”

  2. BILL MUSSER says:

    The Oligarchs are slowly taking over. Not much left for the common man. Its so depressing to witness.
    Where is our Tienamen? Where do Americans-not oligarchs- go for justice? Certainly not to the courts or politicians.

  3. Remember this also. An American families freind:

    Elizabeth Warren Helped Shoot Down Bill That Would Have Sped Foreclosures, Calendar Shows
    First Posted: 11/24/10 05:13 PM Updated: 01/24/11 05:12 AM
    Read More: Bureau Of Consumer Financial Protection, Cfpa, Cfpb, Consumer Financial Protection Agency, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Elizabeth Warren, Foreclosure Crisis, Foreclosure Fraud, Foreclosuregate, Fraudclosure, The Financial Fix, Business News


    Elizabeth Warren, Assistant to the President and Special Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
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    Elizabeth Warren was the first senior Obama administration official to recognize the potentially incendiary impact of a bill that would have made it significantly easier for mortgage companies to foreclose on homes, and her subsequent warnings played a crucial role in persuading the President to veto the measure, according to freshly released documents and people familiar with the deliberations.

    The disclosure that Warren was instrumental in halting a bill that would have streamlined the foreclosure process comes as she confronts fierce criticism from Republicans on Capitol Hill for the way she was appointed to construct a new consumer financial protection bureau, and characterizations that she is inclined to take an overly punitive tack with Wall Street.

    A long-time advocate for greater regulation of the financial system and a prominent critic of predatory lending, Warren now finds herself at the center of an intensifying debate over the relationship between the Obama administration and the business world.

    For consumer advocates, who have long decried what they portray as Wall Street’s outsized influence in Washington, Warren represents their greatest hope that big banks will be more tightly supervised following the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. For a vocal group of business leaders and their Republican allies, Warren has become Exhibit A in their case that the Obama administration is anti-business.

    The decisive way in which she labored behind the scenes to stymie a bill that would have eased requirements for documentation in the foreclosure process underscores how her arrival has altered the administration’s relationship with major banks.

    The bill, which passed both houses of Congress and awaited President Obama’s signature to become law, essentially would have compelled notaries to accept out-of-state notarizations, regardless of the rules in those states.

    State officials across the country–who have been pursuing probes looking into wrongdoing within the foreclosure process– feared that those jurisdictions with lax standards could have become hotbeds for foreclosure documentation fraud. Lenders and mortgage companies could have used those states as central clearing houses to produce bogus foreclosure paperwork, and then export those documents to other states with more stringent regulations–an expedient bypass around the strictures.


    Obama ultimately declined to sign the law, and the House of Representatives failed to override the veto.

    Officials said Warren was among the first federal officials to recognize the significance of the notary bill, titled the Interstate Recognition of Notarizations Act of 2010. She met with authorities from several states and then relayed their concerns to influential administration officials.

    During the morning of Oct. 6, Warren’s team at the Treasury Department wrote the first memos on the bill, raising questions about the possible consequences if it became law, these people said.

    That evening, Warren met for 30 minutes with Peter Rouse, Obama’s interim chief of staff, her calendar shows. She later spent an hour on the phone with Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, who once sued Countrywide Financial and exacted an $8.4 billion multi-state settlement.

    The next day, Warren participated in an afternoon meeting on the bill, her calendar shows. During that meeting one of Obama’s top spokesmen, Dan Pfeiffer, posted an entry on the White House Blog explaining why Obama would not sign the bill.

    On Oct. 8, Obama declined to sign the bill into law, citing the need for “further deliberations about the possible unintended impact” of the bill on “consumer protections, including those for mortgages.”

    Documents released Wednesday show that Warren met or spoke with at least eight state officials leading a 50-state investigation into possibly-fraudulent mortgage documentation practices.

    The state attorneys general, secretaries of state and bank supervisors are probing the way in which major mortgage companies have pushed through thousands of foreclosure cases at a time, as if on a factory assembly line, by short-cutting the required documentation process.

    Recent weeks have featured a host of unsavory disclosures about how mortgage companies employed so-called robo-signers– people whose sole job was to sign foreclosure documents without reading them or confirming basic facts, as required by law. The volume of cases and shoddy handling of paperwork is reflective of the messy and indiscriminate lending practices that characterized the nation’s housing boom, as Wall Street eagerly handed mortgages to seemingly anyone willing to sign off.

    The states’ investigation and a parallel multi-agency federal probe are now roiling the mortgage industry, heightening the possibility that major lenders could face potentially huge fresh losses as bad loans continue to emerge. With legal and regulatory uncertainty now enshrouding the industry and public outrage trained on foreclosures, the banks could have trouble limiting those losses by selling off the homes pledged against bad mortgages.

    The nation’s biggest lender, Bank of America, has seen its share price drop 18 percent through yesterday’s market close since the day before the states announced their joint inquiry.

    Warren serves as an assistant to Obama and a special adviser to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner as she leads the effort to create the new Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, a watchdog designed to protect borrowers from abusive lenders. Her calendar from Sept. 20 to Nov. 2 was released per a Freedom of Information Act request.

    The longtime Harvard Law School professor and consumer advocate met or spoke with the state attorneys general from Iowa, Illinois, Texas, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Ohio, her calendar shows. She also met with Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, and spoke with New York’s top banking regulator, Richard H. Neiman. They are among the leaders of the combined state probe.

    Warren has long chided federal regulators for their lax oversight of the financial industry and slipshod protection of consumers. She’s championed state regulators, however, who have often been ahead of their federal counterparts when it comes to consumer finance issues.

    Warren’s calendar also shows numerous meetings with bankers and their representatives. Financial executives and lobbyists have noted that Warren was reaching out to them more than they initially expected. The calendar confirms her outreach.

