Invitation: County Sheriffs’ Role in Protecting Individual Liberties



The office of sheriff is the most important of all the executive offices of the county—Thomas Jefferson, in The Value Of Constitutions


Christian Meister, Guest Speaker


An enlightening presentation about the American County sheriffs’ Constitutional role in keeping the peace and in protecting the Constitution.

The focus is to give information about the American County sheriffs’ Constitutional duties and what they, by example of the Wyoming, Nevada, and Arizona sheriffs, can do in order to protect constituents from all injustice.

Injustices include abuses by the legislative branch which creates Unconstitutional “bad” law and continues to perform favors for the corporate elite.  Injustices include abuses by the executive branch which refuses to follow the law.  Injustices include abuses by the judiciary which has expressly refused to provide a judicial process.

The focus is to give information about the County sheriffs’ role in protecting the people’s Tenth Amendment safeguards and their individual liberties, in line with Sheriff Richard Mack’s work, in Graham County, Arizona.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011, 7:45 p.m.
7:45 p.m. to 8:20 p.m.—Guest speaker presentation: 35 minutes
8:20 p.m. to … —Q & A with Christian Meister
Note: Presentation will immediately follow the regular meeting of the Libertarian Party of Lee County at 7 p.m.


Holiday Inn Downtown Fort Myers
2431 Cleveland Ave.
Fort Myers, FL 33901
General Directions: 75 North; 82 West; 41 South


Because the three branches of government have usurped powers they do, by law, not have.  Because they have abused our constituents’ individual liberties and their rights to a Constitutional process.  Because our branches of government are failing.  Because the people are suffering.


Christian Meister, Lee County Sheriff Candidate
PO Box 60662
Fort Myers, FL 33906


Richard Molek, Chair
Libertarian Party of Lee County


4 Responses to “Invitation: County Sheriffs’ Role in Protecting Individual Liberties”
  1. lvent says:

    The County Sheriff’s can be the gatekeepers. If the judges are allowing the banks to get away with stealing homes they do not own and they are not recognizing our rights or the laws that protect us from such a foreign multinational tyranny than what we now have is State run fascism. No one is safe. WE THE PEOPLE are supposed to revolt on such a treasonist Government tyranny that is oppressing its own people. .

    • lies all of it says:

      hi i thank god every dau for men like christian meister, he is amazing. everything we feel and know is wrong
      he actually beleives also. what everyone has forgotten is the judges pensions depnd on these mbs’s if they fail they will lose their pensions. it is basically a conflict of intrest that the same folks responsible for bringing justice have to protect their environment. mortgage loans were not meant to be turned into stocks and be sold. and if they wanted to do that doesnt anyone think homeowners should have the choice and also profit from the stocks? it seems to me everyones head is in the sand and daily peopel are losing their homes. the banks are now getting smart reducung loans on mortgages of people not in default that do not know whwt we know.

      i hope christian meister to get through to the rest of the sherrifs in this ocuntry and stop our homes from being stolen. they are responsible for the appraisla fraud, the stealing of our jobs and now they want to take our houses. this is a crazy time we are in. we need to stop the purge and get the bansters in jail

      • lvent says:

        lies all of it, I hope he can do something really good for you guys down there. Someone needs to do something to turn the tables on these tyrants.

  2. P Nach says:

    I hope someone will be videotaping this meeting so it can be shared countrywide!

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