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  1. Ron Moss says:

    Federal hearing omits the fact that homes delinquent were made that way because of lies on the application. My situation was aggrivated by the fact that payments started at $1400. per month but increased to over $4,000 in a few months, to be more that my entire income for the month.

  2. Recently received an answer from lender/rather the answer that they will be giving. At no time were the actual facts questioned were answered/the whole format was based on not holding Bank of America Servicing LP accountable and not once was the residence in question clarified as to WHY?Not only is it all about the banks, the federal housing and fannie mae purchase homes at auction, toss out homeowner/harrass homeowners, refuse to meet with homeowners/ according to California law federal housing has numerous violations and if you get too noisy they flag your account. As a homeowner, owning more than one home, about to lose everything just where do you turn? Hud is for single homeowner/ Hope only works if lender will work with Hopes agents(denied 5 occasions after Hope agent thought they qualified. Nothing is happening and just where is the fraud task force, it is too late, slapping large fines, although commendable to Jerry Brown while Att.Gen. if and when you may get $3000, and most will get nothing or not live long enough to get it’ Wouldn’t it had made sense to have the banks sit down with homeowners, making home affordable with 30/40 fixed not just a bandaid to temp. shut us up. If home prices were dropping and areas were still increasing?just where were you?Guidance? Some have downpayments of 120.000+upgrades 60.000+ we will never see that again, however if you put nothing down and walked sometime ago, most likely your credit is already repaired. The latest news…..we get to join a class action suit against B of A? So that is supose to make me feel better?

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