    On Sept. 20, the same day she took a photo for her Treasury Department badge, Warren spent an hour and a half meeting with bankers from Oklahoma, her calendar shows. She spent an hour having lunch with Geithner that day as well.

    Since then she’s met with the chief executives of the nation’s largest banks, including Vikram Pandit of Citigroup; Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase; John Stumpf of Wells Fargo; James Gorman of Morgan Stanley; Richard Davis of U.S. Bancorp; W. Edmund Clark of TD Bank Financial Group; David Nelms of Discover Financial Services; Niall Booker of HSBC North America Holdings; and Kenneth Chenault of American Express.

    The calendar entry for Chenault’s one-hour meeting on Oct. 13 notes that “He’s flying here for us.”

    Warren also met with officials from Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank, Germany’s biggest lender and one of the world’s biggest financial institutions.

    Notably absent from Warren’s calendar are officials from Bank of America, the biggest bank in the U.S. by assets and branches, including its chief executive, Brian Moynihan.

    Warren’s calendar includes meetings with investors and trade groups, like the Consumer Bankers Association, the Independent Community Bankers of America, the Financial Services Roundtable and the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association.

    Though Warren is known for her vigorous advocacy on behalf of consumers, she’s spent more time with bankers and their lobbyists than with consumer groups and advocates during her roughly two months on the job.

    Warren’s 2007 journal article calling for the creation of a dedicated consumer agency inspired policymakers to enact it into law. Big banks opposed it.

    Warren has also met with nearly two dozen members of Congress from both sides of the aisle, including the likely incoming chair of the House Financial Services Committee, Rep. Spencer Bachus, and the top Republican on the Senate Banking Committee, Richard Shelby. The Alabama Republicans have been particularly critical of Warren and her new agency.

    Warren’s calendar features numerous White House meetings, like a two-hour dinner on Sept. 23 with top Obama adviser David Axelrod and breakfasts and lunches with another top Obama counselor, Valerie Jarrett. She’s also met with the heads of all the major federal financial regulatory agencies, including Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.

    Among Warren’s early initiatives are efforts to make credit card disclosure forms shorter and easier to read, and simplifying mortgage documents. Her first major speech since joining the administration was a Sept. 29 address to the Financial Services Roundtable, a Washington trade group representing firms like JPMorgan Chase, BlackRock and State Farm. She asked the assembled executives to work with her to create a new system of consumer regulation focused on core principles rather than a mountain of specific rules.

    Shahien Nasiripour is the business reporter for The Huffington Post. You can send him an e-mail; bookmark his page; subscribe to his RSS feed; follow him on Twitter; friend him on Facebook; become a fan; and/or get e-mail alerts when he reports the latest news. He can be reached at 646-274-2455.

    We need your help to get her into office. The banksters are attacking her and trying to keep her out of offiice. If you go onto livinglieswordpress you can sign a petition asking Obama to appoint her during recess. The banks do not want her in office. WE DO!

    • TheHutMaster says:

      Hey @Shelley A. Erickson,

      I too am in the Great State of Florida, and it is a SIN that I have not been to the beach in way too long.

      To that end, we need “Our Girl” Ms. Warren approved. Then OUR work begins within another arena dedicated to expose the FRAUD and BULLSHIT we all must cease to endure.

      “Fight The Good Fight’

      • Julia says:

        Good evening TheHutMaster,

        Sorry to hear that you don’t practice in Oregon. I need a real aggressive attorney to go after American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc. as a fraudclosure is just around the corner for me.

        Do you happen to know of any one in Portland, who would be willing to take these guys on?

        Any help/info would be much appreciated.

        Thank you

  4. Remember to advertise to throw this woman out of office! She is up for re election and does not realize Americans are waking up to their crimes. Nancy McLain who through this bill under the table and screwed Arizona homeowners. And Seel also who made sure he did not get the bill to her. Someone did it is on video, showing she would not even look at it and told the currire she had no intentions of looking at it. Homeowner Bill Wiped Out, Replaced With Fire Districting Bill …
    Apr 25, 2011 … “It sailed through the Senate, 28 I believe to 2, … Instead committee chair Nancy McLain moved to strike the bill before it even had a … – Similar

  5. The american citizens was set up long time a go to fail to all of these FRAUDS with no chance to win, the plan is to play you to make you think they helping you, then denied you the loan modification, ruined your credit, led on through deceitful statements from loan servicers; overcharging you with junk fees, (even once a bank admitted to call them junk fees) at times exceeding 2 years to give you a mislead denied resolution, reporting the person to the3 credit agencies monthly, Fraud on top of Fraud on top of Fraud, clearly there is no chance for the average American citizen to survive this massive fraud.

    • American banks can not buy votes. They can only buy champaigns and purchase the represenative and judges. We can throw them out of office. America is bigger than the banks. The reason the banks have gotten away with this is homeowners just walk away and dont fight, not enough of them. They give up. The stress overwhelms them. If you give up the bank wins. They exspect it. If you fight and a lot of us fight this we will surprize and wear out the banks. Mail your story to the President, to OCC to FDIC, to your attorney generals. The banks are at the end of their ropes right now. This the time to battle. They are on the verge of bankruptcy and need our money again. Make sure our represenatives now they will be out of office if they help the banks and not the people.

      • Tim Bryant says:

        The only way to cut off the banks heads is to stop feeding them. I stopped paying my mortgage in October because of all this garbage. Amazingly, when you know how to go on the offense with them, they don’t bother you anymore.

      • l vent says:

        Tim, have you been downtown to the CCR of Deeds? If so, how did they treat you down there? They were really kind to me and very helpful. I had to ask the questions, though.

