OpESR | Anonymous Vs. The Federal Reserve June 14th – Ctrl+Alt+Bernanke

Op_ESR’s just released video: In this new video release, “as a first step,” Anonymous has called for public protests beginning on June 14th, continuing “until Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke steps down.” To make their case, they have presented a list of recent scandalous Federal Reserve actions. A99 OpESR Communication #2: Ctrl+Alt+Bernanke [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XySGw-g2tyk&feature=player_embedded] 90 days … Read more

On the Air Live 1420 AM WDJA | 8-10 am EDT with 4closureFraud.org and ForeclosureHamlet.org

We will be hosting our radio show today on WDJA 1420 from 8-10 am EDT. We are going to have some interesting updates and discuss topics emerging from the foreclosure/financial crisis. So tune in if you are local in West Palm Beach or join us on the web at http://www.jammin1420.com/ and click on the listen … Read more