Chase v Mason | Chase Attempts Theft of New Jersey Home by Manufacturing a Fraudclosure

A Tale of Two Orange Counties

“We never had any problems until Chase purchased our note. As soon as Chase purchased our loan, we started getting notices that we had not paid our taxes and that we were therefore in default under the terms of the mortgage. This was never true, and I spent hours and hours on the phone with the callers from Chase, explaining that the taxes had been paid but it did not work.” , said homeowner Mary Mason in a sworn statement filed with the Superior Court of New Jersey Chancery Division : Essex County.

“I could not understand how I could explain to them that the taxes were paid, that I had receipts from the town and cancelled checks, and that the city tax clerk’s records showed no taxes due, and still the bank representatives claimed that we were in default for not paying our taxes or insurance.”

The Masons sent Chase records of payments, copies of checks, tax payment receipts, all to no avail.

“It is difficult to explain to this Court the pain that this has caused to me and to my family. My mother, who is very elderly and ill, is in my care. I lost many nights of sleep worrying about what would happen to my mother and to us if the bank threw us out on the street. I really believed that there was nothing we could do.”

So as the back and forth correspondence and phone calls continued over two years, the Masons eventually contacted and retained a lawyer. The first lawyer they contacted may have found the clerical mistake that Chase had made with the Mason’s loan.

“I think he spoke to the bank at least once, because he told me that it seemed as though Chase had made an error when they purchased the note and mortgage on our home. We live in Orange, New Jersey, and he seemed to think that what was told to him was maybe Chase had put our home in as Orange, California, a much more well- known Orange. I have no idea what the problem is, but I do know that the problem belongs to Chase because none of the other banks who owned our note and mortgage ever made any mistakes on the loan.” testified Mary Mason.

You can check out the rest of the report here…

And be sure to read the affidavit of Mary Mason in the motion to dismiss below…
(Starts on page 9)


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Chase v Mason Motion to Dismiss

Chase v Mason Exhibits 1-4

Chase v Mason Exhibits 5-8


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  1. lies all of it says:


    PLease if you live in the tampa bay area see link for happy hour. lets get together and share our knowledge. that is the only way we are going to win this. they are playing on our individual ignorance. they want us to not know anything and just walk away. once we know thye know they are going down. i have way to much on them. i am also finding out alot about BK and its benefits if this economy has delt us a bad wrap.any and all info requested.

  2. housemanrob says:

    Vent, My loan originated with express mortgage, who went out of business and then reorganized as almost the same entity, passed on to Chase, EMC, Wells Fargo and then? But according to the passthrough certificates Chase is only the master servicer when reviewing prospectus. Interestingly, 4 months after default, I was informed me my new servicer was LBPS, aka IBM, Suddenly, I was receiving mod offers from CHASE AND LBPN at the SAME TIME for the next 3 mo period. When I demanded proof of right to service, they tried the merry-go-round with…….we can show you the servicing transfer records, I laughed and insulted them (which I do whenever they call) and was steadfast…… me the note, all assignments, trustees sigs and indorsments and the name of the pool and loan i.d. It is a fu—– joke. My lawyers, Ice Legal, do an excellent job and tell me to just allow them to handle my case. The case has been extended, for FANNY MAE to answer interrogatories, some 21 in all, and in 6 mo. have produced ZERO. Another 30 min hearing is scheduled by the court for sept 22nd, for dismissal and I cannot wait to see what they come up with. Maybe they will try Nationwide Clearing……”your one stop fraud shop.” I don’t know. It is a Rabbit hole………but my lawyers, I respect and appreciate! (doing wonderful work… 5 grand a year. A year you say? well…. it could take years. Iam sure I will have to go quiet title route)

    • lvent says:

