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Allonge Fabrication 101

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Depo of a Chase employee, Angela Nolan (here):


3   No?  Okay.  How is it determine whose person’s–or

4   which person’s signature will get on the allonge?

5        A    I believe it’s just a random process of making sure

6   you have the individuals.  There are certain titles that are

7   required, assistant vice-president, vice-president, assistant

8   treasurer.  I believe they just go in and randomly select

9   those individuals.



8     Q    Okay.  I noticed A. Young signed before you on the

9   allonge.

10        A    Right.

11        Q    Again, always the case or randomly selected?

12        A    Randomly selected.

13        Q    Okay.  And just part of that could be just because

14   you’re the first couple of names?  Is that possible?

15        A    I’m assuming it’s possible, but, again, I think

16   it’s a random process.

9       Q    Okay.  On this particular allonge that we’re

10   looking at, do you recall signing this?

11       A    I do not.  Let me explain the process.  This is an

12   electronic signature, so there’s certain states that allow

13   electronic signatures.  And I believe I sent you

14   documentation on that where we sign our name, it’s scanned

15   into a database, then the signatures are applied

16   electronically.

Statements from the depo of a Chase employee, Angela Nolan (here), in regards to the free use of her electronically applied signature to a promissory note endorsement similar to this allonge from a different case:


The depo sheds light on allonge/endorsement fabrication how a signature is chosen from a drop down list…

[scribd id=58418858 key=key-94dq6r2erzjxcfl4lyd mode=list]

Which is why endorsements can be different but have electronically applied signatures that are exact replicas, like Jess Almanza’s different endorsements on two different promissory notes (but transpose as exact replicas).


Now we’ll transpose them:

Beautiful work of art!


14 Responses to “Foreclosure Hamlet | Foreclosure Fraud for Dummies, Allonge Fabrication 101”
  1. I now have Jessie Almonza and Kimberly Smith signed note docs on my mortgage.

  2. A.Avrilir says:

    Please contact I if any signatures with Christopher A.Pitanello A.K.A Chris Pitanello or his wife Kimberly K. Pitanello A.K.A Kim Willis

  3. Penny Shaw says:

    Please contact me if your foreclosure has the name Jess Almanza, WAMU VP involved.
    Looking for signatures.

  4. Louise says:

    It is very good to see more of the people who are robo-signers in this matter. I am looking for Patricia Berner and AHMSI, one of the biggest, baddest debt collecting fraudclosure firms.

  5. Susan says:

    Would you be able to include the info that would make the testimony

    of Angela Nolan useful,like a case name and number, or a copy of the

    depo transcript?

    That would be extremely helpful.

    Thanks so much

  6. Alison says:

    It walks like a duck, it quacks like a duck, quess what ? It must be a duck!!!!!!!! Looks like BOA’s house of cards must be falling. I had a so called loan modifier talking to me like a a Marine Corp drill sergent, he said “he was going to to something for me that no-one else could”. First the way he was talking to me was not very nice, my dad was a marine, and second I found out that he was the guy they call in when someone starts asking questions, like, do you hold my note, are you the servicer, and how dare you talk to me like that, he changed his tone quickly. I tried to call BOA today and all I kept getting was “our systems have been down all day but we will let him know you called. I think thier systems are down because people are getting wise to thier scams and are blowing up thier phone lines. I really feel in my heart we the people fighting the good fight are winnning so they must be….LOSING. By the time they have to pay up and the damages fr screwing up peoples lives, they will be in bankrupsy before long, unless our fearless leader bails them out, with nno strings attached, again. I hope they rot in hell!!!!!!

