Two SWAT Teams, More than 20 Police Officers in 15 Police Cars Along with a Canine Unit and Two Fire Trucks Arrive on Scene to Evict One Man from Foreclosed Home

“More than 20 police officers were on the scene, and at least 15 police cars, both marked and unmarked, surrounded the residence and established a perimeter stretching longer than a quarter mile down Mount Pleasant Avenue in Wallington, off of which sits Azalea Drive. The SWAT officers, most of them carrying automatic weapons, the negotiators and several other police officers also wore body vests.



Was this much manpower / firepower needed to evict a man from his foreclosed home?


Man who barricaded himself in Wallington house in custody

WALLINGTON — A man who barricaded himself inside an Azalea Drive house and threatened suicide after police came to evict him from the foreclosed residence was taken into custody early Thursday afternoon.

The man was led out of the home in handcuffs at 12:55 p.m. and placed in an ambulance. He did not sustain any injuries, police said.

Moments before, a team of eight officers — guns drawn — rushed into the home. One of those officers exited the residence with his right hand wrapped in a bloody towel. A police spokesman said the officer sustained “serious” cuts to his hand, but that they were not caused by the suspect.

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7 Responses to “Two SWAT Teams, More than 20 Police Officers in 15 Police Cars Along with a Canine Unit and Two Fire Trucks Arrive on Scene to Evict One Man from Foreclosed Home”
  1. l vent says:

    Outrageous!!!!! Talk about overkill. I think they are doing this stuff just to intimidate all of us. What the SWAT team does not realize is this could happen to them NO ONE IS SAFE. They sure know how to be wasteful with tax payer money. We are all paying for this waste. Pretty soon they will be broke because the people won”t be able to afford to pay for all of the fraud anymore and then they will lose their jobs and their pensions and then maybe they will wake up and see what’s going on and be on our side. Remember in Egypt when the Egyptian army put down their weapons and joined the people? Hidden behind the scenes of this is a rogue foreign multinational regime that has hijacked America. They are after our National Sovereignty. Proof is the PATRIOT ACT. The PATRIOT ACT NULLIFIES THE CONSTITUTION AND REMOVES THE BILL OF RIGHTS. WE HAVE TREASONIST TRAITORS POSING AS AMERICANS. MICHAEL CHERTOFF, HEAD OF HOMELAND SECURITY WHO ALSO HAS A DUAL ISRAELI CITIZENSHIP, AUTHORED THE PATRIOT ACT. There is a you tube video entitled 9-11 Missing Links Israel (Full Movie) ABSOLUTE TRUTH that explains this. Hidden behind the scenes of this is the U.N./NEW WORLD ORDER/VATICAN/JESUITS. They put jews in high places so when things go bad, they blame the jews. THE DEVILS ARE ALL HERE IN AMERICA. BLACK IS WHITE.

  2. The banks need to show proof that they pay for these services. This has gotten out of hand….it is outrageous. The banks are the criminals….so the way I look at this …all those involved are aiding the criminals….that makes them just as corrupt. And if it takes that amount of police with the additional others that appear on the scene…something is wrong here….that only tells everyone they are not that great at doing their job to begin with….this is one man against a mob…..gangs work in that same pattern.

  3. see says:

    Wonder how much this little adventure cost the taxpayers?

    • Robert says:

      Whatever happened to “One riot, one Ranger” Talk about the state run amok. At this rate, the only ones left employed will be the swat teams- then they can fight it out among themselves to see who gets paid.

  4. DyingTruth says:

    They were thinking to themselves “Oh my God we can’t let one of our debtor/slaves escape, we must stop him!”

  5. John Reed says:

    But they all got paid to do it! I wonder just how much the taxpayer will pay for all those wages for the time involved? The SWAT guys, the firemen, the ambulance crew? And that’s not even mentioning the cost of a HUMAN LIFE!!! Somewhere, down the road, on some spreadsheet designed to obscure reality, by all of them showing up it’s gonna appear that they were ALL absolutely necessary and that all the taxpayer expenses were justified! And then they’ll want MORE MONEY!!!

    And tell me just why their expenses aren’t being paid by the people they’re working for anyway ???
    You know…. the BANKS!!!

    Wouldn’t a simple Public Arrest Warrant have been a lot less costly? A lot easier to enforce? A lot safer for all involved? Kind of a “Common sense” kind of appraoch? And in the meantime just let em stay there! Who cares! After all it is just one more vacant home! John R.

  6. Avonics says:

    They sent the man to a mental hospital? Get real!! He was only defending what was rightfully his to begin with……..

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