Fraudclosure | Fisher & Shapiro Sued for Falsifying Affidavits in Support of Foreclosure

Fisher & Shapiro Sued for Falsifying Affidavits in Support of Foreclosure

Today, my firm, in cooperation with Progressive Law Group, filed a class-action lawsuit against Fisher & Shapiro. The lawsuit is pending in the Federal District Court for the Nothern District of Illinois, Eastern Division.

Fisher & Shapiro is the law firm that previously admitted to falsifying affidavits to get foreclosure judgments. In Cook County, Illinois, alone, the firm has admitted to submitting false affidavits in 1,700 cases. The lawsuit, in essense, asks for damages under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act based on the firm having made false representations in an effort to collect a debt.

It was a struggle to identify a class-action Plaintiff. Many of the addresses affected have been abandoned by homeowners fearing they will be evicted or even illegally locked out of their home by the bank–as has happened to so many others.

In the end, our Plaintiff was known personally to an activist in the community working on housing issues. Her story is the same as any other, and I will not recount it here. We all know, by now, the ploys used by banks to take away the homes of working people.

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    I Vent – where are you in your proceedings. I’m curiouis. email me

  2. Fighting to the End says:

    Someone Please tell me how do you prove that Fannie Mae owns your loan. I am in a battle with PNC Bank and they claim they own the note. I have proven that the note is a fraud. Now I found that Fannie Mae owns my note but I am having problems proving it. The want give me anything. They are helping the Fraudclosure lawyers and banks. How do I get around this.

    • l vent says:

      Go to the Fannie Mae website that will tell you if they BACK YOUR LOAN. Look on the bottom of the copy of your Mortgage and that will tell you if it is a Fannie Mae “security instrument.” Wait a minute, Fannie Mae and PNC both OWN your note? Have you researched your public recordings or had a title search done? Did you get the loan from PNC, or are they a servicer? Fannie Mae does not OWN anyones loan. That is a deception, they backed the loans with a few cents on the dollar and PNC no doubt passed the loan around to other enitities to buy and sell off of your collateral which was your signature. They probably have no clear chain to who you owe the money to because of the mortgage fraud. You probably have some homework to do at your County Recorder of Deeds office.. If you have proven the note is a fraud than where did Fannie Mae come from? If they had the ORIGINAL note, than why would PNC have a fraudulent note? Fannie Mae is using their criminal attorney network like Fisher & Shapiro to fraudclose in the name of a servicer or a bank. If Fannie Mae had the note than why would they not come forward and use a mortgage servicer or a bank to do their dirty work? Fannie Mae is hiding behind the scenes because they do not have the note or any proof they have standing to foreclose. In my case Fisher and Shapiro is using PHH, my pretender lender and trying to join me, the defendant and foreclose on MERS. They lost track of ownership, in fact I do not believe they ever had legal ownership. They just wanted to create a debt pool to buy and sell and speculate off of in numerous ways. The proof in my case is they never assigned a lien to my deed in 19 years either at the recorders office or on the title. I also have proof of the Origination Fraud which kills any legal right they may have to fraudclose. Search this site and its links. It is a journey, but it is worth it. If Fannie Mae is not on the title or the public recordings how could they hold the note/lien to your house or bring a fraudclosure complaint? That is why they bring in the servicers and the banksters. They are incredibly deceptive in what they do.

  3. Jason Werner says:

    Well, when you need more assistance in obtaining a plaintiff, here you go. I’m glad to be lead in any prosecution against nearly any FDIC-member bank or their crook partners (such as their attorneys, their friendly judges, their third parties, their state AGs that accepted their bribes, their recorders that accept their bogus recordings, their law enforcement detectives who close their eyes to their crimes, and their board of directors, hell let’s even sue their institutional holders and mutual fund holders).

    From a former employee of FDIC-member banks, victim of banks’ perjury, theft, aggravated menacing, stalking, and tampering with records, a Christian who demands justice for ripped-off Americans, a whistle-blower, and child of God who is on his knees in prayer for immediate relief for victims of government failing to do its job of protecting consumers.