      • Tim Bryant says:

        My Register of Deeds (in MA) is absolutely aware of the MERS scam. All of our RODs are involved in the investigation being done by Essex Southern ROD John O’Brien, whose actions have been posted here frequently. MERS is being setup for a HUGE downfall in our state.

        My ROD hasn’t been helpful per se, because the laws don’t allow them to act on our behalf. They are helpful though because when they smackdown MERS, it will be an open-record of the illegal enterprise between MERS and the banks.

      • l vent says:

        Tim, sorry, I thought you were from crook county. They were helpful in the way they showed me how the house is paid for because of the Ponzi. They also gave me my old pin which is where all of the origination fraud was hidden. They told me in no uncertain terms my house is paid for because of their lack of due diligence and not assigning a debt to my deed in 19+ years. The title is even worse for them. There is no origination on title. just a $40,000 lien from the builder of my home which was put on title a year AFTER the mechanic’s lien was paid off. Title shows no satisfaction of that lien. That lien is not even recorded in my County records. I have home builder fraud too.The only thing on that title of any significance, that I can see is the deed conveyed to me and my husband at origination. No wonder they told me they wanted me to sell my home after the loan mod scan. We are the only ones that can clear and reconvey that title with our signatures. There is no trust to be found but, they have a trust # listed on the foreclosure lis pens that I can’t find any record of existing. My house has also been in MERS but there is so much other fraud here, I didn’t even address that issue with them. The pretender lender tried to join me in the fraudclosure complaint along with Fannie’s attorney to fraudclose on MERS. MERS has the loan granted to me according to my country records my loan is no longer in MERS but as of last fall MERS database says my loan is still active in MERS. I believe they are trying to use MERS as an assignee in place of the failed bank that I re-fied with in 07. They are all nuts. They are so far off the mark it is remarkable they would even try to fraudclose. They are a rogue regime for sure. They are without a doubt counting on our lack of knowledge to steal homes they have no record of owning..

      • l vent says:

        I meant to say they are trying to use MERS as a nominee for the failed bank. That bank failure was the biggest bank failure in Ill history I might add. That bank is in FDIC recievership and is hiding inside of Marshall Illsley bank in an unsecured, not FDIC insured trust by the name of North Star. I read that the bankers from that failed bank are under invesigation for tons of fraud. Criminals, all of them.

      • Tim Bryant says:

        I vent,

        No problem, I understand you completely. I also understand that every inch the baniks or politicians are given IN ANY PART OF OUR COUNTRY, is bad for all of us. It sets a precedent. We need to show that these acts or court decisions, are obscene, and violate the Constitution.

        If the states and judges do not believe the Constitution is the law of the land, than their decisions mean nothing. The Constitution is where they get their authority. It appears that the government wants to revert back to the Articles of Confederation.

      • l vent says:

        Tim, I will have to google that and read up on that. There is definitely something really shady going on here. I watched the Enron story yesterday and they had the criminals from Enron seeking protection under the U.S. Constitution. What a joke. The Ponzi Schemers are trying everything they can think of to keep their pirate ship from sinking. What can we expect when they have the best criminal minds in the country working for them? I think they are running out of places to hide. Because of the truth movement spreading across America, there are millions of American people who are now on to them.

  6. Almost daily, I search frantically looking for answers. Totally dismayed at what has happened to many of us; accepting my own failure to miss the red flags that something wasn’t quite right. Caifornia, one of the best states to live in for peoples rights? Evidence that long lines, waiting lists to purchase a home, not enought to go around, games played with rising costs?that’s the builder, appraiser, and perks to the lenders? Adding on additional upgrades for the homeowner, totally missing the point, the only reason anything was added is because they knew the prices were dropping; closing costs included or not included. Rather than point fingers and wanting someone to pay for everyones stupidity including my own; most just wanted to stay in their homes! It certainly is to late for that, where I live value has dropped 75%, and still homeowners just wanted a break on their payment?? Most have lost their jobs, illness, all kinds of factors fall into place, foreclosures continue, tax dollars are wasted on monies given to Federal Housing to cover Fannie Mae and their so called projects for low income, or protecting blight? Memo’s are sent suspecting fraud, doesn’t matter, it all still continues, According to California law; everything is supose to be done to avoid foreclosure, that hasn’t happened, they asume they are given the right information, they asume wrong; Mers??? doesn’t matter what happened after you signed off on the loans, it is now bought by Federal Housing and it changes hands at auction to Fannie Mae, then their charming agent claims whatever they feel is appropriate and locks out homeowner, at times without even an eviction notice; doesn’t matter, is all a civil matter. Now think about that? If you can’t afford your house payment do you really think you can afford legal counsel. Changing the laws to protect the banks errors? The auditors seem more interested in making it near impossible for someone to qualify to either purchase or modify their loan, just what happened to protecting the average citizen; and the more you have acquired in life the more they pound on you, not happy until you have lost everything, totally disalusioned; life was so much better when I was working 24/7 and didn’t have the time to pay attention. Fraudulent Foreclosure, eviction, denied loan modification, ruined credit, led on through deceitful statements from loan servicers; at times exceeding 2 yrs, reporting the person to the credit agentcy monthly?? The situation makes me sick; clearly there is no place for the average American citizen to turn.

