More Zombie Debt | Deficiency Judgments for Unpaid Condo Fees and Unsatisfied Mortgages Come Back to Haunt Past Owners

“In a few cases, they have gotten judges to help them freeze and confiscate the bank account of a former owner.“ ~ Is this the next shoe to drop? Florida is gliding quietly into a new and potentially painful part of the boom-bust cycle, where stacked-up “deficiency judgments” for unpaid condo fees and unsatisfied mortgages … Read more

Fannie Selling Fraudclosed Houses for $200: Foreclosure Bargain but NOT for YOU

So, they refuse to work with the original homeowners and kick them out. Then they make excuses because the properties are vandalized and they can not sell them. So they set up these bulk purchases and sell the homes that they could of let the families that were living in them stay. And we SILL … Read more

Fraudclosure | ‘Zombie Notes’ Live to Haunt Deed Transfers

“But Bondi’s communications director, Jennifer Meale, said in an email because the problem faced by Cruz wasn’t a common complaint received by the attorney general around the time of the Watson settlement, this particular issue wasn’t specifically addressed.” ~ ‘Zombie notes’ live to haunt deed transfers Thousands affected by Fannie Mae tactics Here’s what happened, … Read more