Tenants in Foreclosure Intervention Project | Banks Avoid Foreclosure Laws, Uproot Renters

How Big Banks Displace Families Who Rent In a report (PDF) issued last week by the Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing, there were 17,467 rental units in 5,904 foreclosed properties in Chicago — which amounts to tens of thousands of Chicagoans who were left homeless in 2010. The banks involved in the majority of the … Read more

PSYCH! BofA to 5,000 Oregon homeowners “We are coming to fraudclose on you!”

Bank of America apologizes for mistakenly accusing 5,000 Oregonians of being late on property taxes Bank of America said today it mistakenly sent nearly 5,000 Oregonians letters claiming they owe property taxes and might be risking foreclosure when they, in fact, don’t. Washington County Department of Assessment and Taxation director Rich Hobernicht estimates his office … Read more

Adam Levitin | Do We Have a Fraud Problem? The Case of the Mysteriously Appearing Allonge

“I’d be curious to hear if any foreclosure defense attorneys have been pushing on the evidentiary status of allonges–namely what proof beyond a staple or the like is there that an allonge goes with a particular mortgage and wasn’t just photocopied from another one .” ~ Do We Have a Fraud Problem? The Case of … Read more

LIES | Court Responds to Public Records Request RE Judge Victor Tobin Joining Foreclosure Mill Marshall C. Watson

Now this is quite disturbing. A few weeks ago we submitted a public records request RE Judge Victor Tobin Joining Foreclosure Mill Marshall C. Watson. Court Public Records Request re: Judge Victor Tobin, future head of Fraudclosure Mill Marshall Watson Well, we just received the response and it is a total FAIL in my opinion. … Read more