Foreclosed via Facebook | Facebook Used by Courts to Find Those Who Are ‘Only Online’

What’s next?

Trashed out via Twitter?


Facebook Used by Courts to Find Those Who Are ‘Only Online’

June 7 (Bloomberg) — Two years after an Australian lawyer caused a stir by sending a foreclosure notice via Facebook, the practice of online legal service is spreading as a means for courts to keep their dockets moving.

Courts in New Zealand, Canada and the U.K. have adopted the Australian example to avoid having cases stall when people can’t be located and served in person. Lawyers said the U.S. may not be far behind in using the world’s most popular social- networking service.

“There are people who exist only online,” said Joseph DeMarco, co-chair of the American Bar Association’s criminal justice cyber crime committee, and a lawyer at New York-based DeVore & DeMarco LLP. Being able to serve documents by social- media networks would be a useful tool, he said.

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9 Responses to “Foreclosed via Facebook | Facebook Used by Courts to Find Those Who Are ‘Only Online’”
  1. The banks are hurting now… they have to go on Facebook to find people? The banks are going to keep on hurting…it will not get any better for them. Their ‘ sheets ‘ are a pack of lies…..the figures lie just as they have done for years. Keep hiding…let them run themselves ragged looking…..a high percentage chance tthe bank looking for you does not even own the note..or own shit. follow the money…the fraud is in the origination…was the bank sitting at the closing table a strawman? Did the strawman put the banks name as payee/lender on the note and mortgage and than record it? If the strawman did that….that is fraud. Question…Who was the real lender / creditor to your mortgage? Not I, said the bank….but the sky is falling…….

  2. ha ha ha How about Loan Modification Via Facebook !

  3. l vent says:

    They are way out of control. There is no way of verifying anything with this and that is the way they want it. They do not want a paper trail that leads to them. That is why there is MERS. Their PONZI SCHEME SWINDLE AND HEIST was a gigantic cyber securities fraud scam. Just like the electronic wealth and algarhythms that they continually recycle and speculate on via Wall Street they are being sneaky and deceptive. The whole system is rigged by these crooks. When they want to rob us they just pull the plug and crash everything. The cyber way is not safe and secure for anyone. This is sure to lead to cyber chaos sooner or later… They all have a cyber fraud sickness. The old fashioned way is still the best way.

    • l vent says:

      I would just like to add a side note about their system of cyber madness. I went to the bank the other day to withdraw money and they told me their systems were down and they could not allow me to withdraw my own money and they could only do deposits hand written by them. These are perilous times.

  4. I wonder if they completed their loan aplication and closing online?

  5. Readdocs says:

    By United States law that wont work here, serving must be peer to peer.

  6. The people on facebook need to post they do not man their facebook so this is not a legal way to notiy us of any legal proceedings.

    • Ace says:

      Law is Law and Facebook does not apply. Social Media My ASS.
      This is just 1 more attempt of deceiving Americans and citizens world-wide of Due Process.FOLLOW THE LAWS.

      Own Up To Your Dastardly Deeds Banksters Etal.

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