    • There is keep fighting the banks want you to give up and blow away.
      Read this from attorney Neil Gleason at livinglieswordpress.clom:
      Posted on May 29, 2011 by Neil Garfield
      EDITOR’S COMMENT: The truth is that the “home retention” or “modification” programs are a farce. They are merely a cover for the actual plan in effect which is to get as many houses in their pocket before the reality of the illegality of all these mortgages, notes, obligations, foreclosures and auction sales comes into clear focus. Will this reader ever get her home? We don’t know. But our ignorance is not based upon on ignorance of what SHOULD happen according to clear and basic precepts of law and common sense, it is based upon the fact that politics and pure financial muscle alters the result of any case.
      If you speak to any group of 100 homeowners who have submitted papers to their “lender” (pretender lender) they will nearly all tell you that they had to submit the papers multiple times because the people on the other end are under orders to lie to you. They have been told in no uncertain terms to say they didn’t get the papers. Now the Banks are not stupid. So the actual person is probably not lying because they have no idea what was received or not received. All they know is what the computer tells them. The strategy is “just make it hard on them and many of them will go away.”
      The so-called home retention programs are really a strategy to make absolutely certain that you fall so far into “default” (even if there is no default, because the creditor got paid) that the homeowner goes into despair and depression and walks away from property that they own, and which the true creditor doesn’t want. That clears the way for pretender lenders to fill the void with bulls–t, allowing them to pose as lenders, because the real lender is never coming forward to make the claim.
      Judges, who don’t realize that the true creditor doesn’t want to make the claim, and knowing that the borrower has apparently not made some payments, assume that since the borrower is apparently delinquent the presence of a “default” cannot be questioned. That is a mistake. Once a Judge makes that presumption, the pretender lender is more than half way home in getting a free house. It is FRAUD, pure and simple and many Judges are allowing it to happen.
      You’ll only get your home back or be able to retain it if you are persistent and dogged and willing to fight it out long-term. Once you present a credible threat, the pretender MUST avoid a trial (not one case has gone to an actual trial that I am aware of). The reason they must avoid the trial is that they risk a lot if they did, including possibly jail. So after telling you that you didn’t have case, that your lawyer is stupid, that you are stupid, that nothing you get off the net has any merit, that you are in default (and getting you to admit to a default because you know you didn’t make payment but you don’t know if someone else did) — after they made it real hard on you, then they move on to the low hanging fruit. They don’t want stories floating around about how easy it is.
      The really crazy thing is that the pretender lenders don’t actually care if you get your house. They just want to make it tough on you so MOST of the houses go to them and only some of the houses go to the borrowers. Either way it is a free house to somebody. So suddenly they back off and vanish or they might make some offer you can barely refuse. Most of the time they simply go away leaving the Judge with no choice procedurally but to grant your demand for relief in quiet title by default. Persistence is your game plan. GOOD LUCK!!

  7. Wayne Lewis says:

    This Act……….being necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health and safety, an emergency is declared to exist, and this 2011 Act takes effect on its passage. What defines an emergency ? The banks screwing up again ? There is no public peace, health or safety right now. Time machines are now real. Wow

    • Tim Bryant says:

      They can put all the perfume they want on it, but if it looks and smells like s**t, it is. The law is unconstitutional. If I was in Oregon and they sent me through this again, I would make sure the state was enjoined, and file a counter-claim. Then if I prevailed, I would put a lien on the Capitol building, and force it to be sold off !!! Since the state legislature does not own the building, why not? They cannot claim injury when they went out of their way to violate the constitution, would they then try to invoke it? Imagine how much worse they would look.

  8. Fury says:

    you cannot sell a home w/ a clouded title.

    when will the crooks realize this?

    anyone who bought a f/c home could be burned and put out on the street by the people who were illegally
    foreclosed on in the first place.

    it is all about fraud – massive fraud!

    it cannot be swept under the carpet.

    • l vent says:

      They are calling the American people out. If we want to remain a Sovereign Nation being governed under the rules and laws of the U.S. Constitution, we had better be willing to fight for it because the U.N./ New World Order wants to take this country over and they want a one world dictatorship with a one world puppet dictator and a one world currency. They have corrupted and infiltrated everything and think they own us. They don’t own us yet. The only thing standing between us and them is the U.S. CONSTITUTION AND THE U.S. BILL OF RIGHTS. They want a fascist tyranny, a Plutocracy controlled by Oligarchs who are really owned and controlled by the elite Plutocrats… Google Agenda 21 and The World Constitution and the WCPA. This is serious. The American people need to get it together and revolt. Start by demanding the resignation of all of the corrupt politicians who are not governing under the U.S. CONSTITUTION and are not listening to the people. This is our Country, not theirs.

      • TheHutMaster says:

        Right on target @I Vent. It is time NOW to stop this World Order Bullshit. They have lft US no choice and now it is time to take our country back. They are killing US and it is time to kill them before they kill the US.

        “Fight The Good Fight”

      • l vent says:

        Hut Master, Obama is calling the American people out everytime he does something Unconstitutional, such as when he declared an act of war on another country from another country. Obama knows the U.S. Constitution. There is a huge truth movement happening in this country. I see more and more people everyday are questioning more and seeking the truth. This is a wake up call, the alarm bells are ringing. The truth is in plain sight. We are one manufactured disaster away from losing our National Sovereignty and all of our freedoms. .

      • TheHutMaster says:

        Again, well said @I Vent. The only solution is EDUCATE ALL! The more I educate my clients, the more they realize the facts and the physco warfare the banksters inflict, the more efective these folks are in the fight.


        “Fight The Good Fight’

      • l vent says:

        You are one of the very few good ones, HutMaster. All of the attorneys I have spoken with will give nothing up. You have to ask them the questions and show them the fraud or they will tell you lies. I have not spoken with an attorney who did not lie to me at least a few times until I showed them the fraud I found. They all told me so many lies. My county recorders office was helpful but again I had to ask the questions, then they were helpful.. If you go down there knowing nothing, they will not tell you anything. I had to make 2 trips before I nailed it. The cover up is as big as the Ponzi Scheme, maybe bigger.

