Ally Bank (GMAC) Conspiracy to Defraud the US Government Now Considered “Significant Deficiencies”, Not Criminal Acts

From the Salt Lake Tribune. Fed and FDIC send letter to Ally about “significant deficiencies in its foreclosure practices”. These deficiencies include submitting “bogus legal documents for bankruptcies and other court actions”. Once again, the government allows Wall Street to commit federal crimes with impunity…. ~ Feds to Ally Bank: Shore up foreclosure practices Federal … Read more

Letter to FHA | Mortgage Bankers Association wants to use E-signatures on Home Loans

The next generation of fraud is near. Let’s digitally falsify documents using the borrower’s own “signature”. Nothing good can come of this… But, at the very least, they would like any questions or responses to be addressed… “We look forward to working with you on this very important issue. Any questions or response should be … Read more

Snakes Foreclosing on Snakes | Oh, Serpents! Thought You Said it had Servants

[youtube=] Foreclosing on a Bunch of Snakes They say there are snake pits on Wall Street. Chase has learned there are snake pits on Main Street too. Last year, the J.P. Morgan Chase banking unit foreclosed on a home near Rexburg, Idaho, that is infested with garter snakes. They slide through the yard, the crawl … Read more

TIME Magazine | Not Everybody in Foreclosure is a Deadbeat

Who You Calling a Deadbeat? Turns out that all mortgage defaulters are not created equal. People who have had their homes foreclosed on are typically portrayed either as budgeting dimwits or craven opportunists who just want to freeload off their hardworking neighbors. A new study from credit reporting bureau TransUnion dispels both of those stereotypes. … Read more

Audio from Mers Oregon Fraudclosure “FIX” Hearings and Public Request on Dash-7 Amendment “FIX” to Senate bill 519

06/01/11 Hearing Click here: Go to HO– USE JUDICIARY Go to MEDIA – ARCHIVED AUDIO Or just click on the date here to play –> 06/01/2011 06/01/11 Hearing on Senate bill 519 & the amendment (dash-7) starts at minute 3:45 and listen until minute 10:30 AND Even Better… 05/26/11 Hearing where the Lobbyists spew … Read more