KABOOM | Oregon Judge Voids Foreclosure Sale, Casting Doubt on Others

Oregon judge voids foreclosure sale, casting doubt on others

A Columbia County judge has blocked U.S. Bank from evicting a Vernonia woman whose home it purchased in foreclosure, concluding in a case with far-reaching implications that her lenders had not properly recorded mortgage documents.

Last week’s action appears to be the first in which an Oregon judge has halted an eviction and declared a foreclosure sale void after the fact. The ruling, if it stands, raises questions about the validity of other recent foreclosures in the state and could create serious problems for lenders and title companies, as well as for buyers of such properties.

“It’s a victory for a lot of people,” said Martha Flynn, 62, who challenged the eviction and whose ability to stay in her home remains in doubt. “I was fighting for the principle of the thing.”

A U.S. Bank spokeswoman said the bank would cease further eviction action and assess its “appropriate next steps.”

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USBank v Flynn Oregon

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6 Responses to “KABOOM | Oregon Judge Voids Foreclosure Sale, Casting Doubt on Others”
  1. COCO says:

    Google the Barnhardt case and Cape Coral Florida. Man bought house for cash-put 80k in it-does not own home due to fraudulent foreclosure. KEEP FIGHTING

  2. George Forfa says:

    Someone has to put the brakes on the train wreck that is the Real Estate industry. We can only hope that the brakes don’t burn out. We saw the free-for-all that the insurance industry went through after Hurricane Katrina. Similar behavior is in progress now, in foreclosure proceedings. So many of these stories appear to be accounts of anarchistic incidents of looting, committed by those with force of administrative private law, behind them. At this point, government and the courts become criminal organizations. The priority becomes, who do we have arrested, and how do we get that done? I have a number of helpful links on my page. I’ll add more, today.

  3. KJ says:

    I would like to talk with anyone who has had good results in defending the foreclosure on your property. Just needing to brainstorm a bit and determine my next move. I also have a lot of real estate experience. I would be more than happy to brainstorm in that as well for your benefit. Looking forward to talking with you.

  4. LW says:

    Congratulations, Martha. This is great!!!! Unfortunately, I also live in a non-judicial state (Virginia) and was in a similar situtaion as Martha. I tried to stop the eviction at the district and circuit court levels, but they did not want to listen or admit into evidence anything in reference as to how they illegaly foreclosure on my home. I took it to the supreme court and was also refused there. I hope that Virginia follows suit with the Oregon ruling.

    • Snowstorm says:

      DON’T GIVE UP! Keep all your papework in order, as you still can get your property back. The person who buys it, will NEVER have clean TITLE as well as you. The courts that have not enforced OUR PROPERTY LAWS should be made to step down off the bench. Sorry, to hear that you lost. What the He- – is wrong with the VIRGINIA SUPREME COURT? In KAHOOTS with the BIG BOYS.

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