      • I vent and HutMaster…..We are a Sovereign Nation and look what Obama and Congress have done to us….they spit at the word Sovereign…..LYBIA is a Sovereign Nation…..their troubles were internal…..In March 2011 Obama authorized the U S Navy to start Missile attacks on them…killing massive count of people. Does that tell all of us where we stand…the bastards themselves this government….would do it to this country……Obama stuck his nose in Egypt, Lybia, Isreal, Pakistan, Afganistan..all lately…and the list goes on….he is not doing all these trips for peace…he is working for the NWO….going to all the heads of other countries…who does he think he is fooling. He is stirring up trouble to cause a war…so other countries turn on America. He is doing the same here…ignoring the massive mess his foreign corrupt friends have done to us…corrupt government…he wants us to start fighting in the streets…just like Egypt and Lybia…so they can start the missles….this is part of depopulation and to weaken the countries. I vent is right…this is very serious …..time to start…………………………………………………………………………………………….

    • l vent says:

      Marilyn, there is an interesting video on you tube I watched called David Icke Rothschild Zionism. Soo many do not realize that they are all working for the Vatican in Rome. The blame the Jew thing is exactly what the Revived Roman Empire A/K/A the JESUITS like to do. They put the Jews in high places so when things go wrong they blame the Jews. The Revived Roman Empire is the head of the snake behind the Rothschild Zionists. The Banksters are equally evil and do need to be brought down but they are not the head of the snake. . The people need to realize there are 2 faces and they play both sides of the coin and they hide behind the scenes waiting to pounce on unsuspecting nations. The American people have to realize the head of this snake is seated in the Vatican and is the Black Pope and he is using the White Pope as his mouthpiece. BLACK IS WHITE is the BIG deception or BIG LIE that they use. Many do not know the World Bank, The IMF, the central banks, Wall Street, The Federal Reserve, The Big Banks are not really being controlled by the Jews, They are all U.N./ New World Order Proxies being used by that very Jesuit Empire to acheive their ultimate goal of World Domination. . The people need to know that the American people bailed out FOREIGN OWNED AND OPERATED, MULTINATIONAL INSTITUTIONS, ESP. FANNIE AND FREDDIE, WHO POSED AS AMERICAN INSTITUTIONS. THEY ARE NOT AMERICAN INSTITUTIONS. ALL WHO GOT BAILED OUT AND WERE DEEMED TOO BIG TO FAIL, EVEN GM AND CHRYSLER, ARE ALL FOREIGN OWNED AND OPERATED MULTINATIONAL PROXIES FOR THE U.N. /NEW WORLD ORDER.

  9. Fury says:

    STOP the fraud.
    STOP the plundering and pillaging of America.

    we want our money back!
    the banks have it. they must compensate their victims of their evil ponzi scheme.

    • We can do it without a blood bath. Americans are not trained like the swat teams.Banks are on the run right now, that is why they are at Washington DC trying to keep Elizabeth Warren out of office and trying to buy their way out of this. For the first time in American history massive Americans have been effected and are angry. The banks kicked themselves in the butt and have gone to far and are in trouble and if we keep the heat on them they WILL LOOSE! Any perpetrators want silence and to be invisable. Until they pulled the biggest heist of them all and made millions of Americans angry, they were invisible. The truth is coming out and we need to add heat as hot as H-E-L-L to them. This is the time to fight with emails and contacting our represenatvies, including Obama. It is easy over the internet. I am purchasing signs for my yard and business and bumper stickers to hand out ot clients. Contact the represenatives that are corrupt and let them know you will do everything to expose them.

  10. l vent says:

    How many banks and Wall Street firms are now under investigation for mortgage fraud? There should be a Moratorium on all Fraudclosures by now. Anybody catch Elliot Spitzer last night? He had a great segment last night in his They got away with it series. He had Gretchen Morgansen on who wrote a book about the Ponzi Scheme and NAMED NAMES. They called out Fannie Mae as the biggest villain in the Ponzi Scheme. They spoke about how they bought everyone they needed to pull the biggest Ponzi Scheme Swindle and Heist in History off. They spoke about how Barney Frank, who appears to be one of the filthiest politicians alive, got his live in boyfriend into a big job at Fannie Mae. I also heard on another news report that Barney Frank’s companion was caught running an illegal brothel for gay men out of Barney Franks condo and it was all swept under the rug.. They also stated that all of the heads of Fannie Mae go to places of high position such as Bill Daley who is now Obamas Chief of Staff. This attempt to cover up may be bigger than the Ponzi Scheme itself. Fannie Mae and all of their past head honchos are who need to taken to the woodshed. They are the head of the snake. The FBI told me last fall, Fannie Mae are to blame for this mess. All of this other stuff, MERS, THE BANKSTERS FRAUD, THE SERVICERS FRAUD, THE LOAN MOD FRAUD, IS THE COVER UP FOR WHAT FANNIE MAE DID, SO ARE THE FRAUDCLOSURES.

  11. TheHutMaster says:

    PHUCK EM? Naaaa, I say SHOOT em DEAD!

    It is the only satisfactory solution. We could start with the ASSHOLE “McHenery” in NC and then ride over the BOA and have an “Explosive” party there.

    I am soooo sick of this BULLSHIT. They are GUILTY, why are we letting these asshatt jerk us off??? WHY?