  7. Lynn Syzmoniak’s updated new robo signers to add to your list.

    False Statements

    Bank of America

    Bank of New York Mellon





    Action Date: June 27, 2011

    Location: Simi Valley, CA

    Who are Bank of America’s newest robo-signers? For several years, BOA turned to its subsidiary, BAC Home Loans Servicing, in Collin County, Texas, whenever mortgage assignments were needed in foreclosures. This office, formerly Countrywide Home Loans Servicing, produced hundreds of thousands of assignments, including most all of the assignments to Countrywide CWABS and CWALT trusts. In recent months, however, BOA has turned to its office in Ventura County, California, as the Collin County, TX, signers have become too well known. These assignments are made primarily for CWALT and CWABS trusts that closed in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

    These assignments claim to assign both the mortgages and the notes to the trusts.

    On each of these assignments, MERS is stated to be the HOLDER of the mortgage.

    Who are the newest signers – who use MERS titles to assign mortgages TO BAC while actually working FOR BAC – signing as if they were MERS officers for dozens of different companies? The names appearing most often include:

    Ricki Aguilar

    Malik Basurto

    Youda Crain

    Diana DeAvila

    Edward Gallegos

    Christopher Herrara

    Bud Kamyabi

    Tina LeRaybaud

    Jane Martorana

    Martha Munoz

    Srbui Muradyan

    Debbie Nieblas

    Yomari Quintanilla

    Luis Roldan

    Miguel Romero

    Cynthia Santos

    Swarupa Slee

    These individuals, in 2011, have signed as MERS officers for the following mortgage companies and banks, including many that no longer existed in 2011:

    Aegis Wholesale Corporation

    American Brokers Conduit

    America’s Wholesale Lender

    Amnet Mortgage

    Ampro Mortgage

    Countrywide Bank, FSB

    Decision One Mortgage Company

    First Choice Funding, Inc.

    First Interstate Financial Corp.

    First National Bank of Arizona

    Market Street Mortgage Corp.

    M/I Financial Corp.

    Millenia Funding Corporation


    One Mortgage Company, LLC

    Pinnacle Direct Funding Corp.

    Pulte Mortgage

    Quicken Loans

    Universal American Mortgage Company

    Service Mortgage Underwriters, Inc.

    Wilmington Finance, Inc.

    CoreLogic in Chapin, South Carolina, is the keeper of these documents.

    Bank of New York Mellon is the trustee for most of the CWABS and CWALT trusts that use these BAC documents.


    • RaShell Keller says:

      Does anyone know Ms. Syzmoniak’s source for this new list of robo signers? I have several of these names on an assignment of mortgage filed with my county’s register of deeds office. I’ve actually spoken to the person who notarized the assignment and she acknowledged that she works for Bank of America. But I have yet to find out Ms. Syzmoniak’s source for confirming that the person who signed as a MERS officer is indeed an employee of Bank of America. I’ve searched high and low for more details on this person and have found all sorts of things but no actual confirmation that they are a Bank of America employee. Any suggestions would be appreciated. (I did send an email to Lynn Syzmoniak but have received no response)

      • Lyn says:

        I found one of those people (Youda Crain) on LinkedIn where her profile indicates she has worked for BoA since Sept of 2010. Good luck!

  8. lvent says:

    I believe,the firmly affixed part is part of the deception. Would that ALLONGE TO THE NOTE not have to be attached to ORIGINAL NOTE in it’s original form and not a copy??? COPIES presented in foreclosure complaints prove virtually nothing and mean nothing without the ORIGINAL NOTE AND ALLONGE. Since NO NOTES were publically recorded and the notes are not EVEN notarized they can’t really prove standing without the ORIGINAL NOTE. In my case they forged my name on the COPY OF THE NOTE. I NEVER SIGNED THE NOTE OR THE MORTGAGE ONLY MY HUSBAND DID. IF they had the ORIGINAL NOTE THERE IS PLENTY OF ROOM TO ADD ANOTHER PARTY SO THEY OBVIOUSLY DO NOT HAVE THE ORIGINALS AND THEY ARE CLEARLY USING ALLONGE FRAUD TO COVER UP FOR THE MISSING NOTE!!!!. CASE DISMISSED!!

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