  4. l vent says:

    They are a tentacle, leapfrog. Fisher and Shapiro are trying to fraudclose on me. They are Fannie Mae’s criminal attorney network. PHH, my pretender lender is trying to join me and my husband, the defendants, in the fraudclosure complaint to fraudclose on MERS.. My refi was with a failed bank, the biggest bank failure in ILL. history, AMCORE, N.A. I did my own investigating and found out that Amcore is now in FDIC recievership hiding in Marshall and Ilsley bank in an unsecured, not FDIC INSURED TRUST called NORTH STAR. Amcore is also under investigation for fraud. Now PHH says they own the loan. To bad that AMCORE altered the closing docs after the closing and I have the proof. They lost the first round in May when I asked them to show proof of standing, and I told the judge, there is fraud throughout my entire loan, the judge did not grant them the fraudclosure that day.. Now they filed an Amended Complaint to add another defendant which is CITI and I have no idea where they came from or why they are saying I owe them any money. A different judge granted them their wish last week to add the new defendant which was ludicrous and outrageous of that biyatch judge. She was soo obviously working for the banksters, I hope she loses her job for allowing these crooks to add anything to a foreclosure complaint that was not right the first time. I have uncovered soo much fraud in my loan, it is ridiculous. I can’t find an attorney so I have been building my case. The crooks have no idea what I have. . I am filing complaints with the the State A.G and it is going to be a giant complaint with loads of undeniable proof of all of the fraud. including homebuilder fraud that I uncovered on my title.. Including my commercial property fraudclosure. I am so happy to see some progress, finally, for WE THE PEOPLE for a change!!!

    • leapfrog says:

      Keep fighting, Ivent. Mandelman Matters has an attorney he recommends in Illinois, but I don’t know anything about him – see link below. I’m sure you’ve already checked the livinglies lawyers who get it, but here is Mandelman’s (lone) recommendation in Illinois. What about a Max Gardner graduate? Are there any in Illinois? I too have Fannie, MERS, bankrupt originator who “transferred” the loan WITHOUT the BK trustee’s permission (isn’t that called FRAUD??? – if I did that I would be JAILED) and Bank of Arrogance claiming to own the note, along with Deutsche and Citi. My what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive…hope it all blows up in their faces. So far we have a fair-minded judge who is allowing the case to proceed, despite the bankster’s vigorous whining protests.

  5. Randy Frodsham says:

    ‘Bout damn time. But what’s the State Bar doing in all this? MIA?

  6. leapfrog says:

    Kelli Dudley, you are a hero! Thank you on behalf of all homeowners who are fighting the banksters’ massive fraud. Keep up the good work, but be careful out there – look how the banksters are trying to silence Matt Weidner and those like him who also fight for the little guy. We need more attorneys like you.

  7. l vent says:

    WOO HOO!!! My home state is on a roll today!!! First it is reported in the local news today that Cook County Recorder of Deeds Eugene Moore is in fraudclosure and now Fannie’s criminal attorney network is being called out yet again for FRAUD. A Cook County Judge threw out 1700 fraudclosure complaints in March by Fisher and Shapiro because of fraudulent affadavits. Fisher and Shapiro need to be run out of state by the people of Illinois. They work for FANNIE MAE,, the MORTGAGE FRAUD ORIGINATORS AND FRAUDLOSURE KINGS OF STEALING HOMES THEY DO NOT OWN.

    • leapfrog says:

      Yes, your state is certainly on a roll today and I loved the handcuff cookies story too – that took place at the Drake Hotel. I thought it was “Fishman” and Shapiro or is this another one who is in cahoots with Shapiro. That criminal seems to have his tentacles everywhere in just about every state. Time to cut them off!

  8. Bryan says:

    What about the relationship to the Logs Network????????? If the fraud is exposed here, follow the operations of all the members of the Logs Network.

    I am willing to bet, they all used the same model to steal away homes.

    • l vent says:

      Why those dirty rotten, crooked ,thieving, coniving, lying rotten money grabbing bastards!! I keep getting hand written letters every couple of weeks or so from ‘AGENTS’ who are tellling my they have someone interested in buying my house. They even offer to give me all the time I need, up to a year and a half and some money too!!! HA!!!!!! It is probably these Logs Network PIGS. I call them back promptly and tell them where to shove their foreign investor. I tell them my house is not for sale nor has it ever been. They think we are stupid idiots. I know Fannie Mae has got them up to this. Trying to keep their CRIMINAL ASSES out of court. I am going to sue them for anything and everything I can, including slander..I already had an attorney tell me there is no money in going after them criminally.. This is not about money, or the house or the commercial property they are trying to steal from me, this is about deceptive practices, from the origination fraud to the fraudclosure and the hell they put me and my family through over the last 2 years.. I WANT THEM ALL LOCKED UP IN PRISON FOR TERRORIZING ME AND MY ENTIRE FAMILY RELENTLESSLY OVER THE LAST 2 YEARS…

      • l vent says:

        Bryan, did you see they are offering manufactured homes and time shares to people in fraudclosure? Why these arrogant pieces of shit!! All of these NAZI’S and their cohorts. should dragged out of their foxholes and hung by WE THE PEOPLE!!!! Even WTTW tonight was talking about how we who are hanging around soon to be fraudclosed on are shadow inventory and we are like receding water or some ridiculous shit. I just want to see ALL of their heads chopped off!!!!

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