    “Fight The Good Fight”

  12. Make waves We NEED SIGNATURES
    Posted on May 28, 2011 by Neil Garfield
    EDITOR’S NOTE: A recess appointment is one in which the President appoints someone during a congressional recess. I’m no expert on the details but I know that recess appointments have been extensively used, particularly by the Bush administration to get around the requirement of getting congressional approval. If Congress is not in session, the President makes the appointment because the person is needed. It is pleasing to see that the citizens are getting wise to the antics of Washington and sharpening up their strategies. Warren is THE person to get appointed as head of the agency she helped create and build — with full knowledge of the ramifications of what Wall Street did to the country and the world during the mortgage meltdown.
    Here is a copy of the email I received. I suggest we give them all the support we can:
    Amazing! In the last 24 hours, over 150,000 people have joined together and signed the letter urging a recess appointment for Elizabeth Warren. This letter is already making big waves — with incredible news coverage from the Washington Post, CBS, Time, Bloomberg, and the Huffington Post.
    If you’re on Facebook, can you help reach 200,000 signers by sharing an updated message right now? CLICK HERE (Or, forward this email and ask friends to sign here.)
    In the last 24 hours, you may have also seen a viral video of congressional Republicans bitterly attacking Elizabeth Warren this week.
    At a congressional hearing, Professor Warren testified about the importance of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. House Republicans treated her outrageously — because they know how effectively she fights for regular folks like us.
    CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO and share it (and our letter) with your friends. They need to see what we’re up against.

    • IF YOU CAN NOT GET THROUGH CLICKING TO SEND THIS MESSAGE GO TO and click threre! We need Elizabeth Warren. She stopped the house and senate from passing a law last October by going to Obamma and letting him know the bill meant giving the bankster more money and making a law that forgave the banks for their crimes and would have allowed the banks to foreclose without being accountable for their crime. The fraud assignments would have meant nothing. She is the banks enemy and our friend. We would have all been screwed if that bill had passed. She gets the picture! This is why the banksters owned polititians are pusing so not to allow her into this office. This is IMPORTANT!

  13. Tim Bryant says:

    The state legislature would be in violation of Article 1, Section 10 of the US Constitution. No state can make any Ex Post Facto (Retroactive) legislation, nor can they pass any laws impairing the Obligation of Contracts….

    “No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility”

    As in the 50 state AG investigation, another waste of time, as this also is unconstitutional.

    • I agree! Our represenatives have passed laws against the U.S. Constitution. Allowed by our silence and our lack of watching their every move. Our government has to be policed by US. Sending them thousands and millions of signed documents and letting them know we are watching their every move and we can vote them out of office, will and can make changes we need. It can stop blood shed. Look up American concentration camps. The web shows over 800 of them set up for martial law., We are being told lies, these prisons are empty and waiting for something. One claim is illegal imigrants, which I would hate to see, and I believe is false. 800 prisons, that can hold over 400 million people, is over kill for twelve million illegal immigrants. Then I hear they are FEMA camps. We need that kind of capacity for FEMA? What going to happen we dont know about? Martial law could be it. Deutsche Bank is the KIng of Foreclosures, it is directly associated with being instrumental in the death camps in Auschwitz Germany. Deutsche Bank steals fifty percent of the American homes for free. And claim it is immoral to give reductions on home loans. They were forced to pay a lousy 5million dollar fine to the Jewish community, and the Feds snuck a 20 Billion dollar loan to them (a foreign bank, with a history of murdering families) whom has no morals and is willing ot toss American families into the streets teddy bears and all. We need to try to do this without blood shed. I believe we can. Make waves with so many contacts in everyway they are overwhelmed by the people they thought were asleep. The money the banks paid them off with can not surpass the amount of voters that can throw them out of office now that we are awake and NOW WHAT THEY HAVE DONE AND WHAT THEY ARE UP TO.

      • l vent says:

        You are so right, Sheila. Ever heard of HAARP? There are you tube videos about it. Jesse Ventura’s show conspiracy theories covered HAARP and the FEMA camps. The videos are on you tube. This is a wake up call for the American people. The alarm bells are ringing. The truth is in plain sight. The people behind the scenes of MERS and fraudclosures and the Intentional financial collapse are the same people who were behind 9/11. They are who hate our freedom and they are the real terrorists. Their weapon of choice this time around is financial terrorism and HAARP. We are one manufactured disaster away from a takeover by this foreign, fascist dictatorship A/K/A the U.N./NEW WORLD ORDER. They wear many disguises and are hiding behind the scenes of all of the bad in the world, including the Federal Reserve/The Big Banks and Wall Street, they own all of it..They are all foreign owned and opped multinational corps, including GM and Chrysler, Goldman Saks and AIG, they own all of the names that got the bail out. They are very deceptive about what they do. Do a you tube search for Black Pope, Google, WCPA, The World Constitution and Agenda 21. Here are a couple of interesting links:

      • Tim Bryant says:

        What we need is a nationwide class-action lawsuit against the states, for Constitutional violations under Article, Section 10. This will strike down all those illegal laws designed to cover the butts of politicians Wall Street buddies. It would also force the 50-state AGs to prosecute, not negotiate. I wish we could find a law firm to take the case. It would be a landmark decision that would probably, and finally, end up in front of the US Supreme Court. It would put the banks, the states, and the federal government, back in the places, and hopefully end all this silliness.

        If it went forward, it would be extremely embarrassing to many, many politicians and judges.

