Nationwide Title Clearing Offerings Include: “Optional Collateral File Creation Services… As Needed”

You all remember Nationwide Title Clearing right? You know, all the video depositions of their employees such as Bryan Bly and Crystal Moore that they aggressively had pulled down off of many websites… The same Nationwide Title Clearing that attacked Lisa Epstein from Foreclosure Hamlet with their threats only to go away after challenged… Well, … Read more

Chase v Mason | Chase Attempts Theft of New Jersey Home by Manufacturing a Fraudclosure

A Tale of Two Orange Counties “We never had any problems until Chase purchased our note. As soon as Chase purchased our loan, we started getting notices that we had not paid our taxes and that we were therefore in default under the terms of the mortgage. This was never true, and I spent hours … Read more

Affidavits of Lost Assignments Filed for Mortgage-Backed Trusts

Mortgage Fraud  AFFIDAVITS OF LOST ASSIGNMENTS Christina Carter Linda Green John Kennerty Action Date: July 6, 2011 Location: West Palm Beach, FL Is it perjury to submit a sworn affidavit to a Court that a Mortgage Assignment has been lost when there is absolutely no evidence that such Assignment ever even existed? What if the … Read more

HA! Donald Trump Trumps Bank of America, Buys Front Yard, Most of the Driveway and a Large Chunk of Back Yard Before Foreclosure

“Before the February foreclosure, Mr. Trump paid $500,000 for about 200 acres around the house. The property included most of the front yard, most of the driveway and a large chunk of the back yard. The deal also included a right of first refusal on the mansion, meaning that Mr. Trump had the right to … Read more

Judge Meenu T. Sasser REVERSED | FL 4th DCA – Peterson v. Affordable Homes of Palm Beach, Inc.

LINK – Lawsuit claims that Florida’s largest foreclosure firm faked documents Aug 3, 2010 … “I haven’t seen any widespread problem,” Sasser said. The same Judge Meenu Sasser who’s office was found to have been engaging in improper ……/lawsuit-claims-that-floridas-largest-foreclosure-firm-faked-839393.html   Google Screen Shot This was from this exact search in Google “I haven’t seen … Read more

Fraudclosure | Problems Rampant in Mortgage Servicing

“Servicers … have been so understaffed that they are incredibly sloppy in their record-keeping,” Eggert said. “So they’ve been charging people late fees who aren’t late, not crediting payments properly, and then turning around and foreclosing based on late fees that should never have been charged in the first place.” ~ Problems rampant in mortgage … Read more

Invitation: County Sheriffs’ Role in Protecting Individual Liberties

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  WE ARE A NATION OF LAWS AND NOT A NATION OF MEN! The office of sheriff is the most important of all the executive offices of the county—Thomas Jefferson, in The Value Of Constitutions WHO: Christian Meister, Guest Speaker WHAT: An enlightening presentation about the American County sheriffs’ Constitutional role in keeping … Read more