PSYCH! BofA to 5,000 Oregon homeowners “We are coming to fraudclose on you!”

Bank of America apologizes for mistakenly accusing 5,000 Oregonians of being late on property taxes

Bank of America said today it mistakenly sent nearly 5,000 Oregonians letters claiming they owe property taxes and might be risking foreclosure when they, in fact, don’t.

Washington County Department of Assessment and Taxation director Rich Hobernicht estimates his office has received 1,000 calls since Monday from homeowners who received letters from BAC Tax Services Corp, an arm of the bank’s BAC Home Loan Servicing division.

In Multnomah County, the bank said it sent 1,600 letters in error, according to county spokesman Shawn Cunningham.

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BAC Tax Letter

4 Responses to “PSYCH! BofA to 5,000 Oregon homeowners “We are coming to fraudclose on you!””
  1. AliceN.Wunderland says:

    What a great letter. I especially like the part about the lender accelerating the Note and beginning foreclosure. Wonder if the ‘lender’ knows it’s doing this or better yet does BofA know who the ‘lender’ is. This brings up another question in my mind too…counties can foreclose for unpaid property taxes. Who will the county foreclose on…..the homeowner…so they are acknowledging the true owner of the property is the person on the loan as recorded in the public record. I wonder how many homes have been foreclosed on by counties for property taxes and where does that leave the servicers and ‘lender’s’. Another can of worms. Personally I would like to see the county benefit if the people are not fighting for their homes. The County can get into the real estate business and set up a new department to work with the people whose homes were involved in this scam..make arrangements to let them stay if they bring the taxes up to date and if this is not possible, sell the home, make a profit and help the county’s balance sheet. I believe the homeowner has first right in a property tax foreclosure in my County. I don’t know if this would work, just thinking out loud.

  2. eif says:

    And perhaps we all have apologies coming. ???
    And what else in the mails.
    (fearing the doorbell) …

  3. leapfrog says:

    Haha! Good. Now maybe some of the people this has happened to, who think the banksters are wonderful and any servicing problems that occur are ALWAYS the homeowner’s fault, will start to think a little differently…

  4. burythehatchet says:

    BOA needs to be seized and dismembered NOW.

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