    • l vent says:

      I think they are trying to get away with destroying the U.S. CONSTITUTION. They appear to be governing under a different Constitution than the U.S. CONSTITUTION. The American people should be raising holy hell and should be marching all over this country against this tyranny that is trying to ignore all of our rights and protections under the U.S. CONSTITUTION AND THE U.S. BILL OF RIGHTS. Soon we will all wake up poor and homeless in the land our forefathers conqured. This is what this foreign multinational New World Order wants. They have hijacked America, but they don’t own it yet. This is our country, not theirs. The hippies and the radicals of the 60’s stood up to this very same tyranny and they got the job done. Eric Holder called America a nation of cowards when he first took office. He said that remark had to do with race but I think the American people should read between the lines. That is the same thing the Nazis said about the Jews after the Holocaust. The Nazi’s said the Jews got massacred because of their own cowardess. The American people get alot more aggressive and stop being so damned passive. They are not going to stop terrorizing us, if WE THE PEOPLE do not make a stand, indivisibly. Never before in History have we had all of the means at our fingertips to organize a movement to fight this foreign multinational tyranny.. The media is not going to save us and either is the U.S. Government. We all have to fight for our freedom or we will lose it.

  14. l vent says:

    90% polled say NO DO OVERS.. Gee, I wonder who the other 10% were?. The bankster criminals who are aiding and abetting the MAIN CULPRITS HERE WHO ARE FANNIE MAE, say this is all about moving the housing market. No it is not. This is about criminals trying to cover up for all of their RAMPANT MORTGAGE FRAUD AND THEIR PONZI SCHEME and they want to continue stealing homes that they do not own with impunity. The U.S. Government better stop the ongoing cover-up for THE GSE, FANNIE MAE. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE KNOW WHAT THEY DID and what CONGRESS DID.. Allowing the banksters to get away with this would be an outright act of terrorism against the American people by our own Government.. THESE HOMES ARE PAID FOR BECA– USE OF THEIR PONZI SCHEME AND THESE MORTGAGES NO LONGER EXIST. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 130 years ago that the MORTGAGE INSTRUMENT IS INSEPARABLE FROM THE PROMISORRY NOTE. THAT WAS NECESSARY TO ENSURE THAT TITLE TO PROPERTY COULD BE DERAINGED. MERS BIFURCATED THE MORTGAGE INSTRUMENT FROM THE PROMISSORY NOTE. THE MORTGAGE IS THE SECURITY INSTRUMENT FOR THE PROMISSORY NOTE. WHAT THEY HAVE SOWN, THEY SHOULD REAP.

  15. cause stone cold said so says:

    NO true sale! no assignment of deed without assignment of Note! If A to B to C did not occur the D the freaking Trustee HAS nothing and it is called securities FRAUD. The underwriters for the certificates was given a PSA, a prospectus, all had to be endorsed over by the Close date of the trust.

  16. pamelag says:

    let us feed them cake!

  17. Carolina says:

    Then why don’t we just give a “do over” to all criminals?
    Anyone that has ever been charged with crimes of forgery, fraud, or of any theft of any kind – should also have their crimes wiped off their slate.

    WTF is wrong with these people? Pure bloody madness!

    • Carolina…..I have said that same thing all along. Release all those in prison..including all the bank robbers….their crimes were nothing compared to what these bastards have done…I agree with a whole lot of others…line them up for target practice….. Save on the court costs…..cremation in their own fires of hell. Instead of a ” do over ” we will have done what is ” over ‘ due “……….

  18. tnguyen says:

    Oregonian should call or write your stae senator and rep. Let them know you are against thisw Amendment. The banksters stole the houses without being caught and now want the legislatrue to make it legal. Remember this vote at the next election.

  19. debi J says:

    Where are the lobbyists for the People? Legislation for the people must be cast now. They have breached every single solitary agreement and using our money. When is this insanity going to end? God, please bless America and all it — USEd to stand for. Bring back the regulation for banks prior to MERS. That’ll shut them up…..debi

    • Americans agree American is not what it used to be. We need to change that and save American now that so many have found this out. Our silence and lack of seeing this until it hit us hard is how it happened to begin with. The majority of people in American did not believe in voting or poiicing the government. They were happy shopping and watching TV. Life was great and now we are in this mess trusting the few bankstes and gangster to do us right.

  20. debi J says:

    RE0ALL CONGRESS now!!! Let’s all band together. they have breached every single contract including their oaths of office. Insider trading needs addressing as well. Recall congress. More to come on how we can do this together. It has to be fast. Pam bondi needs to be recalled now as well. Any brainstorms on this issue are appreciated. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. Its time now to make a stand. WE HAVE NO CHOICE!!! When the congress and the senate have zero understanding obviously about real estate or property laws!!! Test them and I bet they all flunk. Let’s recall these self serving liars before the fraud upon america has run to far. Just like the oil spill–the toxicity still lerks deep within. I’m sure the autopsies of the suffocated mammals will be hidden as well. Its time. Our time. Please help us save america!! debi. 5613899339.

  21. debi J says:

    RE0ALL CONGRESS now!!! Let’s all band together. they have breached every single contract including their oaths of office. Insider trading needs addressing as well. Recall congress. More to come on how we can do this together. It has to be fast. Pam bondi needs to be recalled now as well. Any brainstorms on this issue are appreciated. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. Its time now to make a stand. WE HAVE NO CHOICE!!! When the conress and the senate have zero understanding obviously about real estate or property laws!!! Test them and I bet they all flunk. Let’s recall these self serving liars before the fraud upon america has run to far. Just like the oil spill–the toxicity still lerks deep within. I’m sure the autopsies of the suffocated mammals will be hidden as well. Its time. Our time. Please help us save america!! debi. 5613899339.