      Rob, IBM huh? You heard I am sure about all of their connections to the Nazi’s. These bastards are creepy. Max Keiser reported a couple of months ago that CHASE divies out the food stamps to the peasants they created. I think you have a great case. I have tons of fraud but I was told by 2 attorneys that the altering of docs after the closing will cause the judge to dismiss their case and the judge will give me a clear title to my home. That is why I asked you if you found the origination fraud. The simpler the better. I know they are trying to force us to file bk and we are soon. I want to have my i’s dotted and my t’s crossed before I make a move. The com. prop. I want to try and settle that out of court. The best news I have heard in a while was what a friend told us last week who has the same pretender lender PHH and the same criminal attorney network FISHER AND SHAPIRO as we do and they were trying to fraudclose on him. He filed bk and went to court on it last week and they did not have the note so they could not fraudclose on him. LOL. He was so happy and I was so happy for him because he is a Vietnam vet and is chronicly ill because of it. I have a particular disdain for CHASE as they stole my sisters home without due process and though she is still in the house she does not have money to fight the CHASE tyranny. I am glad you found attorneys that you can trust. You have all of the tools now to win. They are all playing games and it is an effing joke.. Like a fraud investigator from the AG’s office that I met with a couple of weeks ago told me it is cat in mouse in the courthouse. If you don’t show up you lose, if the bank doesn’t show up it is no big deal they get another chance. I know you will win. Knowledge is power!!!

      • housemanrob says:

        Sorry Vent, But I was in a hurry for work when I responded too quickly and left out this………….Bear Stearns pass through certificates as trust…….. do not want to identify which one…..they are all bad! Even found my old Satisfied loan in there, and that is screwed up! No more comment on that, from me.

      • housemanrob says:

        Also, after zero communication with them recently………….I am now receving all kinds of offers every day now…………today I received a call from Eastern Union mortgage…….but was working and did not get to hear their con job offer. They ALL give up quick…..when they discover how much knowledge I have. Once again….knowledge is power!

      • housemanrob says:

        And fighting my case is a big headache to them…..if not, it will be, because I have revised my finances to protect myself and am now set up for anything they come with. I cannot live long enough for them to defeat me! LOL

  3. Joe Loomer says:

    Amazing to me how – with the number of calls she made to Chase – that some one there didn’t figure out the mistake. Of course, that’s assuming it was a matter of literally misplacing the location of the home to Orange County, California. Would have been interesting to see them running around THAT county, however, trying to find the right home to foreclose….

    Navy Chief, Navy Pride

    • pamelag says:

      GMAC (ally,ditech,homecoming,duetsch,et al) claimed nonpayment of homeowners on me as soon as they took over my loan. some of the employees there knew what was happening,so did fannie mae. i fought them, judge covered his ears screaming at me. they stole my house breaking every rule. May God have Mercy on them. God Bless us all in this ‘rabbit hole”

  4. housemanrob says:

    This looks to me like another multi-debt obligation, being created over and over again. Take a 300 thousand dollar fraudulent loan then then sell it and securetize just twice more (i’ve heard of as much as thirty times over) and… magic you have a million dollar or more debt obligation with only three hundred thousand to pay out plus interest. I think……somebody does not get paid and tries to sue for recovery and these bizarre things start happening! But remember…….. the banks have Nationwide Clearing to help get it right!

  5. Jim Bethea says:

    NEVER EVER ~~ NO NEVER EVER ~~ talk to any collector or bank on the telephone ~~ if they call tell them to forward any information to you in hardcopy ~~ NEVER EVER CHAT with them – they are well experienced to extract information that you probably don’t realize you are providing to them???

    Send any written communication to them via “CERTIFIED MAIL” ~~ ALWAYS ~~ AND KEEP ALL MAILING RECEIPTS WHERE YOU CAN EASILY FIND THEM ~~

    • housemanrob says:

      I talk to them all of the time. All sessions are taped………I disuss ONLY that they have to prove to me….that they have the right to service the loan! Harrassing them MAKES ME FEEL GOOD AND RELEIVES STRESS.

    • yvonne says:

      And dont send them any information…let them give you what they think theyhave…they will use your info against you…safeguard them…they ar banking on your not keeping records…

  6. Another variant of a manufactured fraudclosure. We’ll call this one the property tax fraudclosure variant

    Remember this…

    Oregon Bank of America apologizes for mistakenly accusing 5,000 Oregonians of being late on property taxes |

    • lvent says:

      I have heard of alot of commercial property being lost to property tax issues. This happened to me and my husband. They doubled our Commercial Property taxes in Cook County out of nowhere and left us $2000.00 a month short in the rent we were collecting. You can’t raise a tennants rent out of nowhere but the Government can raise the property taxes out of no where. That is TYRANNY and that should be illiegal. I believe the banks are using proxies to buy up taxes in my state and then they offer help to the property owner by offer them a loan but then deny the loan.

