Linda Green, DocX, LPS | Mortgage Papers Raise Myrtle Beach Real Estate Fraud Claims

Mortgage papers raise Myrtle Beach real estate fraud claims

Anthony Wise has been selling real estate in the Myrtle Beach area for nearly three decades, but he had never heard of Linda Green until after his home went into foreclosure.

Now, just like hundreds of thousands of people nationwide, Wise is finding that the biggest investment he will ever make – his home – is closely tied to Green … or someone pretending to be her.

Green was a shipping clerk for an automobile parts company before taking a job in the signature room at a mortgage document company called DocX in Alpharetta, Ga., according to news reports.

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  1. l vent says:

    There are MANY more. The notaries public appearing throughout my loan appear to be another giant scam. SHAWN LYERLY from MERS and PATRICIA M. PICCARD. For example. These people seem to have many employers and wear many hats. Not likely. The STATE AG’s SHOULD BE HANDING OUT SUBPOENAS TO THESE OUT OF STATE NOTARIES FROM MERS and many other notaries. .FRAUD ANYWHERE IN THE CONTRACT, KILLS THE CONTRACT. That would include NOTARY FRAUD. Even the MERS MORGAGES, I NEVER SIGNED THAT CONTRACT!!! WTF!!! Do they think we are all this stupid? They have me recorded at the CROD as GRANTOR AND MERS IS GRANTEE. WHAT THE? WHEN DID I AGREE TO THAT? WITH NO ASSIGNMENT RECORDED? RESCIND!!!!!

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