Promissory Note Fraud: Putrid Evidence Bubbling Up


Promissory Note Fraud: Putrid Evidence Bubbling Up

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Investors & Shareholders & Judges & Journalists Take Note!

At Bank of America, more incomplete mortgage docs raise more questions via @FortuneMagazine

Professor Levitin changes his assumption as he is enlightened about promissory note & allonge fraud here

Fraudocument Robosigned Allonge here

Magically appearing allonge in a Maine Supreme Court case here

Counterfeit promissory notes (ex here and here and here and here).

More and more glimmers of truth emerging.


Promissory Note Endorsements – Brought To You By Photoshop #2:

Checking out “Promissory Note Endorsement – Brought To You By Photoshop” on Foreclosure Hamlet:

Promissory Note fraud ALSO?  “Will the real owner via endorsement please stand up?” on Foreclosure Hamlet:

Checking out “More Signs of Improper Conveyance of Promissory Notes to Trusts” on Foreclosure Hamlet:

Double Allonges?

Florida Bankers Association admits that the notes were all intentionally destroyed to “prevent confusion”.  Don’t believe me?  See page 4 of document they filed with the Florida Supreme Court here.

Multiple differing copies of “true & correct copies of original note” disgusts CA BK judge here

Class Action Lawsuit against LPS.  See bottom of page 34 –


11 Responses to “Promissory Note Fraud: Putrid Evidence Bubbling Up”
  1. sim says:

    how could my note stamp be endorsed by a vp when according to her linked in public profile wasnt a vp at the time?

  2. These are class B federal felonies under 18 USC 514. If it happens to you, contact the US Secret Service.

  3. Readdocs says:

    The snowball of fraud that’s been gaining steam is getting bigger.

    Just a mere 3 billion dollar loss.

    • l vent says:

      Death to the foreign multinational tyranny of fraud, lies and deceit!!! Their business model stinks and does nothing good for the world. Their evil corrupt fraudulent phony business model creates massive wealth for the top 1% and they cause worldwide impoverishment and debt slavery for the rest of the 99% of humanity..They hate our freedom and our National Sovereignty. They stole our wealth with their massive PONZI SCHEME SWINDLE AND HEIST and spread it around the world. CORPORATE FOREIGN GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED CAPITALISM IS FASCISM!! That is FOREIGN MULTINATIONAL GOVERNMENT SPONSORED FINANCIAL TERRORISM. THEY ARE LIKE MANY BIN LADENS.

  4. housemanrob says:

    Here’s a new way to address the problems of the mortgagor and mortgagee. Try using THE LAW!! The MBA would just like to spin our asses into the ground with their bull sh–!

  5. LaSandra T says:

    We the HOMEOWNERS have been taken advantage of for so long it’s time to put a STOP to this BS!!!
    If we all hang signs on our homes “FRAUDCLOSURE”, maybe we’ll get there attention!!!
    It’s is our fault the they have taken us for a ride, We believe in what the lender and lawyer told us and
    not research the laws. This is why they are on TOP are we in the DIRTand LAUGHING AT US!!!!
    WE HAVE TO FIGHT!!!! NO NOTE-NO MTG=0!!! look up foreclosureprose.

  6. Linda says:

    I haven’t paid since 2007.

  7. l vent says:

    I have a copy of a note signed by me that I KNOW I never signed the note at the closing. I never signed the note or the mortgage. The new pretender lender who now claims to be BAYVIEW LOAN SERVICING is claiming U.S. BANK National Ass. as trustee in trust for the benefit of the Holders of Bayview Opportunity Fund REMIC 2010-12 are the party in due course. I have the copy of the Allonge with the bogus assignment made from out of state attaching them by an old assignment. The pretender lenders attorney is now telling me they have the original note. Ha! You just can’t even make this stuff up. This commercial property has been in fraudclosure for over a year and no one has come forward with a note to prove they own this loan. Greedy crooks, all of them!!!

    • l vent says:

      They shouldn’t walk away from these fraudclosures, they should run and be lucky we don’t sue them for coming to court with false fraudulent docs to steal homes and businesses that they DO NOT OWN!!!. Throw them in prison!!!

      • Wayne says:

        I vent …. When Countrywide would not let me talk to the note holder I got curious, not knowing one bit of any of this 3 years ago. The further I investigated and reading state and federal law which states “You are only to pay the Note Holder” or the “Holder of Your Note”. All assignments regarding the transfer of the Note must be Recorded and Notarized. ahhhhhhh Bingo …….. Nothing Recorded and no one can tell me who holds my Note. I have refuse to pay them and haven’t paid Countrywide since March of 09 and haven’t paid and will not Pay Bank of America. Still sitting here in My Home ….. a little unnerving to say the least … but I will not waiver.

      • l vent says:

        I agree with you Wayne. There were no notes ever recorder at the ROD on my property. I had an attorney tell me that they do not have to record the note. Well that is deceptive because that is how they SECURE THE COLLATERAL LIEN TO YOUR DEED. So I was told at the ROD office. They bifurcated the mortgage from the note and the U.S. SUPREME COURT RULED 130 YEARS AGO THAT they CANNOT separate the note from the mortgage. Fact of the matter is, they needed our signatures as collateral for their PONZI SCHEME and they thought they would never get caught, that WE THE PEOPLE would never figure out what they did. Surprise!!

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