    • Readdocs says:

      If a borrower decides to do a strategic default, and the servicer/lender keeps the taxes current on the property
      could this be used as leverage on seizing the property even if they do not possess the note?
      As would happen if the borrower got behind on their property taxes and the property ends being sold at a tax sale.

      • housemanrob says:

        So you pick up any delinquent taxes before maturity of the tax sale!

      • housemanrob says:

        Excuse me tax deed.

      • lies all of it says:

        I WOULD THINK NOT. reason being i was forced into escrow by wells fargo to apply for a hamp loan not becuase i could not pay. i have 18 years as a homeowner in my 3rd house i never had an a=escrow. i am hoping to show records from the past 18 years of paying property taxes on my own willl hold up in court. they made this mess i did not. manufacture this. i also had a 789 credit score before this mess so hope that hold some clout with the judge

  7. lvent says:

    Business as usual for Chase. I have found evidence that Chase split my mortgage with First Midwest Bank when we refied our home with Mortgage Express, Inc. Funny thing is I never signed the note or the mortgage,(I believe that is fraud) I have the original closing docs to PROVE it, but Chase and First Midwest Bank released the mortgage to my husband and I. I have an affadavit of ownership that states they gave us a check for the full amount at closing? NO WAY. I also have a release of mortgage to myself, my husband. our heirs, know all men by these presents as it appears Chase was successor and merger with my Original “lender”. Then I have a mortgage recorded with no assignment from Mortgage Express, Inc. then I have a release of mortgage from First Midwest Bank to my husband then an assignment by Mortgage Express Inc. to Equicredit Corp as Grantee then I have a mortgage recorded by my husband? as Grantor and MERS as GRANTEE. Yep, lots of fraud and theyd did most of that fraud under a new pin which I believe was them trying to cover up for the Origination Fraud. I was never told I got a new pin. Stop the fraudclosures!!!!!

    • housemanrob says:

      Yea Vent, Chase and others………and dead end at Fanny Mae! Mirror me you…..if you will pardon the expression.

    • I vent….that sounds like a nightmare….it that all on one building or home? If that were me I would not need a gun…I’de be spitting bullets out of my mouth….Is there even a lawyer in your town who can figure that one out? Was this the same foreclosure case the judge asked if you had a lawyer? If so..I think that judge was lost in left field and wanted your case to go to another judge. It is a tangled web and tells the facts of frauds…the spider got caught in his own web…one good are a fighter I vent…this case does not call for weakness.

      • lvent says:

        Yes Marilyn that is all on my home. Our commercial property is even uglier. They cross-collateralized the commercial property with the house behind our back . Yes that is the same case the judge asked me if I had an attorney. PHH already tried to pull a shot and filed an amended complaint to the fraudclosure two weeks ago trying to add another defendant to the fraudulent complaint. I had a different judge, and she was a royal biyatch and let them add the defendant even though I asked her to dismiss it on the grounds of all of the fraud. I come to find out some good news last weekend a friend of ours called who refied his home when we did and has PHH and FISHER AND SHAPIRO trying to fraudclose on him like I do. He went to court and filed bk and found out that there was a Government sting on Fisher and Shapiro and PHH Mortgage and they got caught RED HANDED removing signature pages it was posted here. He told us they couldn’t foreclose on him because they did not have the NOTE. He said PHH and FISHER AND SHAPIRO are in big ass trouble right now and can”t fraudclose. Gotta keep fighting the tyranny Marilyn!!!.

    • lvent says:

      Rob, is yours the same? Fannie Mae owns and controls all of them is what it appears to be. They are just one giant fraud factory. They are all just arms of the giant octopus whose tentacles reach everywhere including Wall Street.

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