Marshall Watson Multi Million Dollar Settlement with Bondi’s Office to Pay for Legal Aid Defense Against Marshall Watson Fraudclosures

From the Florida Bar…

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has secured from the settlement of a legal action a $1 million donation to The Florida Bar Foundation for the Florida Attorney General Mortgage Foreclosure Defense Funding Grant Program.

The funds will be distributed through the Foundation in the form of grants awarded to local legal aid organizations and will support attorney and paralegal positions devoted to providing free assistance to low- and moderate-income single-family occupant homeowners facing foreclosure. The grants will vary in size depending on the number of foreclosures experienced in a particular area of the state.


11 Responses to “Marshall Watson Multi Million Dollar Settlement with Bondi’s Office to Pay for Legal Aid Defense Against Marshall Watson Fraudclosures”
  1. lies all of nit says:

    hi all new relevation that is so exciting for my sister is a widow and has 2 forecloosures in south florida. mortgage fraud was so rampant. her pembroke pines home was supposed to be sold but some unscrupulous mortgage broke “bought it ” from her she thought she was at a closing but the guy quick claimed it from her and never refinaced the mortgage. he then quick claimed it 2 more times. she thought she was at a closing. in the next room she closed on her new house where this a
    same jerk puta 40k balloon loan on it. where was the equity from her “sale” that was quick claim. how did the title insurance agency allow this guy to comiy fraud. both homes foreclosed on. pembroke pines house has watson/chase in property taxes so home vacant. miramar home sold as a foreclosure. she needs to get both homes back they were both fraud closures. now comes the shocker we were talking about foreclosure at lunch and my neice made a comment that a guy came to the door and gave her a stack of papers. she put them down and never gave them to her mom. my sisters 2nd home was a predatory loan a 2yr ajustable that adjusted to 2500 higher then her actual salary. so she walked away and moved to where i live about 300 miles north. when all this info came out and i myself found myself in fraudclosure i began to start helping her. we dont even know if chase owns the mortgage. yet they are listed with watson. so she needs a lawyer in south florida.i am going to call tomorrow and hope to get her a legal aid and get her homes back in her possesion this is unacceptable to fraud people like this

  2. A very small fee compare to the fraud…

  3. woodknot says:

    Florida Ag Bondi website is
    After my previous comment on the Watson $ONE MILLION donation I just had to know more.
    Her website says TWO MILLION-and does not clearly state where the other million is going.
    That url is:
    That URL is a pain….
    just go to the site and check news releases-or type in the search box Marshall Watson.
    The site does not mention what her email newsletter states in regard to Franklin First Financial.

    Then just for grins and a break from searching SEC EDGAR filesfor my Mortgage Loan
    I went to the State of Florida website for Clerk of Court records.They are available for $1.00 at the state site, but even without ordering these records the two pages I printed are full of info.
    It will tell you that Bondi had/has property-Mortgages in Leon County, Mortgages (several) in Hillsborough, even a Modification !! There are Florida State Attorney files listed in 1990, 1991 and 2000 ? no clue as to what they may be ?? I will try to search county records for free.
    It will be very interesting to see what her Deeds, Satisifactions and Mortgage Records reveal,
    Married twice 1990 & 1997. Her state records stop at 2004-that seems odd ?

  4. woodknot says:

    Where’s that laughing little Rat ?
    One Million ??????-compared to how many cases/$$$$$ that Marshall Watson had or still has??
    One million is chump change to this firm and will barely cover the cost of Ink, Paper
    and Filing Fees for defendants or Legal Aid Service expenses.
    Florida Ag Pam Bondi has sold us out again…….
    I received her Monthly email Newsletter-shocked that she actually mentions foreclosures….. pertaining to Franklin First Financial LTD involving 9 fraudclosures in Pinellas County and 2 in Walton-5.2 million.
    Just as a comparison to Watson’s donation these 9 cases equal 5.2 million.
    As Tim Bryant says: “just a tax write-off” for Watsons Firm.

  5. housemanrob says:

    Oh, this week she is on our side? Sounds like fragmented personallity syndrome to me………..or just plain cover.

  6. Readdocs says:

    Another name for pay off.

  7. diesel1507Ray says:

    isn’t the bar under the courts? and the Ag’s office under executive office? so wouldn’t this stretch the separation of powers?

  8. Tim Bryant says:

    I always assumed a donation, was a charitable contribution done out of philanthropy, not duress from the AG’s Office. Something doesn’t pass the sniff test on this one….

    • woodknot says:

      @Tim-hi you are much better at this than I am….
      if you have time please try to dig up some info on Bondi.
      I forgot which state you are from-need someone with subscription or free access to Florida
      State records. I’m very interested in:
      “From: Florida State Atty. To: Bondi -NOTICE
      Inst. 90183443 bk. 6065 pg. 1528 1 page (8/28/1990)
      Inst. 93169904 bk. 7053 pg. 1333 3 pages (07/22/1993)
      Inst. 200213376 bk.10296 pg.1419 3 pages (07/28/2000)
      Inst.2001006727 bk. 10550 pg 178 3 pages (01/08/2001)
      These will not be free county clerk records, would cost me $10.00 +
      I will try free County records searches and post if I find anything of interest.
      Thanks for all your helpful info I enjoy your posts.

      • Tim Bryant says:

        I’ll see what I can do. I am working on our own state AG here in MA (and a US Senator from here, that MAY be a robosigner, and definitely has partaken in notary fraud).

        He just happened to be a real estate attorney….stand by

  9. Tim Bryant says:

    A donation? Is this a penalty that is now a tax write-off?

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