    • l vent says:

      They seem to be completely ignoring the U. S. Constitution. Like Obama and the robo pen, they seem to be governing under a different set of laws than what they are supposed to be governing by. I say we google and read the World Constitution and Agenda 21 because I think there is some real funny business going on here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. They are sneaking around doing alot of things that are Unconstitutional and illegal under our U.S. CONSTITUTION. It seems like they are using a different one. The American people are being called out on almost a daily basis. They are trying us to see how much we will allow. They are all getting away with it. The American people should be completely outraged by now and marching in the streets of Washington D.C. and every Capital in the country. No one should vote for any Demorats or Republicons . They all should be forced to resign immediately. They are not doing the peoples work, they are working for the U.N./ New World Order. Wake Up America. The only thing standing between us and the New World Order is our U.S. Constitution and they are slowly and strategically trying to erode all of its powers. We are only one major disaster away from a one world dictatorship with a one world currency.. Get those guns and bullets ready America. This is as serious as a heart attack..

  22. Reuben Nieves says:

    In the United States, the federal government is prohibited from passing ex post facto laws by clause 3 of Article I, section 9 of the U.S. Constitution and the states are prohibited from the same by clause 1 of Article I, section 10. This is one of the very few restrictions that the United States Constitution made to both the power of the federal and state governments prior to the Fourteenth Amendment. Obsolving lenders of past misdeeds is unconstitutional. There would be no punishment for their crimes and no remedy for the homeowner.


      • l vent says:

        You are right, Marilyn. I was watching the Enron story this morning. The story is almost identical to this Ponzi Scheme, just on a much smaller scale. Alot of the same players like Chase. The crooks sought protection under the U.S. Constitution. I had an attorney have the balls to tell me that the U.S Constitution protects the Big Banks from the Government. These banks are not even American banks. The deception is the fact that all of these entities involved in this scam are foreign owned. They are really who have no protections under the U.S. Constitution. This is a rogue regime of FOREIGN FINANCIAL TERRORIST. So the American people even know they bailed out FOREIGN MUTLTINATIONAL ENTERPRISES?? THEY — USED THE GUISE OF AMERICAN INSTITUTIONS ALL THROUGHOUT THIS SCAM. This cover up is massive about who these entities really are. The truth needs to get out to every tax paying American citizen. . The American people have to unite to fight this tyranny. They are using every weapon they can to get away with this theft of our homes using the guise of American institutions. They are all liars and frauds including the treasonist politicians who have been completely corrupted by them. . There is an interesting you tube video I watched last night called David Icke Rothschild Zionism. It names names about who these Rothschild Zionists are that are working for this group of financial terrorists. Alan Greenspan is one of them and also is supposed to be a satanist. Bernanke and Geithner, as well as Rahm Emmanuel.They are all in and around Obama’s Administration. Behind them, the head of the snake so to say is the Black Pope and the New World Order, the revived roman empire.. They use the Pope as their mouthpiece. Black is White. They use the Jews, alot of them are not really even Jews, to get their evil work accomplished and blame the Jews when things so wrong. There is so much deception..

    • These crooks commit violations of the Constitution everyday in court, wtih summary judgments, violating our due process and discovery and no trial but by a single bought off judge. Non judicial states violate our due process. We must change this. Send signed petittions ot our law makers and e-mail your complaints and throw these people out of office. They are afraid of the banks. They need to be aftraid of loosing office for lack of votes.

  23. leapfrog says:

    “Now, the financial industry lobby wants the Oregon Legislature to amend an affordable housing bill to retroactively waive those reporting requirements.”

    Phuck the financial industry and their piece of $hit lobbyists. They are the lying greedy @ssholes that tanked our economy in the first place. Why should these scumbags get a “do-over?”

    • TheHutMaster says:

      PHUCK EM? Naaaa, I say SHOoT em DEAD!

      It is the only satisfactory solution. We could start with the ASSHOLE “McHenery” in NC and then ride over the BOA and have an “Explosive” party there.

      I am soooo sick of this BULLSHIT. They are GUILTY, why are we letting these asshatt jerk us off??? WHY?

      “Fight The Good Fight”

      • donna says:

        Hell no,! What in Pete’s name is going on with theses people, “The banks are guilty”!, Let them admit it , And take it from there , Quit with all this bullshit , You would probably let them get away with murder,
        “This is absolutely insane”! , Letting them pass this law and that law, Giving them 8 -12 chances in the court room to forged the right document , that looks not even close to being exceptable , And they still can’t get it right ,
        “How can you stand walking around all day with that brown stuff on your nose” ?

        Your just as guilty as they are ,your all going to h*** .

      • TheHutMaster says:

        The assholes are greedy and have NO compasion gene, whatsoever. Well, While I have an aboundance of the comapsion gene, I HAVE NO COMPASION for these scumbags. They are cocroaches that have FUCKED us without even a KISS!

        Again, if it comes to us, the taxpayer that pays the scum like McHenery, then, and as a business man, “YOUR FIRED”!

        “Fight The Good Fight”

    • leapfrog says:

      Right on, Hut and Donna, but the article below is about even more political capture. This asshole (former top Republican on Budget Committee and now revolving-door Squidman Sach’s lobbyist) has the audacity to whine about the tide of populism that is rising. In other words, he doesn’t approve of anyone saying anything critical about the banksters.

      • TheHutMaster says:

        Thx @LeapFrog

        This whole circle jerk is worse than you and I trying to debate the color of the sky on a clear day. When I throw FACTS in the scumbags face for a client, it is laughable bullshit in return. Then, I get “Well Sir, you are being too aggressive in your point that the sky is blue (on a clear day, of course!) Well mama, PHUCK YOU!

        “Fight The Good Fight”

        “Fight The Good Fight”

      • He is right! The tide is changing. People are angry beyond anger and are rising up to make sure these criminals no longer get away with this. We owe it to our children and grandchildren. We can not leave them with this mess we have ignored so long. I am so GLAD TO HEAR THE SQUDMAN SACH’S LOBBYIST WHINING. WE ARE GETTING SOMEWHERE OBVIOUSLY!

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